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Customer Favorites - 2-Player Games Games

Funagain's list of all-time customer favorites for the selected category, based on customer reviews. All ratings are out of a maximum possible score of 5, and the score is based on a Bayesian average to ensure the highest relevance.
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(Popularity 4.238 in 5 reviews, average review score 4.400)

Bridgette 2006 edition, includes Bridgette Showdown This is the first edition of Bridgette with all-plastic playing cards. It also comes with Bridgette Showdown. Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

(Popularity 4.238 in 5 reviews, average review score 4.400)

Kahuna 2015 edition

Who will rule the South Seas? Two Kahuna — ancient sorcerers of the Pacific —compete for dominance on an archipelago consisting of twelve small islands. Using their magic and wisdom, they struggle for control of the islands. They anxiously...

(Popularity 4.238 in 5 reviews, average review score 4.400)

Kahuna (Backordered) original German edition

(20% savings!)
Two Kahuna priests fight for dominance of an archipelago with twelve small islands. In order to properly enjoy the magic of the South Seas, they must determine which of them is the most powerful. They both watch carefully which cards fate gradually...

(Popularity 4.231 in 14 reviews, average review score 4.286)

Quarto! (Restocking)

Quarto is an outstanding game of deductive reasoning. The rules are easy to understand and the game situations infinite. The object of the game: to line up four pieces which have something in common. It's not as easy as it seems when your opponent...

(Popularity 4.231 in 14 reviews, average review score 4.286)

Quarto! Pocket (Restocking)

Quarto : the world's most award-winning game, pocket sized!

(Popularity 4.231 in 14 reviews, average review score 4.286)

Gyges (Backordered)

(10% savings!)
Gyges is that rarity amongst strategy games; it's both original and an excellent game

(Popularity 4.217 in 6 reviews, average review score 4.333)

Paths of Glory: The First World War

(20% savings!)
Designed by Charles Roberts' award-winner Ted Raicer, this is GMT's entry in the WWI tide that's currently flooding wargaming. Paths of Glory uses a card-driven strategic mechanic (introduced in Avalon Hill's We the People game) that regulates...

(Popularity 4.199 in 12 reviews, average review score 4.250)

Quarto! classic wooden edition

(20% savings!)
There are 16 different pieces with 4 different characteristics: tall or short, round or square, light or dark, and solid or hollow. Each player in turn selects one piece and gives it to his opponent who must place it on an empty square on the...

(Popularity 4.157 in 7 reviews, average review score 4.214)

Hive: Pocket (Temporarily Out of Stock)

(2% savings!)
Hive pocket is the very same wonderful game we all love, but in a compact version.

(Popularity 4.138 in 5 reviews, average review score 4.200)

Stratego (Backordered) Ice vs. Fire

Capture the flag in this classic game of battlefield strategy.

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