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Funagain Policies

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Availability and Condition
Preorders, Backorders, and Special Orders
Holding Orders
Search Requests
Customer Review Guidelines
Newsletter Mailing List Policies
Funagain Points
Payment Information
Returns Policy
Security and Privacy
Shipping Information
Trademark and Copyright Disclaimer


We want you to shop with confidence at Funagain, knowing we're committed to providing you with the best selection of games, a terrific source of information, top-notch customer service, and excellent discount prices.

The products we sell are subject to availability. While we try to stock the greatest variety possible at all times, there are many factors that may cause an item to go out of stock. We are constantly updating our web site to reflect the current availability of our products, but since the stock of these items is constantly changing, this time frame displayed is listed as a guide only. Because we deal with many rare, unusual, collectible and out-of-print games from all over the world, and because even new or otherwise generally available items are subject to production constraints and fluctuating levels of demand, we can make no guarantees of price or availability.



We stand by the items we sell. Should you have any problems with any item purchased at Funagain, just contact us, and we'll make sure things are set right.

  • New Games
    The vast majority of titles in our catalog are brand new games direct from the manufacturer, never played.

  • Used Games
    Offering used games allows us to provide a source for many great titles that have gone out of print. We carry a large number of used games--cleaned up, complete, and ready to be played.

  • Ding 'n' Dent Games
    We occasionally receive games that have been damaged in shipping, and offer them for sale at a discount. All Ding 'n' Dent games are new; damage is minimal and restricted to the game packaging. Game components are in perfect, unplayed condition, and covered by the same All Parts Included Guarantee as our New and Used games.

    Please Note: Due to the unpredictable nature of our receipt of damaged shipments, all Ding 'n' Dent games are available on an extremely limited basis, and may become unavailable at any time without notice. We therefore cannot guarantee that all requests for Ding 'n' Dent items can be filled -- but if we have the same title in stock in undamaged condition, we will offer it to you at its regular price. We do not accept backorders or reservation requests for items in damaged condition.



Many items which are in production, but which have not yet been shipped by the manufacturer may be Preordered.
  • Availability Date
    Manufacturers usually announce the date--or the approximate date--which they expect a new game to be completed and shipped. Sometimes this date may change for reasons beyond our control, such as a change in the manufacturer's print schedule. We'll do our best to get new games just as soon as they are available.

  • Pricing
    Pricing of items on Preorder status is subject to change. The Preorder prices quoted on our web site are based on initial information provided by the manufacturer; but sometimes during production of an item, the manufacturer alters their pricing for the item, which affects the price at which we are able to sell the item. For this reason, the prices quoted on our web site for Preorder items are estimated prices. As with any such item, we will confirm your order and the price of the item before shipping.



While we attempt to stock as many different items as possible in sufficient quantities to anticipate the demand of all our customers, we occasionally run out of stock of an item. This may be due to demand which temporarily exceeds our expectations, or it may be that the manufacturer has run out of stock of an item in between print runs. If we expect the item to be available for us to reorder, we will place the item on Backorder status.

  • Availability Date
    We usually have an expected date of restock for Backorder items. If the item is readily available from the manufacturer or from our distributors, we can generally predict the arrival date of a new shipment and will post that date to our web site. If the item is in between print runs, we are informed by the manufacturer of the expected availability date--but this date is subject to change, as sometimes manufacturers' printing schedules change without notice, an event which is beyond our control.

  • Pricing
    Pricing of items on Backorder status is subject to change. Sometimes the manufacturer of an item has changed the price of an item since our last order of that item, which affects the price at which we are able to sell the item. Items which we import are also subject to changing overseas shipping expenses and the constantly fluctuating currency exchange rate. For these reasons, the prices quoted on our web site for Backorder items are estimated prices. As with any such item, we will confirm your order and the price of the item before shipping.


Special Orders

Many items in our catalog are listed as "Special Order" items are items which we don't normally stock, and which may or may not be available; pricing and availability of these items is not guaranteed. We won't bill you for any such items until we have the item in stock and ready to ship, at which time we will contact you via the email address you provide to confirm your order and the price of the item.

  • Pricing and Availability
    Pricing and availability of special-order items can be very unpredictable for many reasons: Sometimes we are able to get an uncommon item with little or no difficulty when a customer requests it; we can then quote on our web site with what delay and at what price this item is likely to be available to future customers. However, our suppliers' stock of many such items often changes without notice, and we therefore have no way to know in advance when the availability or price of these items changes. The complexities and transit times involved with acquiring items from overseas increases the unpredictability of imported items. For these reasons, we provide the estimated price and lead time required for acquiring special-order items only as a rough guide.

  • Condition
    Somtimes a special-order item which we were at one time able to get in new condition becomes unavailable without notice from our suppliers. In many cases, we may still be able to get the item in used condition. Of course, any such items must still meet our standards of quality and are guaranteed for completeness. As with any special order item, we will confirm your order and the price of the item before shipping.


Holding Orders

Product Availability and Order Splitting

If, during checkout, you choose to have your order shipped complete, we will make every effort to do so, providing any pre-ordered items are expected and in our warehouse within the 30 day hold period. Pre-ordered or out of stock items not available in the 30 day period will be shipped separately and will be subject to additional shipping charges. We will make every effort to make sure your order ships in as few shipments as possible. If you have specific requests please send us an e-mail with those requests, otherwise your order will be treated in a consistent manner with the policy outlined above. Please note that while we attempt to have the most accurate and up to date information on incoming orders, occasionally events beyond our control will delay the arrival times of some products.


Search Requests

Items listed in our catalog as "Search Request" items are not currently in stock, and are, as far as we know, generally unavailable. We are sometimes able to acquire single copies of such items, but due to their extremely limited availablity, can offer no guarantees of price or the time required to locate a copy. We are happy to accept your requests for these items--when you request a rare or out of print game, we will add your name to our search database; if we are able to locate that item in the future, we will contact those customers on our waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

  • Imported Games
    Often our best source for obtaining a rare or out-of-print imported game is when we attend the Essen game fair which takes place in October each year in Essen, Germany. For some items, we may require a deposit before purchasing the game.

  • Domestic Games
    Many older domestic titles are are no longer in print, and are therefore no longer available from their original manufacturers or through our distributors. Such items may be available directly from individuals wishing to sell their copies of the game; generally the best way to locate a game in this case is through the newsgroup (available on the web via or at the online auction web site eBay.


Customer Review Guidelines

Funagain Games is pleased to offer this mechanism for sharing your comments with other gamers, and we thank you for your participation!

We'd like to ask reviewers to follow these guidelines when writing reviews:

  1. Please focus your review on the game itself, and avoid writing reviews which focus solely on the designer or manufacturer. Also, please do not submit reviews less than 50 words in length -- we'd like to know whether you like or dislike the game, and why. Do feel free to mention other games that share similarities to this one, and to draw comparisons to them.

  2. We also ask that you not include the following in your review, or we will be unable to post your comments:

    • Foul or otherwise offensive language.
    • Spiteful remarks.
    • Email addresses, URLs, and phone numbers.
    • Prices, availability, or alternate sources.

  3. Since the content of the page and positions of reviews on the page are subject to change, please avoid including commentary about other reviews or game descriptions seen on the page.

  4. You may include simple HTML in your review. However, all reviews will be formatted by the editors and HTML is usually removed (in favor of our standard formatting) unless it enhances the review without getting in the way.

  5. We ask that you not submit reviews from other sources or include passages from other sources which would violate the copyrights of others.

  6. The editors may alter reviews to comply with our policies, but only if the edits in no way change the perceived intent of the reviewer.

Please also respect these important restrictions:

  1. Designers, publishers, distributors, and others directly involved in the production or sale or marketing of a particular game are not eligible to submit reviews of their own games. We do encourage game designers to submit commentaries about their games to our editorial desk. These submissions will be posted in a special section titled Designer Commentary.

  2. Please do not submit multiple reviews of the same game.

    • If you would like to make a revision to a review you've already submitted, please write to our editorial desk and we will be happy to append or adjust your original review.

    • We are happy to post negative reviews for a game, as we feel that customers should know everything they can about a game before purchase. However, reviewers attempting to falsely skew the average review score for a game by submitting multiple reviews will not be tolerated. Any abuse of the review system is unfair to everyone -- all submissions from any such individuals will be removed.

  3. At this time, we can only print reviews submitted in English.

A few words about your name and posting anonymously:

  1. When submitting your review, you have the option of posting anonymously. If you choose to do so, the name associated with your review will show as "A Gamer" and other users will not be able to connect your review with other reviews you have submitted.

  2. If you choose to not post anonymously, your first and last name will be displayed (never your email address) and other users will be able to click a small icon next to your name in your review to see all reviews you have submitted. You can optionally choose to display only your first name and last initial by setting the "mask last name" option in your profile.

By submitting content you grant Funagain Games a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and irrevocable right to display that content on their website or promotional materials. You grant Funagain Games the right to use the name that you submit in connection with your content, if they choose. You grant Funagain Games the right but not the obligation to monitor and edit or remove any content you submit.


Newsletter Mailing List Policies

Our policy is to run a friendly list. This means:

  • You may subscribe or unsubscribe any time you like, but may not subscribe or unsubscribe others.
  • By subscribing, only the Funagain Games newsletter, published about 12 times per year, will be mailed to you. No other mailings will be sent via this mailing list.
  • The only way to be added to the list is to add yourself or to ask Funagain to add you--placing an order with Funagain Games will not automatically add you to the list.
  • Neither your name nor email address will ever be given or sold to any other party for any reason.


Funagain Points

Funagain Points can only be accumulated by registered, logged in members. When such a member places an order, they will accumulate a number of Funagain Points proportional to the dollar value of the games in their order, less any discounts applied. Shipping costs are not included in the calculation. The points will not accumulate into the member's website account immediately, but instead will appear when the order is processed and shipped by Funagain Games.

If you cancel an order, points will automatically be refunded to your account. Please note that we cannot otherwise change the points applied to an order once that order has been placed.

Funagain Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for anything other than the rewards listed during the checkout process. Funagain Points are non-transferrable. If you apply a discount to your order that is larger than the order total, the difference will not be credited. You can only apply one points discount to a single order. Funagain Points are distributed at the sole discretion of Funagain Games, which reserves the right to make changes to this program at any time.

For information about the amount of points needed to earn certain discounts, please view the chart on this page.


Payment Information

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and cashier's checks or money orders denominated in U.S. dollars as payment for game orders.

Online Credit Card Payment

Visa MasterCard Discover American Express

Shop online with the ease of your credit card--every online credit card purchase you make at Funagain Games is backed by our Safe Shopping Guarantee, assuring you that your personal information cannot be read while it is transmitted to us and that it will remain secure and private.

Funagain Games accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Other Payment Methods

  1. Paying by money order
    You may send us a money order in U.S. dollars for the amount of your order. Please note that currently we are only able to accept money orders denominated in U.S. dollars.

    Send your money order to:

    Funagain Games
    1660 Ashland Street
    Ashland, Oregon 97520
  2. Using Paypal
    If you select Paypal as your payment method, a pop-up window on the final checkout screen will redirect you to PayPal's online payment processor so you can complete your order immediately.


Returns Policy

To request authorization for a return, please send an e-mail to Customer Service using our contact form, telling us what you'd like to return/exchange, and including your first and last name and original order number. You will be provided a Returned Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). You must have this return authorization number for your return to be processed.

If you were not the original purchaser of the item, you should first create a Funagain account before requesting a return, and should provide the email address for that account with your return request. This will help expedite the return process.

We will accept a return for any item within 15 days of your receipt of the order. We can only accept returns on items which are in their original condition. Original condition means that the game cannot have been played and all parts must be in the same condition as when they game was received. We can refund shipping costs only if the return is a result of our error.

When we receive a return, we can issue you a refund of the purchase price in the form of Funagain credit, which may be applied toward an exchange or a future purchase. Gift recipients returning an item will be issued Funagain credit for the purchase price of the item(s). Holiday gift item returns/exchanges will be accepted until January 15th.

When sending an item back, please include:

  • the packing slip (or a legible copy);
  • the reason for your return;
  • your return authorization number (RMA)
Please use cushioning packing material in a sturdy carton so that the contents will be protected from damage. For your protection, please use FedEx, UPS or Insured Parcel Post for your shipment.

Send it to:

Funagain Games
Returns Department
1660 Ashland Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520

We will notify you via email of your refund once we have received and processed the returned item.


Security and Privacy

Safe Shopping Guarantee

Your security and privacy are of utmost importance to us. When you place an online order with Funagain Games, our secure server software encrypts the information you submit, ensuring that Internet transactions stay private and protected. Your personal information cannot be read as it travels to our ordering system.

Privacy Pledge

We keep your personal information private and secure. When you make a purchase from our web site, you provide your name, email address, credit card information, address and phone number. We use this information only to process your order and to keep you updated on your order. We will never sell, trade or give away your information. Everything you submit remains private and confidential. We will not send you unsolicited email or direct mail.


Shipping Information

Standard Shipping within the United States

Shipping & handling charges depend on the size, weight and number of items comprising the shipment, and will be displayed on the Checkout page before you are asked for your payment information.

UPSFor our Standard Shipping, we generally use UPS Ground service, which usually takes 2-5 business days to arrive, depending on your location and distance from our main warehouse (West coast, ZIP code 97520). A transit time calculator may be found online at For further details about UPS services including UPS policies and online package tracking, please visit the UPS web site at

For smaller shipments under 2 pounds, we may opt to use USPS Priority Mail service, which usually takes 2-3 business days to arrive. We can accommodate customers wishing to have larger orders shipped via USPS to a P.O. Box, but shipping fees will be greater than the amounts quoted for "Standard Shipping" during our checkout process. For further details about USPS services, please visit the USPS web site at

Customers who require shipment via a particular carrier or other custom shipping arrangements will be accommodated whenever possible; please include any such requests in the "Comments & Special Instructions" box during the checkout process.

Expedited Shipping

UPSFor orders under 15 pounds, we offer three levels of expedited shipping: Express Saver, 2-Day, and Overnight. The price for expedited shipping is a flat amount added to the Standard shipping rate. Delivery times specified are typical for orders placed before 12:00 noon Pacific time.

Delivery Time
Additional Charge
Express Saver
usually arrives in 3 business days
usually arrives in 2 business days
usually arrives in 1 business day

For expedited orders over 15 pounds, we will quote a rate for your requested speed of service.

International Shipping

International packages receive real-time accurate shipping rates just like packages destined for addresses within the US. For generic questions about how orders are handled (how long will they be held, out of stock items etc.) please read the appropriate section in the Funagain Games policy page and FAQ.

International customers generally have their choice between UPS or USPS service. UPS generally provides faster shipments than the USPS, as well as the additional advantages of all packages being insured and easily tracked via a tracking number which is provided to the customer. USPS shipments can be less expensive, but are not insured against loss or damage and do not include a tracking number.

What about Customs?

We mark international packages as containing "Board Games" and state the actual cost of the games on the customs documentation. Even if the order is designated by you as a gift, the package still cannot be marked as a gift for shipping purposes because we are a retailer. The full cost of the games will still be stated on the customs paperwork. Currently, we are not able to describe the contents in any other way.

Any customs or import duties are levied once the package reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you may want to contact your local customs office for further information.


Trademark and Copyright Disclaimer

Trademarked company and game names appear throughout this web site. Rather than list the company names and entities that own the marks and/or insert a trademark symbol with each mention of each name, Funagain Games states that the use of these names is for editorial purposes only and to the benefit of the trademark owner with no intention of infringing upon their mark. In addition, Funagain Games states that it has no copyright claim over the companies' materials and such materials are used for marketing purposes only. Users of this web site should contact the trademark or copyright owner directly to obtain additional information regarding trademark and copyright issues.