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Store:  Strategy Games
Edition:  Civilization
Series:  Civilization
Genre:  Civilization Building
Format:  Board Games


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Play Time Players
300-720 minutes 2-7

Designer(s): Francis Tresham

Manufacturer(s): Avalon Hill

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Product Description

Civilization--the game that begins when history begins! Be forewarned! Civilization is a game unlike any other game ever invented... a game of high-level player interaction with no dice and little risk of any player being eliminated.

The object of the game is to gain a level of overall advancement to which cultural, economic, and political factors are important. The winner is the player who maintains the best balance between activities of nomads, farmers, citizens, merchants, and adventurers.

Civilization is not a wargame! The game is not won by wars, although some conflicts will occur due to rivalry and land shortage, rather than as a desire to eliminate other players.

You start at the Dawn of History--at the point where agriculture has just been discovered--and lead your society through the mists of time to the age of the civilized state--8000 B.C. to 250 B.C.

Product Information

Civilization has the following expansions available:
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.6 in 7 reviews

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Good game, if you have no life.
June 24, 2003

WARNING: DO NOT ever attempt to play this game with non-gamers. Your stock as a friend will definately go down.

Civilization is a long game. Civiliation is also a great game. It would be 5 stars if it could be played in a reasonable amount of time. As it is, plan on ordering pizza at least once in the course of a game.

Despite the comparisons to Diplomacy do not be deceived, there may be no dice in the game, but there is definately a luck factor. Calamities are randomly distributed and have the practical effect of equalizing the game in the long run. As the game progresses calamities appear more and more often as you increase the number of cities. If you find yourself trailing in the game just sit tight, a calamity will appear that will affect the leader more than you and give you the chance to make up lost ground.

Like most Avalon Hill games the rule book is intimidating but an experienced player can teach a new player in short order. Civilization doesn't play well with 2 players. If you can find at least 2 others (preferably more) who have the time and desire to play don't pass up the chance. Personally, I get to play once every couple of years, and even then we end up quiting before the game is over. Did I mention that this is a long game?

It is the most beautiful game in Strategy Category
May 05, 2003

There is only one unit but game doesn't lose its excitement. It is one the long games but it keeps you busy for at least 5 hours.

Strategy is so important and you definitely understand that 'horde' stays as horde, but civilized wins.

Trade is so important too. But if you want to get the game do not play perfect, otherwise all other players start to give you disasters or the worst is they can stop their trade with you, so you cannot step ahead!

If someone in Mississauga, Canada and looking for others to play this game, count me to!

by Sven
Great game, pity it takes so much time
August 12, 2001

This one ranks among my top 3 games ever! The rules are quite simple, and the basic concept might seem rather abstract (even boring), but give it a try. It will take a few games to understand the workings of this game, and you will need to get at least 5 people together for a good game, but it's worth the trouble.

I also would not rate it as a wargame. The main part of the game is trade, and that's the real fun. Five or more people haggling at the top of their voices over their Trading Cards--you will think you are at a bazaar in Turkey. ;-)

Great game. Period.

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