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Excellent party game, even if I always lose.
January 30, 2001

This game shows off my learning disability, since I had enough of a hard time learning my left from my right in school. Now I have to learn other people's lefts from their rights. So I tend to make mistakes. But it's one of the few card games that my children can compete with me on a 'fair' field and feel superior--they almost always win, and they know I'm playing my best.

This is my left; this is my right
August 07, 2000

Another hit for the camping trip/vacation card games. I was afraid that this would be another take off of [page 014616]Uno, but boy was I wrong! My children have faster reflexes than mom; and this game made it quite evident. It is a totally enjoyable non-thinking game, and the faster that you throw the cards in a bowl, the more fun it is. I have yet to beat them--mostly because I am too slow. But this game is a barrel of laughs, and I would highly recommend it as a quick, easy family card game. My only warning is to be sure you can tell your right from your left before you start.

Test your reflexes without knee pain
December 06, 1999

I remember one day sometime in 5th grade at Parker Elementary when my teacher taught the class a game in which all the students clapped the beat, while the teacher began a simple rhyme. The rhyme had to do with the theft of cookies from the cookie jar, and the naming of the supposed thief (one of the students) who by the rules of the game, now denied the theft, then named another student, who responded in turn, and so on. All this was done to the rhythm of the clapping, and you were out of the game if you flubbed your lines or hesitated too long.

I was reminded of this game when I read a description of Twitch. This card game has simple rules, but you need quick reflexes to play well. Every player receives a card representing his own color and a set of cards with a splatter of the other players' colors on them (the challenge cards). The rest of the cards are dealt face down so that each player has his own stack. The player to the left of the dealer begins by flipping his top card into a bowl in the middle of the table. This card determines who has the next turn. If it has a color, that color player flips the next card. If it has an 'R' or an 'L' on it, the turn moves to the player to the right or left. '2R' and '2L' moves two players away. 'Ditto' repeats whatever instructions were on the previous card. The next card flipped similarly determines the following player. And so on.

If you think someone played out of turn, or just took too long to play when they are supposed to, you flip your challenge card into the bowl, and play stops to see if you're right to challenge. If you are, the challenged player takes all the cards in the bowl into their stack. If you challenged incorrectly, you take them. You win by getting rid of your last card and when your turn comes again, throwing your color card into the bowl.

When our group played, we at first agreed to give players a few seconds before we challenged on slow play, but after a couple games, challenge cards were flying with almost no hesitation. The bowl enables easy recognition of which card made it down first, important if you are throwing your card at the same time you're being challenged. I played with my brother, sister and their kids (aged 11-16), and the younger generation had the upper hand, winning every time we played and in general disgracing their slow-reacting parents and uncle. Still, we had a lot of fun losing, mostly laughing at ourselves when we misplayed. Games go quick, from 5 to 15 minutes.

It has little to offer in terms of strategy, but for a fast-paced and fun family game, I think you'll like Twitch. Especially you, Mrs. Cownie.

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