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Store:  Strategy Games, Card Games
Theme:  Golf, Sports
Format:  Card Games


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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 15-25 minutes 2-6

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Product Description

A zany, hilarious golf game. Use a combination of cards and dice to try to win as many golf holes as possible. Use 'Terrain' and 'Hazard' cards to interfere with your opponents' game, make use of crazy equipment, and play the most looney or cards to help your own 'Drive' and 'Green' rolls.

A game for the 'hole' family, golfers and non-golfers alike. Don't get lost in the rough, and don't laugh too hard or you'll miss your putt. Loved and adored by champion golfer Mr. Lion Forest.

Product Information


  • 1 rules booklet
  • 1 die
  • 1 reference card
  • 30 hole cards
  • 69 game cards

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.2 in 4 reviews

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Plays like an adult Hot Shots Golf card game.
July 01, 2003

Well like many others on here have said, this game is very loosly based on Golf. If anything, this feels more like either Hot Shots Golf, or Outlaw Golf from the world of video games. This is a great party game, that is really a lot of fun if you have a group to play. This game does not work well with 2 people, and is not fantastic with 3, but is still a real hoot. This game is very light, but requires paying attention, which sometimes is a bit of a pitfall for some gamers. The main thing that keeps this game playable is the sence of humor, its light, its fun, its a party game.


The cards are of Bicycle quality, and are bright, with fun little graphics. The backs of the 2 different decks are different enough that you can tell when one card is in the other deck by just fanning or ribbon spreading the deck, which is great. The die is a funny green color, which I think looks a bit tacky, but it does its job, what more can you ask. High enough quality pieces to take some abuse, so very well done on that front.


The game takes a little getting used to, since you can do a lot of things before the two major parts of the game. Each turn you are trying to win the new hole card (so this game plays 'skins' style). First each player gets to play any of the 'play' cards in an attempt to ruin the 'drive roll' of the other players. You can play any actions, get some equipment, play one terrain card on someone or use one of the animal, social or weather related pitfalls. Each hole allows 2 of the 3 types of pitfalls to be played. You can also play 'Stress' cards which in pairs can cancel any of the other cards played, which can be annoying, but that really is part of the fun. Then comes the 'drive roll' where you have to get the drive number on the hole card, or lower. Anyone who survives that gets to play more cards, then try the 'green roll', the lowest roll wins the hole. That happens for each hole, the first person to get 18 points wins. Inbetween holes you can discard one card, and redraw the rest of a hand (usually 5 cards). So its not tough, but it can take a little getting used to the cards, some of which requiring yelling 'Help' or knocking on the table. These cards make the game laugh out loud funny (at least at the point I am, having play a game or 2). So not a tough game, but you need to watch whats going on.


There is a little bit of strategy in deciding what equpiment you want to play, and when and how you want to use it. You also need to decide who and when you want to attack. However any game with 2 decks of cards, and 2 dice rolls before scoring, requires A LOT OF LUCK. I don't think this game is missing strategy, but there is not a ton of it. Not to mention if you are spending too long thinking about a plan, you will not be ready to yell for help. Which can, and will cost you a hole.


I like this as a gambling game, since it is a skins style game. I also think an order of cards being played needs to be established. The people I play with decided if you play a card fast enough, it takes presidence, but if you are a little more serious (which I dont think this game really needs) you need to work that issue out.


This game is a fun game, not too deep, and is really not very golf related at all. Some people have fun with this game in spite of themselves. Yes you need to yell for help, and knock the table, but I think that can be fun. Great beer and pretzels game for a group, a little pricy, but a good time usually costs more.

Stress is a good thing...
February 23, 2002

Ok, I have to admit, the first time I seen Golf Mania I thought, Why the heck would someone want to play a card game based on Golf?

We first tried this as a two-player game, and it didnt fare well one-on-one. However, we did see the potential for the group game. Then we introduced the game at Game Day, and EVERYONE who played the game loved it. Some knew friends that should try that game! It worked very well with the group (as opposed to the two-player game we played before).

The object of the game is to get 18 points for holes that you win. There are hazards that you can play against other players (even a few that you can play on yourself) that are keyed to three elements: Animal, Weather, and Social (represented with a picture of a martini). Each hole has at least 2 types of hazards (from the three listed above) that can be played with the hole that will hinder your opponents from scoring the hole (or eliminating them from contention).

Hazards, for the most part are bad, but there are a couple of good ones that you can play on yourself. Some even stay with you for a while (such as Poodle Love dont ask) depending on what the requirements for dismissing the card are (such as playing a stress card or rolling a 1.

Along with Hazards, you can play Terrains. Terrains such as Tall Grass and Sand Trap add to your woes as you try to reach the green. They add to your Drive roll (yes, you use a die in the game, and it is included in the box) or force you to concede the hole.

After everyone is done playing Hazards & Terrains (or Equipment see below) those who are still active in the hole that you are playing for roll a die to see if they can make the drive (this number needed is indicated on the hole card itself). You can then play cards that will minus numbers from your roll or allow you (or an opponent) to re-roll the die. All players that succeed now fight to see who takes the prize (the hole). The remaining players roll again to see who comes up with the lowest number. That person takes the hole. Note that sometimes all players are either eliminated from trying the drive roll or none make it this can happen and you simply discard the hole and move to the next.

Equipment cards can help you (or hinder your opponents) throughout the game. They stay with you (limit of 2 at one time for each player) in play until you decide to discard a piece of equipment for a better one or if a card played causes you to loose equipment. These are nice to have, but also put a big target on you if your friends dont have any equipment or if you have some nice equipment cards.

Do you recall when stress was actually a good thing? In Golf Mania, stress helps you get rid of certain Hazards and can even stop cards from being played. Anytime a game card is played, you can use two stress cards to counter the card being played. Some cards only need one stress card to eliminate, and they will have that listed in the effect portion of the card.

I would like to mention that if you dont have time for 18 holes (ok, points), go ahead and play 9! We tried this for a quick game and it worked out pretty well (especially for larger groups). 2-6 can play Golf Mania.

So if you are a golf fanatic, or just looking for a fun and easy card game, Golf Mania may be for you. The $18.95 price tag is a little steep, however, and it is reflected in the rating of the game.

A most enjoyable game
December 02, 2001

What a pleasant surprise to find a game with very little hype containing so many laughs. This is one of the most requested games I own (and I paid the least for it). The pace is reasonably quick and can lead to some furious card playing in some stages. The 'Lost in the Woods' cards and the 'Last Call' cards are a riot (although determining the last person to call or knock can be annoying). The only bad thing I have to say about the game is that the rules have a few holes in them which required a few 'house rules', but once there is an agreement, there are no problems. Very enjoyable game for anyone.

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