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Groo: The Game
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Store:  Strategy Games, Card Games
Series:  Groo
Format:  Card Games

Groo: The Game

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Product Description

From the longest running Marvel/Epic comic comes everyone's favorite bungling barbarian, GROO! This game is just like the book--GROO means bad news! Players try to keep GROO away from their town as they build their community and recruit an army. Unfortunately, GROO can always find a way to diminish any player's hope of winning. This fast-paced game of "Hot Potato" will amuse everyone who stands in GROO's way!

Product Information

Groo: The Game has the following expansions available:

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by Paul
Groo good
May 31, 2000

Groo fun. Roll dice--made cheaply. Cards funny. Build town. Use resources. Hire army. Bust heads. Use resource or HIM get resource. Balance hand or stuck with nothing. Then come Groo. Groo break town. Groo ruin everything. Hope can send Groo away. Save town, win game.

Groo good.

Get expansion.

by Paula
Fun artwork. Amusing beer & pretzels game.
November 30, 1999

This is a light-hearted game of destruction, somewhat reminiscent in tone of the Nuclear War card game, which can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes to play. If you survive past 30 minutes, it may get tedious. The mechanics were easy enough for a 9-year old to learn quickly and there's little strategy possible. Get the expansion deck also, as the additional cards help keep games from becoming repetitive so quickly.

I recommend this game especially for fans of Sergio Aragones' goofy Groo comics and his zany artwork. Each card contains an amusing illustration and all my old favorite jokes appear, from Cheese Dip to Mendicant. Find some other fans or get out some comics to share and make new fans to play this game with. The uninitiated will not enjoy it as much.

September 19, 1999

Groo is a typical barbarian; he leaves a long trail of destruction behind him, not because he is particularly aggressive, but just because that's what barbarians DO.

In this card game, based on the comic of the same name by Sergio Aragones, players are trying to build towns, and protect them from the destruction that is bound to come from other towns' armies and Groo himself. Towns are built by rolling six resource dice, which can show either labour, supplies or kopins (the currency in the game); you then spend some of those six resources to build a building which carries with it a number of victory points and perhaps a special power. (Any resources you don't use are available to other players, going round the table.) You can also spend the resources to build an army, which you will use to defend your town against attacks from other players. In attacking, you send your troops against another town, and any that get through the defending army start razing buildings.

Sounds easy? Enter Groo. Groo starts at the town of the dealer, and along with the six resource dice a Groo movement die is also rolled, which will move Groo to another player's town. Why is this important? Because the fourth symbol that may appear on the production dice is the Groo head symbol, which may only be spent on Groo effects cards. Most of these cards pretty much decimate the town and army of the player that Groo is in front of.

Needless to say, the game can get pretty vindictive. This is part of the charm of the game, however; it's simply not possible to take anything in the game seriously, and while there's a little control, long-term strategy doesn't really enter into it. Pretty much anyone could win, given the right cards.

I've never read any of Aragones' long-running comic, but I'm told by those who have that the game carries very much the same flavour as the comic. I imagine there are plenty of in-jokes in the game.

Groo: the Game is entertaining and plays best with four people, though it works with as few as two. Also available is an expansion deck which adds some interesting cards and allows up to six to play, more in a pinch. For good random fun, Groo is a great specimen. Just watch out for those Groo heads.

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