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Odin's Ravens
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Odin's Ravens

English language edition

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Odin's Ravens: A Mythical Race Game

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
10+ 30-40 minutes 2

Designer(s): Thorsten Gimmler

Manufacturer(s): Rio Grande Games, Kosmos

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Product Description

Each morning, Odin, the father of the Gods, sends his two ravens: Hugin and Mugin out into the world to watch over the land. The players try to help the feathered spies along their way over the various lands of the northern hemisphere. To move the ravens, the players must play appropriate flight cards from their hands. They may also get help directly from Odin. With skillful use of the cards, a player can move his raven quickly over the land.

Product Awards

International Gamers Awards
Best 2-Player Game Nominee, 2003

Product Information


  • 112 cards
  • 2 ravens
  • 1 Odin marker
  • rules

Game Errata:

Correction to "The Magic Way"
The six magic way cards show either two land types or one land type and a picture of Odin. At the beginning of each race, one of the cards is face up on the magic card stack. At the end of a race, the player who has played the most cards to the face up magic way card earns bonus points. To play a card to the magic way card, a player must play a flight card without moving his raven or an Odin card without taking its action. The card played must match one of the two pictures on the magic way card (an Odin card matches the picture of Odin). The card may come from the player’s hand or from his auxiliary card stack (top-most card). When a player plays a card to the face up magic way card, he places it face up next to the magic way card.

Example: At the beginning of the game, the magic way card shows Odin and a mountain. Either player may play to the card by playing any Odin card or a mountain flight card.

The player places the card played face up in the space he reserved for magic way cards. The players should overlap the cards they play to the magic way card so that they can see how many each has.

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.7 in 16 reviews

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by Rick Nichols
Unique and brilliant
March 12, 2007

This is one of my very favorite two player games. The race path is a great mechanism that I haven't seen in any other game. It is simple and simply brilliant. Games between two good players can be very intense and still be wrapped up in 30 minutes. My wife and I still pull this one out frequently.

by JR
Too simple for greatness
March 01, 2007

The game is a nice, easy to teach filler or holiday game ideal for children. However, it is not in the same league as battleline or lost cities. There is room for some simple strategy, but anyone wanting to exercise their grey cells should try lord of the rings the confrontation instead.

by Brad N.
Odin's Ravens Earns Its 5 Stars
March 01, 2007

My wife and I play a lot of two player games and she is convinced that Lost Cities is the best. I thought Carcassonne was the best two player that we owned. We recently received Odin's Ravens as a gift and we've played it several times. Both of us love this game. I think words like brilliant and great get overused when describing good games, but Odin's Ravens probably deserves both words, especially for a two player game.

It is a unique game with a clever "auxiliary stack" mechanic that allows you to set yourself up for a big play on your next turn if you are stuck on your current turn. It gives me the feel that I can do something positive on each play.

When we went through the rules for the first time, my wife questioned the Magic Way card and how it seemed "awkward" that you would play cards to it during the game. Both of us have since learned that this aspect of the game provides another positive play when you may otherwise be stuck and provides for some challenging decisions when you and your opponent have already played several cards to the Magic Way. Do you go for the 3 points by adding another card or will you need that card to win the race as you near the finish?

I don't think there is any doubt that Lost Cities, Carcassonne and Odin's Ravens are the three best two player games I have played and I've played a lot of them!

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