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Store:  Strategy Games
Edition:  Talisman
Series:  Talisman
Theme:  Fantasy, Adventure
Format:  Board Games


Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Talisman

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Ages Players
12+ 2 or more

Designer(s): Robert Harris

Manufacturer(s): Games Workshop

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Product Description

Enter a world of fantastic heroic adventure, where magic really works and monsters roam the land. You are an adventurer on a quest to retrieve the fabled Crown of Command from its fearsome guardian, the Dragon King. You must find one of the Magic Talismans that will allow you to enter the Dragon King's lair and then defeat him in mortal combat. On your quest you will encounter powerful enemies, discover friends and magical artifacts, and meet strange beings. Finally, when you have gained sufficient power, you can confront the Dragon King in your bid to secure the Crown of Command.

Talisman is a game played in a mythical world of dragons and sorcery. As a Warrior, Wizard, Elf, Dwarf or one of seven other characters with special powers, each player must set off on a quest to find the Magic Talisman. The journey will be filled with danger -- monsters, traps and evil beings are waiting to defeat your player-character. With skill and luck you will survive to find the Crown of Command the greatest treasure of them all. Only then will victory be yours.

Product Information


  • game board
  • rules sheet
  • painting guide
  • 11 plastic characters
  • 11 character cards
  • 129 adventure cards
  • 30 spell cards
  • 40 purchase cards
  • 5 tower cards
  • 6 talisman cards
  • 6 toad cards
  • 30 strength
  • 30 craft counters
  • 30 lives counters
  • experience counters
  • 32 coins
  • 6 toad counters
  • 6 dice
  • 12 alignment markers

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.3 in 3 reviews

Classic Fantasy Board Game
July 11, 2003

Games Workshop only teased us with the release of 2003 Talisman. The copies are extremely hard to find and are a bit pricey ($75 retail), but well worth the investment. This is game is easy to learn, fun to play and a great collectors item. Just look up the previous expansions are valued between $80-$250 dollars each.

The game appeals to many for the simplicity, and yet exciting ever changing gameplay, that it will always have great replay value. The cards change the outcome and you can never play the same game twice. This game is must have item for every die hard, stay up all night, eating cold pizza, drinking Mt Dew, game playing fanatic.

The happiest day in most hard core gamer's life is the day the finally get their grubby little paws on a copy of GW Talisman.

by Andy C
Merely Okay, Overpriced (read:GW) Game
May 01, 2003

I like a good dungeon crawl as much as the next person, and this game does it as well as any other. Roll a die, move your character (each with his own special abilities), and draw a card which could be a monster, a treasure, or a follower, or attack one of the other players, should he or she be unlucky enough to be there.

Unfortunately there's really not much more to it than that, and not nearly enough to justify the $75 price. The only decision you make each turn concerns which of the two directions to move your character, unless you're lucky to have a spell or item you can use on the other players. Everything else is random, whether the roll of the die or the luck of the draw. This would be a fun family game... if only the average family could afford it.

Oh, but it has great plastic minis. That must be what costs so much.

2 Star Game, 5 Stars for Nostalgia
January 14, 2004

Before I discovered German games Talisman was one of my favorites. This is a game that wouldn't seem to have much going for it, yet it remains popular and commands decent prices on E-bay. A limited 2003 reissue sold like hotcakes at $75 a pop.

Roll, move, draw a card and resolve the card. With a few exceptions that is the game. Try to get your character to build up strength, lives and gold so you can work your way to the center of the board and win. The components are cheap, it lasts too long for what it offers, and there is a 'gang-up-on-the-leader' factor that causes the game to drag on even longer. There is little strategy and the end game is very weak.

On the plus side, the basic game has lots of different cards which keep the game from getting too dry and repetitious. The fantasy theme and art are done very well. The designer had a wonderful imagination. If any game succeeded at capturing the D&D flavor in a purely boardgame format Talisman is the one. The truth be told, I hated D&D, but for a short period of time I really enjoyed Talisman.

Although I haven't played Talisman in years, I am often tempted. The reality is that I have, maybe, 50 games that are more fun and better designed. Common sense always prevails and we play one of those instead.

I doubt I will ever get rid of Talisman, purely for nostalgia reasons. I had a lot of fun and really, really enjoyed this game for about 20 minutes in the 1980s.

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