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Roads & Boats
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Store:  Strategy Games
Edition:  Roads & Boats
Series:  Roads & Boats
Genre:  Civilization Building
Format:  Board Games

Roads & Boats

3rd edition

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Ages Play Time Players
14+ 180-240 minutes 1-4

Designer(s): Jeroen Doumen, Joris Wiersinga

Publisher(s): Splotter Spellen

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Product Description

Roads & Boats is a long, strategic game in which each player builds up a civilization. From humble beginnings (a woodcutter, a stonemason) their economies expand to include trucks, steamships, and even a stock exchange. The emphasis is on transportation, with each player trying to outcompete others in building roads, constructing factories, breeding geese and donkeys, inventing gold mines etcetera. but beware! there is no concept of territory in the game, so anything you build can be used by any other player! The third edition of Roads & Boats contains wooden transporters in the shape of donkeys, wagons, trucks, rafts, rowing-boats and steamers.

Product Information


  • 120 wooden transporters
  • 75 walls
  • 8 wooden disks
  • 193 wonder bricks
  • 4 home markers
  • 4 research tables
  • 32 research markers
  • 4 player aids
  • 18 mines
  • 18 plastic bags
  • 1 sheet of stickers
  • 140 hexagonal tiles
  • plastic cover sheet
  • non-permanent marker
  • 4 sheets of goods markers
  • two-part gameboard
  • phase chart marker
  • rule book
  • scenario book
Roads & Boats has the following expansions available:

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Product Reviews


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Wow ... Wow ... Just ... Wow ... Extraordinary Gamer's Game.
February 24, 2004

Yes, this is a pricey game, probably $20-$30 overpriced, but Splotter Spellen is a small company, and doesn't produce games in volume. Roads & Boats has 200+ wooden bits, and several hundred lesser quality bits. Hex tiles alone number about 140 to construct game boards. No, it doesn't have $100 worth of bits, but I, for one, am glad I made the investment. This one is a keeper.

Each player starts with three donkeys, five piles of lumber, one pile of stone, and two geese with which to build a transportantion and production empire. Final scoring is based upon the number of stock certificates, coins, and gold nuggets that the players accumulate, as well contributing to the building of the Wonder.

Roads and Boats is not normally a game of great conflict. The game consists mostly of each player building their own empire. However, a board can be constructed to allow for lots of conflict if you prefer, or some lesser amount of conflict. There is room for conflict, if your game group prefers that sort of thing. With little conflict you are looking at a 4+ hour game, add conflict and you could be at it all day.

The game is pure strategy, no luck involved, thank you. With all the bits, the strategy, and planning required, this is a rather fiddly game, but the payoff is huge if you don't mind keeping track of units. Win, lose, or call it quits because of time restraints, I find it to be a satisfying and fun game.

Roads & Boats is perfectly suited for solitaire play. An included scenario book lays out solitaire games and high scores. The Splotter Spellen website gives more scenario maps and the best scores for each. This enables you to play solitaire and know how well you did compared to others. I can't remember ever playing any boardgame alone and liking it, but Roads and Boats has me hooked. It holds my attention as well as Civilization on the PC, and I love Civ.

If you like long, empire building games with lots of pieces such as the original Avalon Hill 'Civilization' (R&B has hundreds more pieces, yet doesn't take as long to play), or 'Sid Meier's Civilization' on the PC Roads & Boats should appeal to you.

Two huge thumbs up.

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