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Store:  Strategy Games
Edition:  Runebound
Series:  Runebound
Theme:  Adventure, Fantasy
Format:  Board Games


second edition

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Runebound Combat Tokens

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 120-240 minutes 1-6

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Product Description

The dark lords are gathering, ancient powers are awakening, and a chill has fallen across the land. It is a time of danger and rising evil. It is a time of fear for the weak and powerless. It is a time of heroes willing to face the darkness and bring the light of hope to a realm covered in shadow.

In Runebound, you and your friends play heroes in a fantasy realm full of monsters, perils, and treasure. The realm is yours to explore as you wish: Visit the Mountains of Despair, brave the Whispering Forest, or shop for magic items in the Paradash Bazaar. Wherever you go, adventure awaits you -- and because the game changes each time you play it, you'll never have the same adventure twice.

Product Information


  • 12 hero cards
  • 84 adventure cards
  • 84 market cards
  • 12 plastic heroes
  • 60 wound counters
  • 54 exhaustion counters
  • 58 adventure counters
  • 60 experience counters
  • 6 undefeated challenge counters
  • 50 gold counters
  • 8 doom counters
  • 2 10-sided dice
  • 5 movement dice
  • 1 game board
  • 1 rulebook
Runebound has the following expansions available:

Runebound: Essential Collection second edition expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: The Frozen Wastes Expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: Cult of the Rune adventure variant Out of Stock

Runebound: Avatars of Kelnov adventure variant Out of Stock

Runebound: Shadows of Margath 2nd Edition, challenge card expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: Drakes and Dragonspawn challenge card expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: Walkers of the Wild item and ally card expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: Champions of Kellos item and ally card expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: The Cataclysm adventure packs III, game variant Out of Stock

Runebound: The Seven Scions adventure packs III, game variant Out of Stock

Runebound: Beasts and Bandits adventure packs III, adventure deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Traps and Terrors adventure packs III, adventure deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Rituals and Runes adventure packs III, market deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Runemaster character deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Battlemage character deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Shadow Walker character deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Blade Dancer character deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Wildlander character deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Spiritbound character deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Weapons of Legend adventure packs III, market deck Out of Stock

Runebound: Relics of Legend item and ally card expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: The Scepter of Kyros adventure variant Out of Stock

Runebound: Crown of the Elder Kings adventure variant Out of Stock

Runebound: The Dark Forest challenge card expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: The Terrors of the Tomb challenge card expansion Out of Stock

Runebound: Artifacts and Allies item and ally card expansion Out of Stock

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.3 in 11 reviews

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Engaging role playing board game
December 12, 2010

This game really surprised me.

From the top quality of components, board and cards (typical Fantasy Flight high standards) to the clarity, examples of play and design of the rules book, I was impressed from the start.

And the game really works. If you're into RPG or fantasy adventures games, but not wanting to have a Game Master or wanting to write in a lot of overlong sheets, this is the right game for you.

Some people have said that this game is best with 3 or 4 people. I disagree. The probably reason they mention this is because the eventual downtime between players. This is because RUNEBOUND is totally a typical "a player completes all his steps before the other player's turn" game. But, once all the player know the rules (and they are fairly simple), a player can finish his turn very fast. I even played it with 7 players (reducing the number of experience point to upgrade level) and everybody had fun.

Another clear advantage for Runebound are the expansions. Make no mistake, the adventure that comes with the basic box (Rise Of The Dragon Lord) will allow you to play at least five sessions (or more). But, knowing that there are gorgeous expansions runebound readily available, you should not worry about lack of replayability.

Classic Fantasy Role Playing Boardgame, best for 2-3 players.
March 15, 2009

I truly love this game. It would probably be better to call it a game system. There are so many expansions both small and big-box that keep this game new and exciting. You are going on a quest, earning gold, fighting evil creatures and gaining experience.

Downtime between turns is a factor, I would keep the game at 2-3 players. You take the role of different heroes each game and gather allies, weapons and artifacts along the way.

Fantastic game for two players
June 25, 2007

If the game scaled well, it would have earned five stars; but unfortunately 2 players is where this game shines and so I feel justified in the four stars.

Basically, the players take a random character from the deck, each with its own special abilities and stats. The characters are varied and somewhat unbalanced. Some characters are only effective when teamed up with specific allies, while others are pretty effective all on their own; add an ally to them and the game gets over-powered for that character. While this makes for a varied game, it can also be frustrating if you are trying to compete with the other players to “win” the game.

As for set up, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. It's putting all the tiny adventure tokens (gems) on the board that takes the most time as some of them (such as the green gems in the forest) can be hard to see. However, there are only four small adventure decks to shuffle and one large market deck (that contains all the allies). Get one person to shuffle and the other to put out the gems and the game is setup in about five minutes.

The game starts with all the players in Tamaril, a central town that has no loot in it to start with. This is to prevent the first player from getting cool stuff before the rest of the players and makes for a good central starting point.

Play begins with a role of the five terrain dice that can be a bit difficult to learn how to read. Each die has two or three terrain symbols on it that corresponds to a terrain on the board. Trying to count up the symbols and then figure out how to move you character can be difficult. However, we learned to use the dice like stepping stones; putting each die its appropriate terrain on the board and "walking" the character across the dice to ensure proper movement is maintained.

Essentially, each character rolls the dice attempting to move their character towards an adventure gem. Each gem corresponds to an adventure deck, with each stack increasing GREATLY in difficulty. In fact, once you get the level 3 encounters, you have a good chance of dying from them with a single bad roll.

Characters move from gem to gem, gaining treasure and tokens until the magic number of five is reached, and then the players head into town to buy items, allies, and to cash in the gems (in groups of five) for stat bumps, like extra ranged, melee, or magic attacks.

The adventures themselves are varied, but after playing the game three times with just two players, we have seen all the adventures and read all the flavor text. This began to take away from the game as we didn't get into the adventures any more and had encounters such as, "they're 'bees', kill em". In addition, we had seen about 3/4s of the characters and had played most of the interesting ones.

The game itself takes about 3-4 hours to complete, though can be competed faster if you are competing with another player by acquiring 3 red rune adventures or fighting the Big-Bad, High Lord Margath. Either of those two conditions causes you to win the game. The end adventures are very tough and so players will continue to fight monsters until they can handle the lower adventures without difficulty. There is still a good chance, even with a powerful character, that a single bad roll can kill you.

Finally, there is a certain anti-climatic feel to the end of the game. If you are competitive there will be a race for the last rune (the third) to win the game and it basically comes down to who happens to be closer to the red ones and is ready to handle them. So the end game is not much of a race rather than an uphill climb to catch-up with the person who starts tackling the final adventures first. Once they’ve hit their third, which is generally identical to all the other red adventures, the game ends.

Despite Runebound’s shortcomings, it’s still a very fun game to play and we look forward to talking some of the expansion decks and boxsets.

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