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Product Awards:  
Major FUN
Award Winner, 2006

Ages Play Time Players
12+ 60 minutes 3-8

Publisher(s): Spin Masters

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Product Description

Quelf is insanely fun and it's easy to play too. But the outcome of Quelf is anything but simple. As you move around the gameboard, crazy things start to happen. Players start talking weirdly. Your friend's face is wrapped in toilet paper. Your mom is talking like Dracula with her thumb on her forehead. You're sitting underneath the kitchen table until someone rolls a "4". And when the dust settles, the laughing finally stops and someone crawls away the winner, you realize you've never had this much fun playing a board game in your life!

Product Awards

Major FUN
Award Winner, 2006

Product Information

  • Publisher(s): Spin Masters

  • Year: 2005

  • Players: 3 - 8

  • Time: 60 minutes

  • Ages: 12 and up

  • Est. time to learn: 10-20 minutes

  • Weight: 1,360 grams


  • 1 game board
  • 440 cards
  • 8 game pieces
  • 1 die
  • 1 timer
  • 2 pencils & paper
  • rule sheet
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 4 reviews

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by Joe Blow
Great Family Fun For All, A Must Have In Any Board Game Collection
May 23, 2010

Quelf is easily one of the best and most enjoyable games to play with family members or friends. We bought this last year and it quickly became one of our favorite games to play on family night. At first the kids were reluctant to play it, but about five minutes into the game they were laughing and having a good time. Even if you do not like board games ( as most kids and adults these days do not) you will still enjoy this one.

The gameplay itself is simple and easy to follow. The stunts, acts, and various other things the game requires you to do during game play, is where the fun comes in. For instance you may draw a card that tells you to stand up and give your best example of a workout routine, or you may draw a card that tells you to act like Frankenstein and only communicate through grunts until the next round. The game will require you to draw, write silly stories, or act out funny scenes, so if you are shy this may be a problem, but otherwise I don't know anybody who has played it and not like it.

Our teenage daughter recently had a party and instead of playing the board game, each kid drew a card and simply did what the card said. All the kids thought it was hilarious and actually decided to play several more rounds instead of playing video games or watching movies.

The game is recommended for ages 12 and up, but our 10 year old has no problem playing it. I imagine it is rated for 12 and up only because some of the cards require a little bit of thinking that may be a little too advanced for younger aged kids. I would say anyone who can read and is over the age of 8 would probably be ok to play this game. If they draw a card that they do not understand or can not do for one reason or another, they may simply draw another card instead.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone. It's Great Family Fun For All, A Must Have In Any Board Game Collection.

by Amy P.
Funniest Game ever!
November 24, 2007

It doesn't matter if you are usually shy. It doesn't matter how smart you are. It doesn't matter if you have the greatest strategy skills on the planet. Everyone is equal in this game. Everyone I have played this game with says, "That is the funniest game I have ever played." From the game pieces to what the game requires you to do-you're sides will be aching from so much laughing. I have played it with people ranging in age from 13-73 and they all love it. This Thanksgiving everyone in the entire family (about 40 people) were gathered around the watching the players play the game. Everyone was laughing.

If you want to have fun -- buy this game!

Not deep, but not bad either!
December 01, 2006

Quelf is a wonderful party game for those who are willing to give in to the zaniness of it. It is actually a Cranium-type board game with a twist. Although you still have the group quiz, acting-out, creative silliness that games like this have, the added mechanics that make Quelf different are the Roolz cards which can change things up a bit as you go and the added element that when you incorrectly perform a task or answer a question, you will be penalized and have to move back some squares.

To win the game, you must be the first to the center square, but the object of the game is much more random. It is just about having a good time! There are times when the game can be quite funny depending on how extroverted your game crowd is. Certainly not a strategy game, it can still be quite fun and can easily be played by all ages with equal merriment.

There is no telling what you will be called to do in the course of the game. When I played with my kids, one of us had to wear a bib throughout the game, another had to soak her fingers in a bowl of water between turns, I had to wear a sock puppet and converse with it, and we all had to end all our sentences with "izzy" or we would have to move backward. There is no rhyme or reason behind the mayhem, and that seems to be the draw.

My only hesitation about the game is that you have to be sure your crowd is in the mood for some mindless fun or it can seem a bit pointless.

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