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Feed the Kitty
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Store:  Kids Games
Theme:  Cat / Kitten
Format:  Dice Games

Feed the Kitty

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Ages Play Time Players
4+ 15 minutes 2-5

Designer(s): Robert Bushnell

Manufacturer(s): Gamewright

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    Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Product Description

Feed the Kitty is as simple as a cat's life. Mice are on the menu, and as they move from place to place, it's anyone's guess who will end up hungry and who will get to have a full belly. Will you be caught catnapping or will you pounce into the lead? The answer is all in the roll of the dice!

In this fast moving game, try to keep your mice away from the kitty. Roll an arrow and pass one to the left. Roll a sleeping cat and you're lucky to squeak by. But roll a bowl and it's dinnertime for kitty! The last player left with mice wins.

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Robert Bushnell

  • Manufacturer(s): Gamewright

  • Artist(s): Russell Benfanti

  • Year: 2006

  • Players: 2 - 5

  • Time: 15 minutes

  • Ages: 4 and up

  • Weight: 247 grams

  • Language Requirements: Game components are language-independent. Manufacturer's rules are printed in multiple languages (including English). This is a domestic item.


  • 20 wooden mice
  • 2 custom dice
  • 1 kitty bowl
  • rules (English and Spanish)
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.7 in 3 reviews

by A Gamer
Homeschool Mom
November 27, 2008

Feed the Kitty is fun and imaginative. Kids can even make believe that the big orange cat on the cover of the box is THE CAT THAT IS GOING TO EAT THE MICE. That cat! This game helps teach kids left and right, how to count, how to take turns and it’s fun whether you win or lose.

Kids can also catch on to this game fast. The game box says it’s for players ages 4 and up, but I can see pre-schoolers loving this game, too (as long as they’re supervised). After all, the cat wants to eat the mice but you don’t want your kids to.

The colors of Feed the Kitty are vibrant and refreshing and the mice are made of wood. The dice have pictures on as well that seem ‘carved’ and so tactilely the kids are also playing with various fun shapes and/or designs.

Grown-ups can love this game, too. And kids of all ages in my opinion. Playing time is 15 minutes. That’s just about right for many of us. And especially those that wish to play Feed the Kitty over and over again!; You don’t want to lose your mice, though!

Everybody starts with the same amount of mice (leftovers go in the Kitty’s bowl). “The persons with the shortest pinky goes first.” The winner is the last one left with mice. The instructions say “No Mice, No Dice!” But you will be pounced if you are caught catnapping.

Because the dice have pictures, that makes the game even more fun! For example, the four pictures are” a bowl of catfood (Mice!), an arrow, a cat and a cat sleeping (do nothing). This incorporates kids thinking skills. In fact, if you roll sleeping cats on both dice you’re safe for that turn.

This is the kind of game that I feel could be a family game forever. Since it is not a “character game”, it won’t get out-dated. Its concept is adorable all by itself. Great for birthday parties and in fact any gift. “Feed the Kitty” is even affordable for kids to buy with their own allowance!

by A Gamesman
Easy to Learn, Fun to Play
November 27, 2008

Feed the Kitty is a great game for kids. It received a T.O.Y. (Toy-of- the-Year) award from FamilyFun magazine. Wall Street Journal calls it "the Oscar of toy awards". Kids play with the toys and get to choose which ones they like... Lots of kids, lots of toys.

This game has won many awards including: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, Today's Parent Magazine Top Toy of the Year, Adding Wisdom Award, Parenting Magazine Toy of the Year, Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award, Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products, and Parenting for High Potential Magazine Recommended

There is a reason that games like “Feed the Kitty” and “Hi-Ho Cheerio” (which has little semblance to “Feed the Kitty” ) are popular among children… they are fun for them. Children don’t need to play chess all the time. There are still things to learn from playing the game like patience and hope. I was surprised, when I played it, to see someone (who by all traditional standards had lost) come from complete defeat to winning the game.

Although the box says it’s for 4 years old and up, I believe it could be played by younger children. It very easy to learn and understand although I can see why there could be a little confusion at first about waiting when you have no pieces. Playing a couple of rounds can put you back in the game. Nice design, the pieces look and feel great, great idea (better than LCR) and fast fun. I give it 4 ½ stars (only because no game should get 5 stars).

No decisions, no fun.
October 16, 2006

I'm always on the lookout for new kids' games, especially ones that are geared towards the younger audience. Feed the Kitty (Gamewright, 2006 - Bob Bushnell) certainly looked like it satisfied these requirements. I played it with my younger daughters, who were very excited about the nice components and artwork.

And even though I often think that kid's games often get a bad rap because of adults rating them according to their own dislikes, I feel that my negative opinion of Feed the Kitty is not so prejudiced. Actually, my children really didn't like the game, which feels like a variation of the age old Hi Ho Cheerio! Players simply roll dice and follow the instructions, passing mice around or discarding them. There are no choices in the game, and it really isn't one that I would recommend teaching your kids.

Depending on how many players are in the game (up to five can participate), each player takes a certain amount of mice figures. Any leftover mice are placed in a small bowl in the middle of the table, and one player is chosen to go first. On a player's turn, they simply roll two special six-sided dice, and then follow the symbols on each die.
- Cat (3 on each die): Do nothing. If a player rolls two of these, they do nothing that turn.
- Mouse (1 on one of the dice): The player receives one mouse from the bowl and adds it to their pile.
- Arrow (1 on each die): The player must give one mouse to the player on their left.
- Food dish (1 on one die, two on the other): The player must place a mouse into the bowl.

Play continues around the table, with players continuing to go until they run out of mice. At this point the player can no longer roll dice, but they could conceivably be back in the game if a neighbor has to give them dice. When only one player is left with dice, the game ends, and that player is the winner!

Some comments on the game…

1.) Components: The dice are very well done, with purple imprints in some good quality dice. The mice are wooden silhouettes of mice, and the green plastic bowl is simply that. Everything fits inside a box that is much larger than needed but one with cute artwork that kids are going to enjoy.

2.) Rules: The rules are on three small pages - I mean, do you really need more than that. Anyone who has played L-C-R before will immediately grasp them, because it's very close to the same thing. Kids pick up on the rules, although younger ones have trouble understanding why they still sit there when they run out of mice.

3.) Fun Factor: Only three points for this review? That's because the game is so simple that I don't have much more to say about it. I found that the game has zero decisions, something that I consider bad for any game, even a children's game. They should be taught that they can have some control over their outcome. Also, it's very frustrating for a little child when they lose all their mice on the first couple turns, and then must sit there for a period of time while the others finish up playing. There's no real satisfaction, and I've had to deal with crying fits that I just didn't have any real good answers for.

The idea of the game was to make a simple one that kids can enjoy. But there are many other simple children's game (and many of them produced by Gamewright!) that offer choices and decisions and have a higher fulfillment level. Feed the Kitty is basically a brain-dead game; and if I wanted my kids to play one of those, I would have them watch TV instead. A cute idea, perhaps, but Feed the Kitty is a wash for me.

Tom Vasel
"Real men play board games"

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