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Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear!
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Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear!

base game, 2nd edition

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
12+ 60 minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Uwe Eickert

Publisher(s): Academy Games

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Product Description

The year is 1941.

Germany had defeated Poland, Denmark, Norway, and France with ease. In the morning hours of June 22 over 3 million German soldiers attacked soviet forces along 1 1600 kilometer front heralding the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. Complete surprise was achieved and Germans struck deep into Soviet territory. The Germans thought that the Soviets would fold like a house of cards. Their officer cadre had been massacred by Stalin, training was poor, and morale low. The Blitzkrieg catches the Soviets by surprise and they lose over 1.75 million men in their first two months alone.

The Germans are unstoppable, their Panzers pushing to the very gates of Moscow. But then winter hit and the cold drained the Germans resources, strength, and morale. The Soviets began striking back in the dead of winter and the momentum began to shift in their favor through the following spring. The bear had awoken!

Modern day tactics used by most of todays advanced armies find their roots in WWII doctrine. These tactics evolved throughout conflicts and wars that followed such as Korea, Viet Nam, Africa, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. "Awakening the Bear!" is the first game in the Conflict of Heroes series, which follows evolution of modern tactics from WWII to present. CoH features a fast and fluid system that is easy to learn, but realistic for every unique time period portrayed. CoH offers your opponents a wealth of options to learn and explore the combined arms tactics spent fighting the opponent and exploring unique new techniques rather than fighting the rules.

Product Awards

International Gamers Awards
Two-Player Nominee, 2009
The Dice Tower Awards
Best Game Designer Nominee, 2008

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Uwe Eickert

  • Publisher(s): Academy Games

  • Year: 2008

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Time: 60 minutes

  • Ages: 12 and up

  • Weight: 2,426 grams


  • 6 mounted boards
  • 192 counters
  • 56 action cards
  • 4 track sheets
  • summary sheets
  • 12 different scenarios

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 5 in 1 review

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WWII play fluidly!!!
October 27, 2009

I was tempted by the game, but got hook by a forum member who gave me enough info about how the game was built.

It's built to last.

I was verse in WWII and SL(later ASL) in the late '80. It was THE reference.

Left the boardgame for the computer, and finally came back in '99 to some board game. I had to study again the ASL rules... quite burdensome and less player to challenge.

First of... the Component.
Counters: 100%
Mounted maps: 95% (-5%, hexes are little small)
Rules: 90%, (-10% for lack of full turn explanation... you had to rely on the website)

The mechanics
Turn base - Real time This is where it shines... with the revision of the rules in August 2009, both player can play simultaneously, almost like a real-time software game.

Card Driven
With the addition of event cards (3 types), the fog of war is perceptible in each action taken

Infantry and Tanks
Both are well implemented in the game. It was base on soldier clash, but the game was definitely well adapted to vehicle, compare to Combat Commander.


Honestly... forever.

In my opinion, and with some more than 25 years of board gaming experience... this is the best I've came across.


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