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Zoom In Munchkin Quest: The Munchkin Boardgame
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Store:  Strategy Games
Series:  Munchkin Quest
Theme:  Fighting, Humorous, Fantasy
Format:  Board Games

Munchkin Quest: The Munchkin Boardgame

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 180 minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Steve Jackson

Manufacturer(s): Steve Jackson Games

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Product Description

Kill the monster, grab the treasure, stab your buddy. That's what it's all about. Now, Munchkin comes to the boardgame.

Cooperate with the whole group, adventure with a partner, or strike out on your own. You don't know what's behind a door until you open it... then another tile is added to the dungeon. Battle monsters for power and treasure, or send them after your friends. Reach Level 10, and then get out alive if you can!

Designed by Steve Jackson, and illustrated by John Kovalic, this boardgame doesn't take itself seriously. Except for the loot -- munchkins are always serious about that!

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Product Information

  • Designer(s): Steve Jackson

  • Manufacturer(s): Steve Jackson Games

  • Artist(s): John Kovalic

  • Year: 2008

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Time: 180 minutes

  • Ages: 12 and up

  • Weight: 1,480 grams

  • Language Requirements: This is a domestic item. Manufacturer's rules are printed in English. Game components are printed in English.


  • 200 Cards
  • 27 Health Tokens
  • 69 Gold Pieces
  • 12 Dropped Item Tokens
  • 15 Move Tokens
  • 12 Search Result Tokens
  • 4 Level Counters
  • 4 Munchkins
  • 12 Monster Bases
  • 24 Room Tiles
  • 1 Entrance Tile
  • 73 Links
  • 38 Monster Standies
  • 8 6-Sided dice, two for each player
  • 1 10-Sided die
  • 1 six-colored Monster Die
  • 1 20-page rulebook
This game has the following expansions available:
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 2 in 1 review

Please Stop Steve...
March 23, 2009

Look, the first gave was fun. Some of the expansions were kind of neat. Now you need to focus in another direction. I say the same for the killer bunny card game that is now in a boardgame format. I didn't care when you made one expansion after another. When the game shop card game shelf became flooded with them. Now I go to find the latest boardgames available and I see he this munchkin mania spreading here.

OK, if it sells, go ahead and sell it. I got roped into a game (They only seem to be playing Munchkin and Magic lately.) And I didn't care for it. Steve, I bought Ogre and Car Wars years before most of these gamers were born. Do me a favor... enough!

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