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The Adventures of Harley
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Store:  Kids Games
Genre:  Cooperative
Format:  Board Games

The Adventures of Harley

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Ages Players
5+ 1-6

Designer(s): Jim Deacove

Manufacturer(s): Family Pastimes

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Product Description

Our farm dog, Harley, runs so fast that cars have to chase him. He also has a great sense of humor and likes to hide, then later bring back, our Favorite Things. While rocketing around the Fields & Woods, he often meets other creatures who give him many thrilling times! In this game, we all help Harley find & bring back Home as many of the Favorite Things as we can. But he will have to look out for fellow prowlers such as the Bear, Raccoon, Skunk, Porcupine & some nasty Briar Patches. We may have to call in the Vet!

Product Information


  • Board 12 x 12 in
  • Rules for Easy & Hard Games
  • Dog House Card
  • Favorite Things Tokens
  • Bark & Sniff Card
  • Harley Mover

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 4 reviews

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July 14, 2004

After repeated plays with my 3 and 4 year olds I find I have to change my review of this game. I have never done so before, even though over time my feelings of certain games have changed significantly. This is a wonderful game for children. Even though it was designed by people who didn't think competition was healthy it is a brilliant design that can easily be fixed.

Harley is a great game to play with youngsters. No dice, no spinners. The kids have to decide where to go and there is some real strategy and critical thinking involved, even if it is not too deep. My kids still aren't keen on the noncompetitive version, but the game lends itself to fixing very easily. One of my ways to fix the game is to create more bark cards and 3 pairs of objects for Harley to find. When the child gets to the doghouse he puts the items in his pile. The kid with the most objects when the board is filled with animals and thistles is the winner.

This is one game that every family with youngsters should have. It is so unlike most other games for small children as to be remarkable.

Buy this game without hesitation.

by Lisa B
Harley is a great game for children.
August 28, 2002

If you have a pet dog, and even if you don't you will appreciate having Harley around for the kids to play with. The game is co-operative, which really helps kids learn to help one another rather than knock one another out of the game. It keeps the interest of dog lovers of all ages. Kids love to pretend they are the dog and 'dog-sniff' the the board to help Harley find stuff. You never know what Harley will get into. I think it is an ideal game for kids ages 4-8. It has been a traditional little people's game in my house for years.

Fun game
February 04, 2004

I play this with my boys. My eleven year old really likes this game. I myself play it because it is amusing, but mainly I play because my boys enjoy it. Also, it is a lot less stressful for me because I don't have to worry about bickering like I do when we play games involving competition between each player.

I really like the co-operative games because it's a lot easier for promoting good spirits in the home. In the competitive games it goes the other way where they create division.

We usually play during the evening before going to sleep, and it is just easier to play Harley or Max see them go to sleep with smiles on rather than their hands clenched in fists.

Noncompetitive game doesn't go over with my 3&4 yr.olds
June 27, 2004

I must admit to being surprised by this game. I thought my 2 girls ages three and four would really enjoy this noncompetitive game.

I play lots of kids games with my girls and they enjoy most of them. However, this game, and noncompetitive games in general just don't appeal to them. Odd as it may seem (to those of you with no kids) the kids want to win. When I explain that we play together it is quite upsetting to them. We have a 'Pooh' game that is also noncompetitive and it went over like a rubber crutch.

The next time we play I will adapt the rules so that there are winners and losers, or I may just keep playing as-is hoping my kids see the light.

Other than that 'Adventures With Harley' is an alright game. There are no dice or spinners, players travel around a board in any direction they chose. Harley barks at animals that block his path in order to get to a corner to turn over more cards. Players try to match up items that Harley digs up, such as shoes, bones, etc. Paths become blocked as you turn over animals and thistle cards.

There is some simple strategy about when to use 'bark' and 'sniff' cards. My kids quickly figured out is important to consider before moving whether to bark, because cards are limited.

All in all, this is a well thought out game. The only problem is the noncompetitive nature of the game, but this is easy to fix if your children would rather have a winner and loser. My 2 star rating reflects my experience with the game, I refuse to give a game a good score because it can be 'fixed'. I rate games as they are designed to be played.

Yet, I must recommend buying it. Any game for kids that is not dice/spinner dependant is a nice change. Any game that requires some thought, and yet a three year old can grasp the ramifications of her actions is a huge plus.

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