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How to Host a Murder: The Class of '54
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How to Host a Murder: The Class of '54

Episode 7

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Manufacturer(s): Decipher Games

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Product Description

Roley City Times August 5, 1959
Roley High Reunion To Feature Rock N. Roley
Roley City High School Class of 1954 celebrates its fifth reunion this month with a weekend of activities highlighted by a rock & roll concert featuring the class' most illustrious graduate, Rock N. Roley. The two-and-a-half-hour performance will begin at 3:00 p.m., Saturday, August 15, and is expected to fill the Roley City Municipal Auditorium. "Rock has fond memories of Roley High," said the star's business manager, Joseph K. Awledge, "and he's looking forward to seeing many of his old friends again." While the Class of '54 has much to celebrate, it will not eagerly recall the outcome of the 1954 Homecoming game. The Big Game with rival Lowe Valley was lost by the Roley Rollers 24 - 21, the first ever loss to the Lowe Riders. Homecoming was also marred by the tragic death of Becky Sue Lamour, a student at Roley High who was killed near midnight after the Homecoming dance, when the car in which she was a passenger stalled on the railroad tracks at Back Road Crossing and was struck by a freight train. The driver, Rock N. Roley, escaped without injury. Reunion activities will commence at 9:00 a.m. Saturday with a tour of the new gymnasium, after which Principal R. Anton Ravon will make his remarks.

"Cal" Q. Layder, Dierdre C. Deucer, Delbert Toydes, Evelyn C. Leigh, Joseph K. Awledge, Penny Lofer, Priscilla E. Teene, Richard C. Alcitrent.

The son of prominent Roley City insurance salesman, C. U. Layder, "Cal" is a certified genius. While at many schools a science wizard would have no chance of joining the "in" crowd, Cal was a social success during high school largely because he was a terrific practical joker. His jokes, often directed at school administration and occasionally at city officials, earned him such high standing among the students at Roley High that he was a welcome member of any group. He was particularly close to Rock N. Roley.
Costume Suggestion: White shirt with pocket protector and pens, high-water pants, horn-rimmed glasses

"Dee," as her friends call her, grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and in Roley City that meant a tough life for a beautiful girl. Determined to make a success of her life despite a drunken father and a brother convicted of armed robbery at the age of 15, Dee studied hard and graduated from Roley City High in the top 10 percent of her class. In her senior year, Dee was Homecoming queen. She attended State College and is now in her first year of law school.
Costume Suggestion: Tight pants, tight black sweater, scarf around neck, high heeled springalators, lots of make-up, bracelets, dangly earrings

"Del" was a three-sport letterman in high school, quarterback of the Varsity football team, starting center of the school's championship basketball team and the "big hitter" of the Varsity baseball team. After high school, Del was eagerly recruited by several prominent colleges and set passing records in 1957 and 1958 as quarterback of the Northeastern Bullmooses. Drafted by the Washington Rednecks professional football team in 1958, he is expected to bring a new vitality to that franchise. In the off-season, Del still lives on the family farm on the outskirts of Roley City.
Costume Suggestion: Football or baseball shirt, jeans, letterman's jacket or sweater, high top sneakers, football or baseball

Perky, bright and pretty, "E.C." was a born cheerleader. Generous and enthusiastic by nature, as she puts it, "I just couldn't say 'No' to anything." As a result, she was always active on several high school projects, attended and cheered at most athletic events, never missed a party and, unfortunately, didn't have much time to study. She graduated from Roley High, but E.C. herself acknowledges that it was a kindness on their part. E.C. married right after high school and lives in Bigtime, U.S.A., not far from Roley City. Her husband, Herman Duszit, died tragically in a traffic accident, and she now devotes her life to bringing up their young son.
Costume Suggestion: Sweater with large "R" on front, circle skirt, white tennis shoes or bucks, socks rolled down, pompoms

Even in high school, "Joe" knew he wanted to be president of a large corporation. He didn't really care what corporation - General Motors, Chrysler, G.E. - as long as it was one of the really big ones. There was simply no question in Joe's mind that the route to success was through a college education, and in 1958 he graduated with honors from a major eastern university. After graduating, Joe became Rock N. Roley's business manager, and much of the star's financial good fortune can be credited to Joe's skillful management.
Costume Suggestion: Pleated pants, button-down shirt, V-neck sweater, white bucks or saddle shoes, high quality leather briefcase

Penelope is the former Penny Roley, Rock N. Roley's twin sister. She and Rock grew up in a wealthy family that lived in a big white mansion called "Roley House." During her youth, Penny made sure the house was filled with constant teen-age activity. Today, Penny is a hometown girl who married her high school boyfriend and lives in a pretty little house not far from her former home.
Costume Suggestion: Plaid pleated skirt with matching sweater or sweater set, matching socks, penny loafers, pearls

Roley High prided itself on its athletics, but it could boast of its scholars as well, and "Pris" was one of these. Studious and intelligent, Pris was clearly destined for scholastic greatness. She won a statewide spelling contest at age 8, had the highest grade point average in her high school class, and was senior class president and valedictorian. Her graduation speech, entitled "Go Forth and Be Virtuous," earned Pris acclaim from faculty and city officials; it was reprinted in the Roley City Times. Pris graduated from college in 1958 and works for a publicity firm in Bigtime, U.S.A.
Costume Suggestion: White blouse, long, straight skirt, saddle shoes with white socks, cardigan sweater over shoulders, lots of books

In high school, "Rick" was wild and unruly. Though quick-thinking and intelligent, he performed poorly in school because of frequent absences and a rebellious nature. He adopted a tough-guy attitude and claimed to like both his women and his cars "fast and hot." For a while, Rick was Rock N. Roley's closest friend. Rebellious even now, Rick has not yet found his niche in society; he has had a difficult time adapting to adulthood.
Costume Suggestion: Jeans, white T-shirt, black leather jacket or denim jacket, dark glasses and boots or black shoes

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Decipher Games

  • Players: 8

  • Weight: 728 grams

  • Language Requirements: This is a domestic item.


  • A CD with details of the murder
  • A host guide with instructions
  • 8 guest invitations and envelopes
  • 8 player name tags
  • 8 individual player manuals
  • Sheet of secret clues with a police report
  • Diagram of the crime scene
  • Optional menu and costume suggestions for the truly adventurous

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 5 in 1 review

by Linda Hitchcock
So Easy, Even We Could Do It!
January 28, 2007

It's our first time. I couldn't believe how easy it was to do.

The instructions took care of all the details, including the easy menu and how to time everything. All we had to do was supply our goofy friends! Everyone had a great time. This one was simple for beginners. Good clean fun.

We turned our dining room into a Burger joint, asked for free food posters from fastfood places. The rest came from the Thrift store, including our clothes (which was a very simple era to dress for) and a Gag gift for the winner.

We can hardly wait to do another!

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