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How to Host a Murder: Power & Greede
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How to Host a Murder: Power & Greede

Episode 8

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Manufacturer(s): Decipher Games

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Product Description

Los Angeles Morning Express Monday, September 14, 1936
Darlings: The suspense is simply too much to bear. All of Hollywood is gasping for news about Power Film Studios' newest film. Everyone who is anyone knows that it was produced under the strictest security in Building 5 on the Power lot and that production finished over a month ago. The oh-so-aloof Ivonde B. Ahlone graciously consented to appear opposite the incomparable Savoy R. Fayre. One hears as well that Power's new ingenue Heidi co-stars opposite that gorgeous creature, Stu D. Muphin. It is whispered that the movie is based on Hack Ryders latest work about the life and death of Power Film Studios' late lamented star, Mallisa Ann Greede, and that Hack pounded out the screenplay in record time. One assumes that the old pro Seldon U. Lloyd will direct, though that pretty young thing Denise N. Dayer has apparently been hovering about the sets with a look of authority in her eye. Well darlings, wait no longer. The word is out. Power Film Studios has announced the premiere showing of Power and Greede at Power Oriental Gardens Theater this Saturday. Ad-mission is by invitation only and, true to form, Mr. P. issued his invitations with malicious precision. He is revelling, Im sure, in omitting some of Hollywood's nobility from the guest list. The invitation arrived in a salmon-colored embossed envelope. Cast, director, writer and your humble servant will join Mr. P. for champagne and caviar before the film begins, followed by a magnificent feast prepared by Master Chef Jacques Endibaux. Yummy!

Denise N. Dayer, Heidi Voltaje, Ivonde B. Ahlone, Hackford Ryder, Savoy R. Fayre, Seldon "Sel" U. Lloyd, Stuart D. Muphin, and Tatyana "Tat" Eltale.

Denise is a young actress who has not yet enjoyed the success and recognition she deserves. While she has appeared in secondary roles in a few films, she has not had the big break that will launch her on the road to stardom. Given her obvious talent and considerable beauty, this will only be a matter of time. In the meantime, in order to keep herself as close to the action as possible, she has found a job at Power Film Studios as a production assistant and has worked with some of the industry's greatest directors, including Seldon U. Lloyd and Phil M. Acher. Denise has, in fact, shown a remarkable flair for directing.
Costume Suggestion: Evening gown, not too fancy.

One of Power Film Studios' newest stars, Heidi was discovered by W. Anton Power himself and is his newest protegee. She first appeared on film in Power's recent release, Lay of the Land, though only in a minor role. Nevertheless, filmgoers across the country were electrified. "Shocking," the Boston Bulb declared. "Hi Voltaje and Power Studios illuminate the silver screen," one reviewer proclaimed. Rumor has it that she has been given a major role in Power's latest film, and she seems assured of a rapid rise to fame and fortune. Her nickname is "Hi."
Costume Suggestion: Glittery and glamorous evening gown in a bright color, jewelry to match.

Born on a Swedish dairy farm, Ivonde never expected to be in pictures, but with her remarkable beauty and natural acting ability, she was destined for greatness. It was Sel U. Lloyd who first noticed her in a low-budget Italian production titled War and Pizza. He brought Ivonde to the United States where she appeared in his next production, Daze of Wynan Rosas, co-starring Savoy R. Fayre. She has starred in several movies since, including The Thick Man, a spy thriller. She is one of Hollywood's truly glamorous stars.
Costume Suggestion: Elegant and glamorous evening gown, jewelry, hair up in a bun with braids.

While "Hack," as he is known in Hollywood, enjoyed a degree of critical acclaim as a novelist, it was not until he came to Hollywood to write for Power Film Studios that he achieved financial success. Having written several brilliant screenplays, including Goddess, featuring the life of ill-fated silent screen star Sola Sivius, Hack is now acclaimed as one of Hollywoods finest screenwriters. The leap from an impoverished, Bohemian lifestyle to fame and wealth has not spoiled Hack. He remains the same down-to-earth guy he was before coming to Hollywood.
Costume Suggestion: Tuxedo or tails, stack of papers marked "screenplay."

Savoy's crisp British accent and graceful, elegant charm have made him one of Hollywoods favorite leading men. Contracted to Power Film Studios, he began his acting career with a series of minor roles. He became well-known for his portrayal of "Arnold" in the classic, The Scarlet Pimp, Arnold (co-starring Tatyana Eltale), but achieved true stardom playing the butler in the movie version of Dame Alison Bigh's thriller, The Butler, Diddit, starring opposite Mallisa Ann Greede. Savoy is a hunter and a superb rifle marksman, as well as an excellent golfer.
Costume Suggestion: Tuxedo or tails, golf clubs.

As one of Hollywood's preeminent directors, Seldon has a remarkable string of cinematic successes to his credit and is so much in demand that he commands fabulous fees and can pick and choose his films. He is so influential that actors and actresses vie for the opportunity to work with him. His award-winning film, Daze of Wynan Rosas, established Ivonde B. Ahlone as a star. He also directed movies which made Mallisa Ann Greede famous: Tequila Mockingbird and The Butler, Diddit.
Costume Suggestion: Tuxedo or tails, director's megaphone.

Young and strong, film actor "Stu" embodies "tall, dark and handsome." He began his career in Hollywood as a stuntman, but his looks and manliness quickly earned him feature roles in several Power Film Studios' westerns, including The Dark Side of the Horse and Treasure of C. Arram Audrey. In his first starring role, Muphin immortalized the character of the alcoholic bird watcher, "Rudolph," co-starring with Mallisa Ann Greede in Tequila Mockingbird. The film gave a tremendous boost to his career.
Costume Suggestion: Tuxedo or tails, cowboy hat, cowboy boots.

Formerly a very successful actress, Tatyana recently retired to become a gossip columnist, something she has always wanted to do. As the columnist for the Los Angeles Morning Express, Tatyana is syndicated nationally and has recently been offered her own radio show. All of Hollywood mourned her decision to give up acting, particularly after her award-winning portrayal of the tragic silent film star, Sola Sivius, in the blockbuster film, Goddess. But Tatyana said at the time, "I"m a gossip first and an actress second. You can't ignore your calling."
Costume Suggestion: Glamorous evening gown; little, discrete notebook and pen.

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Average Rating: 4.8 in 2 reviews

by Gayle
Great fun!
January 02, 2010

I bought this game, "Powar and Greede" 21 years ago. I served a 1936 style dinner and we all dressed in costume. Had a glorious time and would recommend this game to anyone who likes to entertain with something different. I've been to two other dinner parties that played your How to Host a Murder games,in costumes as well. Now it's 2010 and I would like to do this again but am missing 1 of the sealed clues for Ivonde, round 2 and would like to know how to get a replacement. I gave this game 5 stars because it was worth an entire evening of fun.

by Tipo
February 03, 2008

SUPERB. My friends and I have started a mystery-game-a-month kind of deal, and this was our first outing. I was skeptical at first, but by round three everything began falling into place, as in, the accusations got deeper, the clues began forming pieces of the puzzle, and the players reeeeally sunk into their characters. The ending was awesome too, if not the teensiest bit.... offbeat. Really funny, with lotsa sex and blackmail. Choose "Power & Greede".

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