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How to Host a Murder: The Wall Street Scandal
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How to Host a Murder: The Wall Street Scandal

Episode 10

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Product Description

The Wolf Of Wall Street
Who lost the most money on Black Monday? This morning, all eyes focused on Bonds & Trage and its larger-than-life founder, the infamous and tyrannical Jon K. Bonds. Starting in the trading pits some 30 years ago, Bonds built his small firm into a financial services giant. A master deal-maker and confidant of New York money and power, Bonds has sometimes been unscrupulous in his determination to undermine his rivals, particularly competitor Churnham & Burnham.

Confidential sources inside the company indicate that Bonds may soon step down from his position. His age, 56, is not believed to be the primary factor. The U.S. Attorney General's office is reportedly investigating Bond's possible involvement in stock manipulation and conspiracy schemes. If Bonds does leave the company, his successor will face the difficult task of guiding both the battered firm and the wealthy Argonaut Fund through the Black Monday disaster.

Corey Pratt Bonds, Stockard Ann Bonds, Wirth Les Bonds, Portia F. Olio, Lolita X. Posure, Abercrombie Trage, Cassandra Antell, Robert Ublynd.

Corey, Jon K.'s eldest son and vice president of corporate investments at Bonds & Trage, is thought by many to be his father's successor. Educated at exclusive and prestigious schools, Corey's refined personality fits perfectly with the distinguished and traditional atmosphere of the mahogany-panelled offices at Bonds & Trage. Considered one of America's most eligible bachelors, Corey was recently featured as "Bachelor of the Month" in Metropolitan magazine. Although many glamorous women have tried to change his mind, he claims to be too busy for a serious relationship.
Costume Suggestion: Suit with vest, fob watch on a gold chain, old school tie.

Jon K.'s lovely and vivacious daughter, "Stock,'' has inherited her father's fierce independence and determined spirit. Pursuing her own career outside the family firm, she is currently working as an agent for Freud U. Lent, the hottest contemporary artist of the 1980s. Stock has a contract to distribute Lent's work through Olio's, a fashionable art gallery that skyrocketed to international fame when Freud U. Lent burst onto the world art scene a couple of years ago. A passionate art connoisseur, Stock has helped her father build his celebrated collection of old masters and contemporary art. These endeavors have left her little time for suitors, and she is unmarried.
Costume Suggestion: Elegant attire, possibly a suit.

Wirth was an infant when Jon K. Bonds adopted him and raised him as a son. Wirth has already made his mark on the world of politics, having just become New York's youngest senator. His recent election victory has been attributed to his dark good looks, casual manner and straightforward approach to major issues of the day. Wirth is viewed as a righteous defender of the common man, and he vowed to rid the state of corruption in his election platform. He has focused on white-collar crime, particularly the activities of insider traders on Wall Street. Many notable figures in the financial community are very concerned about his growing power and influence. There is already speculation that Wirth would be an outstanding candidate for president of the United States, but he is noncommittal at this point.
Costume Suggestion: Dress shirt with top button undone and tie pulled down a couple of inches, shirt sleeves rolled up.

Portia's ancestral title is Countess Portia F. Posure Marie Emm Olde Olio, but she is known as Portia (sounds like the car her chauffeur drives) to her friends and associates. Descended from Italian nobility, her stately manner complements a shrewd intelligence. Each of Portia's four marriages to elderly department store moguls has ended in tragedy. By wisely investing her inheritances through Bonds & Trage, she has managed to amass a considerable fortune. A favorite of society watchers, she regularly appears on lists of the world's best-dressed women, and she loves to fly to Paris and Milan every few weeks to shop. Art is her passion, and she owns the majority of the renowned Olio's gallery.
Costume Suggestion: Very elegant attire, as befits one of the ten best-dressed women in the world.

Portia's daughter from her first marriage, Lolita, grew up with a "silver spoon" in her mouth. She led a very dull and lonely existence until a few years ago. Shuffled from one boarding school to another, she finally arrived at Marie A. Richman's famous finishing school in Paris, where she blossomed from a shy, dull girl into a sparkling debutante. She returned to New York after graduation and developed her hobby of photography into a promising career. Her voyeuristic style won critical acclaim with her first exhibition, "Surveillance and Love," at Olio's Gallery. She is now hard at work on her next exhibition, "High on Love." Her loving godfather, Jon K., gave her shares in the Argonaut Fund.
Costume Suggestion: Classy and practical dress, French beret, a camera.

Known to everyone as "Arby," many consider him to be the silent force behind Bonds & Trage. He is a financial wizard with a razor-sharp mind and a flair for creative financing, which has guided the firm through some hard times. Arby and Jon K. started with virtually nothing and built their company into a powerhouse on Wall Street. Despite the company's public profile, Arby is an intensely private person, almost reclusive. Divorced many years ago, he spends his free time pursuing two passions: an unrivaled collection of bow ties (reputed to be New York's largest), and Italian opera. He has his own box at the Met.
Costume Suggestion: Suit with vest, bow tie.

Heiress to the Antell family fortune, she is also a high-powered social columnist for a major New York newspaper. Known as "Cassy" to her friends, her detractors use less flattering names (such as "Piranha" and "Pit Bull") once they appear in her column. Despite bitter protestations about the accuracy of her stories, none of her subjects has ever sued for libel. Only 30 years old, her far-reaching reputation belies her tender years. Cassy is known for her glittering entrances at all the right parties, and frequently those entrances have been on the arm of Jon K. Bonds. Some of her pettier detractors joke that she is so social she would attend the opening of an envelope.
Costume Suggestion: Evening gown and jewelry.

Known to friends and associates as Rob, he is a partner in the prestigious New York law firm of Biggs, Borrow, Steele & Ublynd. A long-time friend and confidant of Jon K. Bonds, he is solely responsible for handling Jon K.'s personal legal affairs. Coming from a humble beginning in entertainment law, Rob is characteristically outspoken and dresses ostentatiously, in sharp contrast to his more conservative peers. Rob is a man of vision, and he thinks big. His flamboyant personality and good sense of humor make him a sought-after companion in the entertainment world of Wall Street's elite. The prefix "mega" is an important part of his vocabulary: he frequently describes the mega-contracts he negotiates for mega-deals worth mega-bucks.
Costume Suggestion: Flamboyant, bright clothes, a tie and wire-rimmed glasses.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Decipher Games

  • Players: 8

  • Weight: 700 grams (estimated)

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