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Store:  Family Games
Theme:  Oil
Format:  Board Games

King Oil

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], usually because it's out of print.

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Milton Bradley

  • Year: 1974

  • Weight: 700 grams (estimated)

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.2 in 4 reviews

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great, lots of fun
December 05, 2003

Like other people, this was a game that we played when I was little. We found the game by accident and probably lost the game the same way. I have been looking for the game for awhile and would love to have another if possible. If anyone would like a game that is different everytime and is lots of fun, this is the game for them.

by John
It was a fun game to play until we could go out on a date
April 02, 2003

My wife of 21 years and I use to play this game all the time. We met in the 70's and we were 14 years old, she couldn't date. So we would set at her house and play king oil. her father was in the real oil buisness so I guess thats why she owned the game. But it was a fun fast paced game with out complicated rules. Now my son is looking for a copy of that game.

Fun for a 30 year old game
April 09, 2004

I just played tonight. we all had fun but we ran out of money. My dad bought this game for us when we were little. I put it in the closet for twenty five years and pulled it out to play tonight. Young and old had fun. It is like monopoly with oil. I will play again soon.

Monopoly-like mechanics, yet simpler--fun for kids
January 03, 2002

The basic game and object: purchase land, drill for oil, develop property, earn money. The higher the oil yield, the less you pay to drill. The more developed your land,the money fees you earn from opponents.

Earn royalties on oil rigs according to what is stated on the card you draw on each turn. Earn the big bucks by developing pipelines from your land across an opponent's land (the opponent pays you additional royalties on each turn, and the more pipelines, the more money you get).

Pure luck determines whether you strike oil or drill a dry hole. Cards not only set royalty amounts each turn, but inform you whether you may drill for oil on your existing land and whether you may purchase additional land. Some cards contain the occasional penalty requiring you to pay the bank or cap a producing well.

Strategy is required to manage your land purchasing, drilling, and pipeline development, so as to stay solvent and eventually win the game, either by bankrupting everyone else, or ending up with the most money once all possible drilling is completed.

The Game board is one of the more unique and enjoyable aspects of the game. Consisting of three discs under the playing surface that you can 'shuffle,' these discs at the beginning of each new game to determine where the 'gushers' and the dry holes will be on the board, but you can't see this on the surface. Hence, the luck factor in drilling.

The game is a good one for kids ready to move up to more advanced fare than 'Life' or 'Sorry,' and adults can enjoy it too, although most will pine for a bit more complexity. House rules can easily provide added complexity, and the game's basic nature lends itself to such modification easily.

This game is no longer in print, although a game that is similar (but by no means identical) is currently in print as 'The Oilman Game.' by Northern Games (a Canadian company)

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