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NFL Strategy

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Play Time Players
90 minutes 2

Manufacturer(s): Tudor Games

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Tudor Games

  • Year: 1981

  • Players: 2

  • Time: 90 minutes

  • Weight: 1,350 grams

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 5 in 10 reviews

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Football for all Seasons
September 08, 2011

This is a great game - especially for its time. I still have my copy, but haven't played it in several decades (G-d that makes me feel old!!!).

My black/white 'bead' has a split on one side so it was always interesting when it stopped between two results. I think this would be a super game today if reprinted and updated so that the base game would have the standard sets of offensive and defensive plays, and each NFL team would either permit the additions/replacement of select plays based upon that teams strong points or quirks. These could be add-on packs (NFC East,...etc.).

Early childhood memory! I'd love to join the online league!!!
March 28, 2010
In the early 70s my older brother had this game - his only "real" competition was our dad (who once told me that Lee's many year winning streak that included zero losses against untold wins was helped by the fact that my dad would let Lee win)...Since I had absolutely no concept of how football was played whenever Lee talked me into playing him I would randomly pick my plays from the stack of cards and let him handle all the details of score keeping such Years later I became a big fan of the game but would regularly lose to my younger brother which was frustrating... Sometime after that I found out that my pastor (Scott Carson) was a fan of the game too, and I enjoyed playing him from time to time even though he almost always beat me... Yes, this game is a classic that predates today's fast paced video games but still stands up as good entertainment - Because this is easily my favorite board game of all time I'm giving it 5 stars...
by keithnc67
Easily one of my favorite games of all time
March 27, 2010

My older brother had this game years before I understood the concept of the game of football and would sometimes talk me into playing and I would randomly choose cards from my stack and he would keep track of all the scoring and game board manipulation - he was 4 years older than me and was bothered that I couldn't use strategy to play against him but I really didn't understand how football worked! Years later I became a huge fan of the game - My pastor (Scott Carson) had the game and I enjoyed many contests with him. NFL FS ranks probably #1 as my favorite all time board game and I'd love to be in the online league...

Online NFL Strategy League
February 05, 2010

We played this game as teenagers and had a couple of leagues back then. We loved it! Since then, I've designed a computer version of NFL Strategy and will be starting an Online League in a few weeks. My version plays alot like the original (great) board game, only with more tracking of tendencies. I'm not sure how to go about contacting anyone who would like to join, but if anyone is interested in playing in our upcoming 8 game season, perhaps you could post something here on this review site.

great game, better memories
January 13, 2010

I remember playing Strategy with my cousin Peter D. We both had games (I believe they were the '70 version) and would play them whenever we got together, which was often back then. very challenging and realistic. I lost my copy in a move, and Peter has since moved to Florida. I would love to get one and play a few games with my son.

If there is a better strategy game for the NFL, let me know!
February 02, 2004

I discovered NFL strategy in the mid 70s. My brother (and arch rival) would have games so intense we would take turns bringing the Excedrin bottle for our pre-game activities. We got around the 'manipulating' of the little ball by executing the pull before placing the cards in the slot. This way we would determine the 'where' of the ball before hand. I am a football strategy nut. This game has 98% of an NFL playbook. The play selection is awesome for the offense. I wish the defenses had more blitzes like a corner.

Now that I live in Nashville, I have no other players to challenge. I only wish they would have made a computer version that I could challenge the computer.

If there is a better game for 'strategy' will someone please let me know.

by Eric C
My all-time favorite football game!
February 06, 2003

My brother and I received the '76 version as a Christmas gift, and this was one of the most captivating and long-lived games we ever owned. We had hundreds of fantastic games, and later I took the game with me to the University, where I was the envy of all football fanatics on my floor of my dorm.

I absolutely loved the fact that this game somehow was an incredibly accurate portrayal of the real game. At the end of each game, our stats were very realistic.

Although a series of knee problems ended any hopes I had for a 'real' football career while still a mere youngster, I went on in later life to found the local youth football association in my hometown, and I had the pleasure of coaching teams for 4 years. I believe this game is so great that it influenced my life in this direction.

by Russ
The best strategy game ever.
November 13, 2002

We played our season games weekly, but it also gave us an excuse to get togeather and fight it out over rules once a month, and then play poker or something all night.This game should be brought back, a season game could leave you drained from concentration. Even though play time for a single game took an hour and a half, you really had to be focused or be out played.

by Brian
NFL Strategy ...The best football game ever!
September 08, 2002

The new improved version of this game from the late 80's stands out in my mind as the best football board game ever. Instead of a bead to flick to determine the outcome of a play you had dice to throw. It made alot of arguments go away as far as where that little bead ended

Alot of my friends also owned this game and we formed a league and played for 7 years, keeping track of all kinds of statistics. We even developed the special teams greatly by adding in our own outcomes and we used a 20 sided dice to keep the game fresh and exciting. I still love this game even though we live in an era of very cool football video games and so on. No one game was ever the same and it was all about being a good play caller. Many of my friends used to joke that we could call a better game than many coordinators in the Wish they would bring this classic game back!!

by JJ
A Classic!
October 02, 2001

Before the advent of Nintendo and Computer Games, there was NFL Strategy. It was YOUR play-calling skills against your opponent's. Although some would argue that it was possible to manipulate the bead to stop at areas of the best results, you also had the opportunity to do so, so you had better make the most of it. Sturdy game board and cards that did not wear out, even after two years of DAILY use. Even more fun when you kept your own statistics. Ranks up there with [page scan/se=0988/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Statis Pro Baseball and [page scan/se=0100/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Strat-o-matic.

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