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Product Awards:  
Games Magazine Awards
Best Family Strategy Game, 1996

Ages Play Time Players
13+ 60 minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Philip Orbanes, Tom Kremer

Manufacturer(s): Winning Moves USA

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Product Description

Priceless is a highly original, wonderfully rich game full of rare and fabulous objects waiting to be acquired through careful selection, shrewd purchases and sharp trading. It involves huge sums of money, passionate collecting, artful deception and much, much more.

You start with nine blank checks of little worth. As you acquire prized possessions, you can cash each remaining check for more and more money. The value of each possession depends entirely on how it "fits" together with others that you may already own. Chances are that the objects you'll want most are desired by your opponents as well, so the competition can be fierce.

So what you buy, when you buy it, and how you convince your rivals to let you buy it, are what make Priceless so unique.

Product Awards

Games Magazine Awards
Best Family Strategy Game, 1996

Product Information

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.3 in 6 reviews

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Best strategy game ever!
November 11, 2003

This game is one of a kind. If you're cutthroat in Monopoly this game is right up your alley. My husband hates board games, but can't get enough of it!! 2-4 players keeps you limited, but it is possible to play with teams. Hours upon hours of fun, and when the game is over you'll want to play again.

A Fascinating and Challenging Delight
June 16, 2000

My friends and I love Priceless. I have to disagree with the first reviewer. We find it a lot of fun, and very challenging. Maybe it would be transparent to a math whiz, but to us it has a really mindbending money dynamic. You get eight blank checks, and their worth depends on the size of your collection. Every time you spend one, the value of the remaining checks increases. So you have to grow your collection while making sure, all the time, that you don't run out of checks! The thing we like about it is that we are always surprised at the outcome, and none of us has been able to come up with a foolproof strategy. Plus, there's a fun element of psychology; sometimes the game has been won or lost during the auctions, because you can lure someone into overspending by getting in a bidding war with them. I highly reccommend this game to people who like challenging and competitive games.

Very good, components could be better
February 22, 1999

I picked this game up on a whim and have been fascinated with it ever since. The rest of my gaming crowd don't care for it much but I love it.

The components are well-made (except for the blank checks which really should have been larger.) The game is most fun with 3 or 4 players. The object is to end the game with the most money. Your starting funds are small but careful acquisition of collectibles will increase the value of your blank checks. The game gets particularly lively when two or more players all need the same object for their collections ...

Pirceless great game
December 22, 2010

I bought this game for my granddaughters and played it with my oldest granddaughter first and had a ball, then when my younger granddaughter was old enough I played with her it got given away accidentally and I am so upset. I want a new game!!! I would love it if you could find it because the game PRICELESS is priceless. Many hours of fun and laughter.

Priceless isn't...
June 28, 2001

Several years ago, Winning Moves came on the scene as a small but innovative game company. The principal players were all well-established in the gaming field, and their crop of games were fairly well-received.

Sadly, the American game market ignores small publishers, and it was only by changing their direction and taking on the role of publisher of 'classic' games, such as Rook, [page scan/se=0122/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Pit, and [page scan/se=0904/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Canasta in 'deluxe' editions. The older, more interesting games fell by the wayside.

Priceless is one of the older crop, but is not among the best. While the components are pretty good, and there is a certain elegant feel to it, there is something lacking in it, too. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but it just does not really capture the mind or heart, as a good game should.

I have also read several articles at various game websites that have stated that the game is inherently broken. I have not played it enough to discover the truth to this, but I do think it is a distinct possibility.

Perhaps the best Winning Moves game was the little-known title of Raj. Costing only a fraction of what Priceless did, it was a much more elegant and deeper game. Raj is long out of print, but probably still available under the name [page scan/se=0629/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Hols der Geier.

One rather undecided thumb up for Priceless.

Big Disappointment - Should Have Been Play Tested Better
September 06, 1999

I love the old game of Cartel. (Not the silly Dallas rip-off of a few years ago) But my old Gamut of games version is getting on in years and I heard that Winning Moves was comming out with a simular game. Well, there is a lot of bugs in this one! You need a frame to bid, so on the last round if you are the only one with a frame, the world is your oyster at that auction. Games Magazine marveled at how simple and clear the rules were. Believe me, questions arise on fine points throughout this game with no clear answers. The basic play of the game seemed very good, but we had to make house rules up to fill in the gaps. How could such experts at Winning Moves have let this get away without ironing out the wrinkles? Believe me, I wanted to like this game, it has the auction and business genre of Cartel and [page scan/se=0042/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Modern Art. Unfortunately, they put the cake out half-baked.

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