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Store:  Strategy Games
Edition:  RoboRally
Series:  RoboRally
Genre:  Maze, Racing
Format:  Board Games


1st edition

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 60 minutes 2-8

Designer(s): Richard Garfield

Publisher(s): Wizards of the Coast

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Product Description

On a distant planet that serves as the Empire's grid-widget factory, the various control computers went about their daily routine. These sophisticated computers were fully equipped with standard intelligence modules to handle any situation which might come up at the factory. Unfortunately, it was this intelligence that made it difficult to bear the months of routine maintenance which bored the computers to electronic tears. For years they had combated boredom by diversions, such as chess. But after several bagillion draws during the last tournament, the computers concluded they were too evenly matched.

Then it happened...

An archaic janitor robot's radio contact died. Using its rudimentary programming, the robot accidentally wandered into a grid manufacturing center. There it was spun by conveyor belts and fried by industrial lasers, and (as its last circuits blew trying to avoid a bottomless heating shaft) the robot got crushed into a molecular wafer by a widget compressor.

The computers were amused.

Twelve microseconds later, they held the first "robo-rally," a race across a deadly, ever-changing factory floor between eager robots with intelligence rivaling that of the average door knob.

As one of the main planetary control computers, you oversee the operation of numerous small robots. You issue them commands, but you must keep issuing them commands as they have very short memories.

But now it's party time! You and your fellow control computers have decided to race these robots across some of the factory floors. But it wouldn't be fun if you could program these robots exactly according to plan, would it?

The rally relies on both luck and skill as you draw from a deck of program cards to move and turn the robots. You start each turn with nine program cards for each robot you control, but you only need to use five of them. The five you choose and the order in which you program will decide the fate of your robot as it races towards the next flag in the rally.

But beware: obstacles and other robots have a nasty way of interfering with even the best program. Some of the obstacles on the factory floor are definitely harmful, such as pits and laser beams, but some can be quite useful, such as conveyor belts which can move robots further along course... or further off course!

Product Information

RoboRally has the following expansions available:

RoboRally: Crash and Burn English language edition Out of Stock

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.1 in 31 reviews

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Watch out for the… whoops!
July 31, 2010

This “puzzle” type game is for the light-hearted only. If you’re easily upset by an unforeseen force ruining your entire strategy and thus making you lose the game, you won’t like Robo Rally.

However, if you can deal with a healthy dose of strategy, the occasional vindictive players and out-of-your-control luck then buy Robo Rally. Bonus: You get to be a robot and shoot lasers at your fellow players. Who doesn’t like that?

Mechanics: All robots start at one end of the board and are tasked with capturing the flag. You are dealt a series of command cards to control which direction the robot will move. On the board there are moving conveyer belts and pitfalls (which you’ll want to avoid!) While you control your own robot, you cannot control what your opponents are doing. As you race toward the flag, you can be bumped and laser- blasted by your opponents. Occasionally you’ll get knocked out of alignment so far that you’ll get pushed into one of those dreaded pitfalls!

The more players (2-8) the more chaotic (and fun) the game becomes. I suggest ditching the timer for the first several rounds of play so newbies can get into the swing of things.

Pro’s: It’s a different game every time. The equipment for your robot is fun and keep the game fresh (and usually unbalanced). Keep the atmosphere light and everyone will have fun. Amusing concept. Writers were creative with descriptions of the robots.

Con’s: We’ve never had the patience for the medium or long length games. Even the simplistic maps can take 1-2 hours with a full house. Also, a slight misunderstanding of the rules can ruin the game for a newbie—Make sure everyone understands how the room actions affect the robots.

The price tag is high, but that’s because there’s a lot included in the box. You’ll get a lot of entertainment from the game.

Note: If you are getting bored with the short-length boards, or finding the players never land on the equipment, just randomly re-arrange the flag positions! It’s a whole new robot game! ~Lou Rocco Centrella

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
February 27, 2008

I learned this game through a member of my old gaming group. I never knew this game was a re-release, but I absolutely love this game. It's a beer and pretzel game, but very fun, and unlike a lot of other games, the more you add, the more hilarious and entertaining the game becomes. the bumping, pushing, shooting and cursing get great with all the players you can fit in the game. A great way to sit back and get an easy laugh with friends. A must buy for any gamer!

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
RoboRally: A Quick Review
May 23, 2006


The new Avalon Hill has recently re-released a range of classic games with improved rules and components. Roborally was one of the first games to receive this treatment, and the new version has turned out brilliantly.

Roborally is a game designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of the original Magic the Gathering. It is a game about programming your robot then watching the chaos unfold, and what chaos! This is a very easy game to teach, learn and play, and is always great fun. At the beginning of a turn you will be dealt a hand of cards, using these cards you must program your robot’s movement for the turn, taking into account such board features as conveyer belts, lasers and bottomless pits. The object is to race your robot around and be the first to have ‘touched’ all the flags (which will vary in location and number depending on the map you use).

One of the best ways to play this game is by using a time limit everyone must abide by – ie: during the programming phase everyone must have their robots programmed in X amount of time. Using this optional rule means that every player will be under pressure to get their move programmed quickly, and this will increase the tension – and fun – of the game considerably.

Roborally is a great game to watch as well as play, watching what happens after a robot turns left when the player thought it would turn right is hilarious – if you aren’t that player. Bumping and shoving are big parts of the game as well, having your robot shoved one square out of the way will mean that the entire programmed movement is out – who knows where the little thing will end up!

Roborally comes with all the components you need to play, four double sided maps, flags, robots, damage markers (lots of them), life tokens (lots of them too), program cards, option cards, and a colourful rule book and course book – which has a heap of suggested maps.

One of the best things about Roborally is that the game is so easy to modify, if you want to make your own variation of a rule you can easily, there are also a ton of users who do the same – and their fun, and funny, suggestions can be found on the Avalon Hill website or other gaming related sites like Board Game Geek. Roborally is a brilliant game to play with between four to eight friends while you are having a couple of drinks, it is engaging (without being too tactical), and great fun.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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