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Store:  Family Games
Theme:  Science Fiction
Format:  Board Games


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Ages Players
8+ 2-6

Manufacturer(s): Golden

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Product Description

Fasten your seatbelt as you begin a fantastic journey through the solar system. Your mission is to acquire property, charge rent, and build monopolies within individual planetary systems. Wisdom, strategy, and good old-fashioned luck will all play a role in the success or failure of your mission. Fuel, your most precious commodity will be constantly monitored and the unprepared traveler may find himself stranded in space without enough fuel to continue the voyage. The player who best utilizes his fuel supply, strategically advances among the stars, and builds the greatest financial empire will win the game. This entertaining game offers multiple levels of play for both space pioneers and experienced veterans. Advanced play version includes laser battles and stregic pointers. As a special bonus, Solarquest offers educational facts about each planetary system.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Golden

  • Year: 1986

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Weight: 1,180 grams

  • Customer Favorites Rank: #91

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.7 in 7 reviews

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If Captain Kirk played Monopoly...
November 22, 2003

...he would be playing Solarquest. I bought this game twice, once @1986, and again @1995 in a special 'Apollo 13' edition, when the movie came out. If the subject of Monopoly ever came up, (usually someone bragging about how good they are at it), I seized that opportunity to introduce them to this superior game. I have never played this game with anyone who didn't love it. If I was lucky enough to get 4, 5 or 6 players (always including at least one Solarquest virgin), we would play the game for an hour or so (giving each player to get around the solar system once or twice), and then introduce the laser battle rules. What started as a simple 'space-age Monopoly' game suddenly becomes an all-out space-pirate war. I loved watching the shrewdest of Monopoly gamers buy expensive fuel, just to get one more laser blast in order to knock an opponent out of the game and claim all their property, and then later be stranded on a moon without enough fuel to even continue the game, even while they were winning. When I recently saw the Star Wars edition of Monopoly, I thought they should have patterned the game after Solarquest instead. I gave up the 86 version to an ex-girlfriend who loved the game, but I still have the 95 version with some added rules. However, I have lost those rules. I'm sure I remember them accurately enough to play a fair game, but I know people think I'm making the rules up as I go. Thats why I threw Solarquest in my browser. If anyone can help me, I'd sure appreciate it. Thank you Funagain, for allowing me to share my love of this hidden classic board-game.

Best Poly style game ever
June 20, 2003

I used to play this game when I was little all the time, until It was lost/destroyed in a move. My brother found a near virgin copy at a garage sale and now I try to play it every time I visit him.

I really wish they would re release it, maybe in a gold version with better ships and fuel stations.

by Andy
This Game Rocks!
February 02, 2003

This is the best game ever. I need to get my hands on a copy. I used to play it for hours on end. Now my game is falling apart. This needs to be re-released! I highly recomend that every astronomy enthusiast play this game. I learned all the major moons of every planet in our solar system without even thinking twice.

The best game ever
July 24, 2002

I used to play Solar quest with some friends, we loved it we would play the whole day. As soon as we finished one game we would start another, it gave us many days if not weeks of entertainment. But we have grown up and apart and dont see each other any more. So i want to find my own copy, but it is out of print and i dont know if the makers 'Golden' still exsist, so it is proving very hard. But if anyone knows of one or anything about the manufacture please let my know so i can bug them into re-releasing it in the UK. If anyone ever sees one they sould buy it as they will not be disapointed.

by J Lion
This game needs to be rerelaesed!
December 26, 2001

I bought this game about 15 years ago. I played it constantly with some good friends. When I went of to college, my mom sold it in a yard sale when they moved to Florida. I haven't found another copy since. I plan to try to Contact the Manufacturer. This game is a great way to learn not only the planets in our solar system, but the moons of each planet. You also learn to budget your resources.

totally fun!
September 29, 2001

I love solarquest! My boyfriend and I started playing with a college friend of ours about 3 years ago and we still get together once a month or so to play. We spend a whole day playing. (The general time 'they' say is 60 minutes, but we have been known to play the same game for over 8 hours.) I also find that my students (junior high) love to play it and it's educational. We played it for 2 days during my astronomy unit. The info is up to date and it makes learning fun. I highly recommend this game for people who want more of a challenge than Monopoly. The key is to get all of the space docks and research labs. I've won with just those in my possession. GET IT! Ours is worn out and I need a new one. I'm still searching...

Monopoly in Space, and then some
June 09, 2003

Solarquest is a great family game that can also be lite fun for more serious gamers. Players move around the Solar System, planet orbit by planet orbit, buying up moons and space stations, an optional rule for laser battles, and an advanced (strategic) game.

What makes this game more challenging than classic Monopoly is the fuel consumption. If a player doesn't mind his/her fuel levels, he/she may find it impossible to blast out of a planet's orbit --- and out of the game. Players may erect fuel stations on their moons and planets, and sell fuel to opposing rockets that land there. But fuel can be very expensive if the owner of the station possesses many moons around that planet. (Imagine Monopoly with gas stations.)

Unfortunately, this game hasn't been in print for some time, but I hope a publisher will bring it back to life. Compared to European strategy games today, Solarquest doesn't seem very deep. But the concept is clever, and the components are both functional and educational. It's certainly more fun that Monopoly. Astronomy fans and families are certain to have fun with it (give it 4-stars for them); more serious gamers may enjoy it as lite fun.

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