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Ultimate Stratego
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Store:  Family Games
Series:  Stratego
Genre:  Bluffing / Outguessing
Format:  Board Games

Ultimate Stratego

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 20-45 minutes 2-4

Manufacturer(s): Winning Moves USA

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Product Description

3 Great New Ways to Play!

For the first time, four players can play STRATEGO! Players form allied teams. The objective: move your flag adjacent to your ally's flag on the battlefield. "Unite" them and you win! You'll confer in secret with your ally before play begins, then attempt to execute your strategy on the field of battle.

You control Generals and Marshals, Spies, Cavalry, Cannons and Soldiers. Only you know the identity of your pieces before the battle begins. As the armies clash, pieces are revealed and only the strongest survives! The suspense builds as you charge through the opponents' armies and escort your vulnerable flag towards your ally. Unite your flags (or capture both opposing flags) and you win!

Flip the game board over to play the fast-paced LIGHTNING Game! Play is fast and exciting from your very first move. Capture your opponent's flag to win.

Experienced players can take command in the 2-player CAMPAIGN Game. Each leads 2 armies into battle! Begin with one army and bring your reserves into play as the battle unfolds. Capture both your opponent's flags to win.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Winning Moves USA

  • Year: 1997

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Time: 20 - 45 minutes

  • Ages: 10 and up

  • Weight: 1,061 grams

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 3 reviews

by Steve
Easily a 5 star, with one House Rule
January 23, 2004

Our gaming group plays a variety of strategy games (from the abstract, tile playing Tigris and Euphrates to the well-balanced Puerto Rico to 4-6 hour campaign war games such as Attack), but this simple, yet deep 4 player (2 on 2) chess-like game stands out as our favorite. Weve played about 15 games, and each time has been a blast. This game comes with a two-sided board one side has the standard two-player version (the same Stratego youve always known, except with different graphics), and the other side has the 4-player version that makes this edition of Stratego so special. The 4-player game (consisting of two teams of 2) takes the essentials of the original classic Stratego and adds a few extra dimensions. You start with 13 pieces (including your flag) and sit directly across from your teammate (your opponents are on your left and right). To win, you must capture both of your opponents flags, or meet your flag with your teammates flag somewhere on the board. You see, in the 4-player game, everything is movable including flags and cannons (which shoot pieces that are 3 unobstructed spaces away from it in any direction). Other twists: a cavalry 6 piece that can move two spaces, a stockade in which an opponents flag is held (which can also be rescued by your opponent), and the ability to rescue up to 2 (non-flag) pieces during the course of the game. So if you lose your 10, 9, or cannon, the game is by no means over. Our group enjoys the Lightning 4 player version, which lasts on average about 60-75 minutes. Other slightly longer 4 player versions allow you to place pieces from a reserve army (selected prior to starting the game) when you successfully attack another piece. The rules are short and very easy to learn which makes the game easy to pick up after a long layoff. A House Rule easily remedies the only criticism I have of the 4-player game. That is, there are three lake squares directly in front of your army that cannot be traversed. It is clear (to our gaming group anyway) that the primary purpose of these barriers is to prevent a Scout from flying across from one end of the board and capturing your flag (makes sense). The problem is that these barriers divert all pieces to the corners of the board, leaving the middle largely unused. Our House Rule solves this dilemma by allowing the lakes to be traversed by all pieces except the Scouts. With that simple change, the board opens up and the battles and placing of pieces becomes more strategic. Highly recommended!

Ultimate Lightning is the best stratego game
December 03, 2000

Ultimate Stratego is much better than classic Stratego because it has more fun, excitement and takes much shorter time to play than the classic edition does.

Love Stratego, ultimately I can't stand this version!
August 14, 2004

It you wonder why I'm giving this two stars instead of one, it's because Winning Moves has produced a board for the two playing game that is stunning. I would recommend taking pieces from the REAL game and playing them on it.

This is another example of taking a classic, putting 'Super' or 'grand' or 'Ultimate' in front of it and then destroying the game. With the flop of 'Ultimate' backgammon you would think they learned their lesson.

Some gamers feel that the regular game is too closed and stiff. The game is not fast enough. I think with a little experience Statego is an excellent game in its own right.

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