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Crack the Case
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Crack the Case

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Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Milton Bradley

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Product Description

A man lies bleeding on the pavement. Near his body are a mint, a plate and a shell.

What happened? And why? Only one player knows! The rest of the crowd are detectives who must ask questions to gather evidence. Follow a thread of logic, no matter how strange or startling. Fit all the pieces together. And crack the case!

It's great entertainment for fun-loving groups of any size! Inside are 108 baffling mysteries that will tease you, intrigue you and make you laugh. Each case is rated easy, medium or difficult. If you're stumped, ask for a clue or two. You can play for pleasure or compete for points--first to crack the case is a master detective!

So, have you solved the mystery of the man, the mint, the plate and the shell? Are you dying to find out? The answer's inside!

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Average Rating: 4.9 in 7 reviews

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by Alexis
Best Game Ever!
February 10, 2010

I played this at camp. It is the best game I've EVER Played! You have to put your brain to the test. Think like a detective. It's fun to guess what could've happened.

by Mindy
Long-time favorite game
August 18, 2008

This has long been one of my favorite games to play. It can be any group of people to play with the different levels and after a round or two, people start to catch on to the tricks. Also a very fun game for slow-time at work that you can do in between tasks.

by Katie
Way fun
June 13, 2007

I used to play this with my family when I was younger. Everyone could play at once (maybe I was 12, probably it's not suitable for a young child). Anyway, I took half of the cards when I moved out, it was fun for college and now as a young married person. I need to buy the whole thing, though... I'm actually surprised it's still being made! Regardless, it's way fun, can be played so that your whole family (or whoever) is a "team" rather than playing against each other.

Your basic '20 questions' type game
January 18, 2004

Much more fun with several people than one on one, with multiple skill levels to accomodate everyone. Players are given an incomplete piece of a mystery and must ask yes/no questions of the gamemaster (who can change with each new mystery) to spell the complete picture.

If you like logic puzzles, this is the game for you, period. Other options if you like the genre would be a series of books called 'Lateral

Thinking Puzzles' which have similar mysteries in a book format.

mind teasing excitement
November 12, 1999

I enjoyed the game because it makes you think and allows others to help solve the mystery.

Excellent game to improve your thinking skills!
May 12, 1999

I have been looking everywhere for this game, and I'm so glad to finally find it. I used to play Crack the Case during lunch with my co-workers all the time, but the person who owned it regrettably left the company. This is an awesome game to improve your thinking skills. It's especially great on driving trips, since the only pieces you need are the cards and your brain. I've even used it on hiking trips to help get us through difficult portions of the trail. Great for all ages!

100% Deductive Reasoning
February 06, 2006
My brother owned Crack the Case when we were growing up, and I really enjoyed it. The best part of the game is when you actually figure out the mystery. It's a real feeling of satisfaction. So a couple years ago I asked my brother if he would buy the game for me if he ever found it available on some website. So he sent me his copy (What a great guy!)

Crack the Case is perfect for a large group. I really liked playing it on the bus with our church youth group. The only problem is some people don't like trying to solve the mysteries, they just want to know the solution. It's very enjoyable being the MC, too. Being the only one in the know is a great feeling of power. It's one of those games where you want to create teams of people who have varying personalities, because some people will think to ask different questions that others would not.

I would put Crack the Case in that category of games where the winner and loser really doesn't matter. The goal of the game is just to enjoy yourself, and try to use your mind to solve the mysteries. I also enjoy the range of difficulties. The easier ones aren't too easy, and often take a little bit of time. The hardest ones seem virtually impossible. The best part is when you ask the most off-the-wall question you can think of, and it leads you closer to the solution.

If you can find Crack the Case, I would recommend it for a party style game that is great on long road trips and in places where you don't have room to set up a normal game. With no board, and no pieces to assemble Crack the Case is a great game that you can simply pick up and start playing.

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