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Store:  Card Games, Strategy Games
Theme:  Adult, Smoking
Format:  Card Games


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Ages Play Time Players
18+ 25 minutes 2-6

Manufacturer(s): Euro Games

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Product Description

Grass is an exciting, fast-playing card game for 2 to 6 players. This cutthroat game pits players against each other in a race to peddle cards totalling $250k worth of marijuana. During the course of the game players get busted, fined and ripped off. Don't get caught, and you may win the game. This intoxicating card game is the only legal way to enjoy Grass!

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Euro Games

  • Year: 1979

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 25 minutes

  • Ages: 18 and up

  • Weight: 223 grams

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 21 reviews

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Not Only Humorous, But A Blast To Play.
July 02, 2010

I bought this game on a whim, and am very glad I did. What seemed to be extremely complicated at first quickly turned into an amazingly easy game to play. As noted in other reviews, the game is extremely similar to Mille Bornes, but with a much better twist. With cards such as "Utterly Wiped Out" and "Steal Your Neighbors Pot" there will definitely be some trash talking going on. This game comes with 2 different sets of instructions going from introducing you to the game, to playing the official rules. For example: The first round that you play, you will take out certain cards so you learn just the basics of how to "run your market." After that hand you will add some of the cards back in that will allow some more rules to the game, as well as the third and fourth hand. After that you are ready to graduate to the official "Grass" rules. Highly HIGHLY (no pun intended) recommended that if you have never played, play the game in that order. It gives you a chance to get used to the cards and the actions they perform. If you try to start with the official rules it will only "seem" to complicated. This game will never get old with me and my friends. I would suggest it to people who like to play Skip-Bo, or Spades. There is a bit of luck, but there is also a very good strategy to be had as well. Not to be overlooked because it deals with "pot." You forget by the third hand that you are even peddling marijuana. DO NOT PASS THIS GAME BY, even if you hate it, it's not like you "wasted" (sorry, just had to) a lot of your money, you just got homegrown instead of Dr. Feelgood. (buy it and that will make complete sense)

by John M.
An excellent camping game!!!!
December 27, 2006

This is an awesome card game based on Milles-Bornes. Instead of racking up miles you rack up pot sales. Reach 250K or more and hold it for 1 turn you win!!!! You can even up the stakes by agreeing to higher goals like 500K or even 1 million (over several hands etc.). Easy to learn, easy to play, super easy to put up after a game session and totally portable. Anyone can play this game and I do mean ANYONE! Even if they're stoned, they'll catch on quickly to this game.

Worth every penny of the cost, and even worth getting overnight delivery too!!!! Yeah, it's that good. Great travel game too, easy to teach to others, packs well in a purse, backpack, glove box, cargo pants pocket, whatever it's no larger than 2 packs of regular cards! Great for day trips and hiking, or long camping trips too. No game pieces to loose. Comes in a convenient resealable "sack" made of hemp! SO!!!! Go ahead buy yourself a "sack" of grass today, you'll be glad you did, at least this grass legal....currently.

One of a Kind
June 08, 2005
I use to play this game back in the early 80's and we loved it. We worn the cards out and was unable to find the game anywhere again. I was talking to my kids that are 17 and 20 about it and my son said "Well look it up online, Mom." And well we found it here and we are looking forward to playing the game once again. I would tell anyone that likes to play card games to get this one. Its one of a kind and very fun.
One of the best non-traditional deck card games ever.
February 03, 2004

This is one of the most fun non-traditional card games Ive ever played. There are a lot of rules, but they are fairly easy to learn. You should keep the instructions handy for reference, however. We learned it straight from the included materials, and my friends and I played this for almost 8 straight hours the first night. Since then we play it all the time.

In an age of video games, DVD's, computers, and every other distraction you can think of, this game stands out as simple FUN entertainment.

by Aahs
Kick-butt game, even if you don't have any!
November 05, 2003

I've been playing this game since the late 70's and it's still as fun now as it was then. I usually keep 4 - 5 copies around the house to give as birthday presents, at christmas, whatever. I have never shown the game to anyone that didn't love it after playing one hand. Highly recommended - where else can you have that much fun with $10?

the best card game for anybody
September 12, 2003

i've been playing this game since the early 80's and have turned numeris people on to the game. my parents intudeced the game to me back in the 80's. the stategy of the game is comperable to chess. the big difference is anybody can figure it out. no matter if your stoned or sober.

Not just for stoners.
September 04, 2003

This game rocks!

The potential strategy is amazing and seems limitless. New players find it easy to learn and very intuitive.

Each of the individual cards are easy to understand and remember. Also, they have nice artwork.

Negotiating during the game helps players to build up or destroy alliances with fellow players.

I haven't yet found anyone who hasn't enjoyed playing this game. It's addictive immediately.

Only gripe, the burlap sack holder doesn't protect the cards very well. A box would have been better.

Perfect blend of strategy and pace.
August 02, 2003

Some games make you go around the world to get variety.

Some games get boring very quickly.

Grass has the bang for the buck.

Gameplay is similar to Mille Bornes, but takes it to a different level, and really scores in the cutthroat department. I picked up on Grass in the early '80s, and still have that original set. Over the years, I've converted several friends to the cause -- and rarely do I find oone that is disappointed with the play.

July 20, 2003

I LOVE GRASS!!!! I'm a total addict! I can't get enough of it. I've taught all my friends how to play and we totally compete against each other. We've even made up extra rules to make it harder and more fun. This game absolutely ROCKS and everyone should learn how to play it.

by Sam M
I love it!
June 23, 2003

I was just introduced to the game by a friend whose played for many years, and I feel cheated not haveing played it before, I can imagine how many hours of fun I missed out on not knowing about this game I wish I would have found it sooner, I HIGHLY recommend this game.

by Steve H
Can't get enough 'Grass'!
June 22, 2003

I have been playing Grass for 16 years,now my wife and all our friends play today.We love the 'in your face' competition. Easy to learn,and quickly addictive gameplay,Grass is easily the greatest game for the price.We are ready for a new deck.The other is just about worn out!We play at least 3 nights a week,and cant get enough!

by Sarah
What a Lame game!
June 11, 2003 something I would never expect to hear from any good stoner who actually understood how to play this game.I've been a die-hard GRASS player for 5 years, now;and talk all of my friends into playing from time to time. The only ones who didn't like it were the ones that were too ditzy (or high) to grasp the concept of the game and what all the cards did. If you spend most of your time just 'hangin' out' or 'chillin'', you should definately get this game.

Excellent game of dealing weed!
April 18, 2003

This game is awesome! The goal of the game is to get the biggest stash of marijuana that you can without getting screwed by your friends. Very fun game to play and it doesn't take too long to learn the rules. Good for a night worth of laughs and revenge!

excellent dude!
November 30, 2002

I bought this game almost 14 years ago. The cards

were ruined due to the party on the table while we

played. So glad to see it is available again. If the idea of buying this game causes you to stop & think if you want it.....YOU DO!!!!

***************EXCELLENT GAME****************

by April
It only took 1 round - I wanted to play again and again and...
November 04, 2003

I played Grass last nite for the first time and I had to find it and buy it!!!!!!! The girls I played with were totaly deceiving, I lerned to bribe people with money cards to get the police off my back, then instead of giving them money, slip them a disorientated card. This is a game where cheating is OK! The tables can turn at any minute, it's really anyones game. We read the directions and it sounded kinda confusing, but once you learn to think like a drug makes perfect sence. I stole the 2nd hand!!!

bad instructions ... good game
October 22, 2003

The game itslef is a lot of fun. But, the instructions are horrible. It comes with two intstruction sheets and some of the rule that are on one sheet aren't even on the other. It took a little while to decipher the instruction sheets. But, once you get past that the game is great.

An interesting Variant on Mille Bornes
July 09, 2001

I happen to be a fan of [page scan/se=0174/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Mille Bornes. If you are not, take a star or two off this review. This game is a lot of fun, it resembles Mille Bournes, but has enough differences to make it interesting. I highly recommend picking it up, and it can't be beat for the price.

by Rich
Decent stategy but it gets old.
January 15, 2004

The rules were fairly easy to learn but since the cards themselves have no instructions at all, we had to keep going back and figuring out what card did what. The game itself is not bad and personally I like game with a screw the other players factor. But after the laughs about the theme of the game are over, the game begins to mellow out. Strategies become repetative. As for a one or two time use game I would recomend it. But for the long run it will probably end up on a shelf.

Relatively simple and kinda fun.
October 23, 2001

Don't let the rules fool you, this game is actually very easy to play. I like the way the game plays, and the pictures are very bright and cartoony. I wish it had a bit more humor incorporated into the cards. It's not a good game to play with a small number of people. You probably want at least four to make it fun.

Mille Bornes on steroids... or some other drug
April 27, 2001

'Grass' was designed by a policeman, if memory serves me. Pretty ironic, considering the game is about buying and selling marijuana.... While I don't like the subject matter of the game, I do find it an interesting little relic of a more innocent time and a pretty good little game, to boot.

Grass is definitely descended from the classic Mille Bornes. Players try to 'score' a certain amount of pot whiling making life as miserable as possible for the other players. What differentiates it from its predecessor is the variety of specials involved. There are a number of ways to steal from an opponent, as well as forcing the discard of choice cards. Play, therefore, is much more chtthroat than in the French racing game.

Luck plays a large factor in the game, but if you like the original game, you will probably find even more to like about this offshoot. The artwork is funky and it comes packaged in a small burlap bag, a la the game's namesake herb.

Recommended, with reservations.

by David
Don't tell my mom I play this
March 30, 2000

This is a variation on the Mille Bornes type game, only much better. As a game this one holds more interest--is more fun and strategic. It does have a theme that may offend--getting the perfect high--but do not let that stop you from trying it. Recommended.

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