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Designer(s): Christine Barsky

Manufacturer(s): B&B Productions

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Product Information

  • Designer(s): Christine Barsky

  • Manufacturer(s): B&B Productions

  • Year: 1991

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Weight: 700 grams (estimated)

  • Language Requirements: An English translation of the rules is provided.

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 5 in 1 review

by Jeff
Bring out your dead! *BONG* This game is a winner!
July 03, 2000

This game is called Plague!, by B&B Productions and is an import from England. The game components are high quality, even down to the very solid gamebox.

The game takes place in an English coastal town, set in the exact time that the black plague was introduced to England. Each turn you roll two dice, one of the dice will allow you to move your 'Wagon' and the other die will allow you to move the vermin about the board. The goal of the game is to be the first player to bury 99 plague victims. You must move your wagon from house to house to collect the bodies. Any time a house is entered, it may not be re-entered again throughout the rest of the game by any other player including yourself. Each wagon load holds a maximum of 12 bodies, so you must try to get your bodies to one of the graveyard spaces before you either lose your wagon load or you are killed off yourself by the plague.

The vermin consist of rats, fleas, cats, and one out-of-place vacuuum cleaner named 'Mac the Vac'. The vermin are all represented by die-cut counters that are introduced at random by being drawn out of the 'rat bag' (and yes the bag actually has 'rat bag' printed on it). Up to two vermin are introduced at the start of any players turn and placed on the dock. The vermin can be moved by the different players to either help themselves or hinder their opponents. The Rats (all of the rat counters are all individually named! such as Ben, or William...) block the paths of the wagons and act as obstacles to your opponents' movements. The fleas kill opponents' wagondrivers which makes them lose their wagonload and start with a fresh wagon at the stables next turn. The cats help you by eating the rats. The vacuum cleaner is the only thing that can kill the fleas.

In addition to the vermin, there are plague cards that alter gameplay, kill you off instantly, allow you to move all vermin somewhere else, or save you from a future demise, as well as numerous other features. Most of the cards are quite funny with a dry tounge-in-cheek humor.

My only complaint about this game is with the game cards. The directions state that you draw one at the beginning of every turn which is somewhat counterproductive at times when you work hard to finally block your opponent with rats, only to have all rats on the board to be wisked away to the opposite side of the board. If you limit the card draw to one every other turn or perhaps only when you roll a certain number on the die, it works much better!

Plague! is such a unique game that will definitely get quite a few laughs from a lively night of gaming. If you can manage to find a copy of this game, do not hesitate to buy it. You will not be disappointed!

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