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Store:  Strategy Games
Series:  Alan Moon Elfen
Genre:  Auction & Bidding
Format:  Expansions, Books


German edition

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], usually because it's out of print.

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 90 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Alan R Moon

Manufacturer(s): Amigo

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English language edition (Restocking)
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Product Description

The Elfengold expansion for Elfenland restores the original flavor of Elfenroads by adding the auction element back in, and reducing the luck factor in the game. While the game can last considerably longer when played with the Elfengold expansion, it is also more strategic and provides even greater player interaction.

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Alan R Moon

  • Manufacturer(s): Amigo

  • Artist(s): Doris Matthaus

  • Year: 1999

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 90 minutes

  • Ages: 10 and up

  • Weight: 380 grams

  • Language Requirements: Game components are language-independent. An English translation of the rules is provided.

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 7 reviews

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Time to go back to Elfenland!
November 26, 2000

We had an great time playing this the other night that I almost wanted to start designing my own expansions to Elfenland! The interaction between players is much more obvious than Elfenland because of the more devastating special tiles. The auctions balance the game itself, keeping certain tiles from becoming too powerful although one can still get lucky and draw one from the stash.

I've had some interesting reactions with this game, and one warning is not to trust the box on the time for the game. The six player game takes about three hours to play. Also, I wouldn't recommend playing this with those who haven't played Elfenland.

One of my friends felt that the gold and auctions made the game feel like there were three games in one and we haven't even added the new wizard cards into the game! One friend said that he'd never play the original again and even taunted someone who bought Elfenland without the expansion and said it wasn't a real game without it...!

A Must-Have
July 14, 1999

Everyone should buy this expansion. It will make Elfenland/Elfengold one of the top ten games on almost everyone's list. Far superior to Die Siedler in terms of excitement and strategy. You'll see why the original Elfenroads was hailed as such a classic.

I would never play the original Elfenland again if I could choose. Everything is more under your strategic control. There is no limit to card hand size, you get to choose your cards at the start of each round, tiles are auctioned off with gold, and you get gold depending on the cities you visit. The game has a great atmosphere and you really feel like you're traveling. There's a real ebb and flow too: do you caravan now in order not to fall too far behind, or do you save your cards in hopes of a big push in the next round? A real struggle that is always fun and will always play differently each time.

Elfenland/Elfengold has all the marvelous flavor of Elfenroads while cutting down on the playing time of the latter.

A great game gets even better
July 06, 1999

With the addition of Elfengold, Elfenland becomes an affordable alternative to Alan Moon's legendary game release of Elfenroads. This expansion adds a bidding element to Elfenland that allows players to acquire the movement counters that will do them the most good. Players acquire gold by visiting cities along their way. The game becomes much more strategic and less luck-driven.

Another added feature is a number of non-movement tokens, such as spells and sea-monsters, again making the game a lot less kind and gentle. One variant that is included is the addition of wizard cards, which allow a player to teleport from city to city for a small expenditure of gold. I do not recommend using the wizard cards if you are playing with the original game's destination cards, as it makes it far too easy to get to one's target city.

While the additions found in Elfengold make for a longer game than the original, the added strategy and texture makes it all worthwhile. Having now played both the original and with the expansion, I doubt I will be going back to the original any time soon.

The Serious Gamer's Expansion
November 17, 2004

This expansion was intended to transform Elfenland into a similar version of it Elfenroads ancestor. The result is a serious game with lots of possibilities to weigh.

After playing Elfengold a few times, you will think that Elfenland is a simple, easy game. With six people Elfenland usually lasted 90 minutes, but with Elfengold it will be more like 3-4 hours!

If you do not like hard-core long-lasting games, then this expansion is not for you.

Elfengold glitters; but is not all gold
November 11, 1999

This much-hailed expansion comes to us from Mr. Moon in order to re-create the original Elfenroads, which had been shortened to Elfenland, which is now re-expanded to Elfenland/gold/roads...or something. The expansion of strategic ploys made available by the add-on makes a certain part of the game richer; but unfortunately does not address some of the original weaknesses of Elfenland, the most glaring being a wild luck factor which has the potential to ruin a game. If one draws cards for which there are no tiles available, the expansion's auction of the four face-up tiles gives one even less options than the previous five face-up tiles. Our very first game, first round, one person had no options open to them, and could not move to a single city--with less cards, trading was even more restricted than usual, so everyone had to either agree to discard everything, reshuffle and redeal in hopes of a better hand for her (which we did) or be heartless and not let her move an inch. That sort of situation just should not be able to occur in a really well-designed game.

On the other hand, once we got rolling there was a lot of fun, caravanning on everything everywhere, the greed for gold very quickly became the deciding factor in most decisions, and the spells added some great spice to the game. A fun time was had by all. It's just that when you play a game that's so obviously well thought-out and such a pleasure to look at (see Tikal, Krieg & Frieden and El Grande), the weaknesses in the design become that much more obvious and irritating. My overall call is, if you're not a hardcore regular gamer, buy at the risk of disenchantment. Elfengold adds to the complexity and strategy of the excellent Elfenland game, but adds alot of time and preparation work as well without fixing a fairly debilitating glitch. For you gamers out there, get the expansion. It will give you the option of making Elfenland more of what you want for a reasonable price.

Improves on the original
August 04, 1999

Elfengold removes a great deal of the luck that appears in the base game of Elfenland; your transport cards are drawn from one of three face-up piles, and the transport tiles are auctioned off to the highest bidder. This auction phase gives the game a lot more player interaction than Elfenland, though it does make the game almost twice as long.

Other than the way you get transport tiles and transport cards, the game is played in much the same way, with you collecting your city markers as you travel around the board. You also collect gold as you visit cities, which is what you use in auctions to buy your transport tiles.

For those who liked Elfenland but would have preferred a more strategic variant, Elfengold is definitely for you. It retains all of the feel of Elfenland, but without many of the base game's shortcomings.

Longer isn't always better
November 08, 1999

My game group was very excited to play the new Elfengold expansion for Elfenland, the latter being one of our favorite pastimes. We knew the game would be more strategic going into it, and though we were all enthusiastic about the idea, the execution left us a little cold and eventually bored.

I believe Elfengold can be fun under the right circumstances, but I must admit to feeling the length of time not only for the game but between players' actions slowed the game too much to make it exciting. Most of our players asked me to bring my copy of Elfenland by itself next time we play.

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