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Pit Deluxe
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Store:  Family Games, Card Games
Edition:  Pit
Theme:  Stock Market
Genre:  Set Collection, Real-time, Trading
Format:  Card Games

Pit Deluxe

with bell

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Ages Play Time Players
7+ 30 minutes 3-8

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Product Description

Shout your deal and trade your cards to "corner" the market. Be the first to get all the cards of one commodity, ring the bell, and you'll win the hand. You'll feel like a trader in the pits of the exchange! Beware of the Bear and take your chances with the Bull. Deluxe Pit is great frenzied fun.

Product Information


  • 74 Casino-Quality cards
  • silver colored bell
  • illustrated rules

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 26 reviews

by Greg
Like it so much that we can't wait for the cards to be dealt
June 15, 2004

Pit has remained a constant crowd pleaser in my family. We have gotten so into it, that waiting for the shuffling and redealing, especially with the maximum number of players, has become intolerable. So we devised a much faster way of dealing. After a couple good shuffles, the dealer literally throws the cards face down on the table. Everyone takes their nine cards, one at a time (to prevent hoarding). However, the two players to the left of the dealer need to take a 10th card.

Also, to add one more person than the game allows, we have the dealer sit out. In this case we play only as many rounds as there are players.

I would say the game favors players who don't get stuck on collecting one suit during a hand no matter how many they have or how high the suit value is, if they see another suit being often traded. Shifting suits in such a way can increase the chance of cornering the market first.

I prefer the original Gavitt's Stock Exchange!
June 13, 2004

I was in the process of updating my well worn version of PIT, when I came across Gavitt's Stock Exchange.

It seems that PIT was based on Gavitt's Stock Exchange, first released in 1903. For the same price as PIT $9.95, Gavitt's Stock Exchange came in an attractive looking tin that will last much longer then the PIT cardboard box.

Looking inside I felt like I was turning back the clock. I found a well packaged game, that included the original game box, 1903 rules, as well as updated rules, so you can choose to play in 1903 or 2003. The basics of both games are the same, you trade your cards and try to corner the market, but there are rule variations in Gavitt's Stock Exchange that make playability better, such as the point scoring.

Ideal for the whole family, it's a game I enjoy playing with the kids as much as friends. Setting up is a matter of dealing the cards and starting play.

You probably already have PIT, but I found that for game playability, presentation and price, Gavitt's Stock Exchange is my choice over PIT.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
by Rich
Great Game
January 05, 2004

This game gets requested at most of our family reunions. You can play over and over again and the game never gets old. The first time we played we started with 4 people. When everyone saw how much fun we were having (there are lots of raised voices in the game) others joined in. Soon we maxed out at eight players. Real family fun with easy rules anyone can learn.

by Alan
fun fast family game
June 07, 2003

This is a fun game to play with your family. Loads of yelling and trading. And there is not a whole bunch of strategy, but who cares, you are having so much fun you won't notice that it ...

We have had this game for since it was put out years and years ago and it is still a favorite.

Just yelling and frenetic movement ... nothing more
June 01, 2003

One of the most loathsome experiences packaged as a game, Pit is little more than an excuse to holler and shove cards in the faces of people you call your friends. And, to add to the annoying cacophony, the game usually includes a bell. If this excites you, perhaps you have some evolving to do.

There *is* strategy
January 08, 2003

I played the game once and while playing it, I picked up a bit of strategy. Its not readily obvious, but for those who say there's 'no strategy', they missed out on a few subtle points.

I'll leave it as an exercise to those who didn't find any to rethink it (if they care). And no, its not yelling louder, although, that is certainly a worthwhile tactic. :-)

Although, I do agree, its a quick fun game and lacks the complexity that many of us crave.

Can you say, 'Fun!'
December 23, 2001

If you're looking for a quick, lite game to close out a night of heavy gaming, there are few better choices.

Pit can bring out the extrovert in even the quietest of folks.

After a game of Pit, I fall asleep with the sound of shouting voices echoing in my ears, 'Two! Two! Two! No, three! Three! Okay Three!... One! One!...'

This game is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It is a truckload of fun packed into a tiny, little box! How do they do that?

I don't see a game here...
November 03, 2001

I enjoy party games, really, but this one just seems like such a pointless endeavor, minus the usual fun factor of most pointless endeavors. There's no bit of strategy or thought required--it just comes down to a race of who can trade cards the fastest. For me, that's all stress and no fun.

Who's Hoarding the Barley?
September 29, 2001

I played this at a picnic just recently with 8 people! With modified rules whereby we don't use points but count how many times people won, we kept playing this the entire day, with people in the park looking at us wondering why we're yelling numbers and laughing. I love this game! ^_^ Nnooo I'm not hoardin' anything, but people say I am. Oh well! I recommend this game to anyone wanting to release all that energy... with 8 people... and... and... wooo. ^_^ Note: we played it after everyone drank some energy drink called 'Red Bull'. O.O We really went all out with the game. But, yes, play it play it with friends!

Bring Your Ear Plugs!
August 29, 2001

Pit has got to be one of the loudest, wildest games around. When played right, it is an absolute BLAST! I don't think I have ever laughed as hard as when I have played Pit with a good group. This is one of those games that requires as many people as you can get together (up to 8). The more the merrier--and I do mean MERRY! A great party game, but remember the neighbors--better yet, invite them to join in.

The rules are really simple and the play is straightforward. The stength of this game is the people playing it. A quiet, reserved group will ruin it. But let your hair down and raise your voice and it just gets plain raucous! My (then future) wife and I used to play it with her grandparents. GEEZ, you never would have dreamed her grandmother could get so excited! I used to play it in the dorm at college, and nobody in the place could study.


Pit is a classic! It never claims to be chess. Anybody giving Pit less than 5 stars is just a party pooper!

Hard not to like this one
August 19, 2001

You can't be too critical of a game that's 97 years old. And, with this particular game, there's no reason you should be. After nearly a century in existence, Pit is still a wild, raucous free-for-all.

If you're debating whether or not to give this one a try, then it really hinges on one thing: are you a quiet person, or a loud person? You need to be loud, fast, and skilled in psychological trickery to win at Pit. And you have to have a sharp mind. Keeping track of who has what cards (as well as what cards they seem to want and what cards they seem to want to pass) is key to victory. The 'psychological trickery' aspect comes into play in such instances as when you're staring someone in the eye from across the table, and as they say, 'Two! Two!' over and over, you simply shake your head and demand, 'Three!'. By power of suggestion, you can get most people to cave in. Delightful.

I don't understand what problem the 'Gamer from Australia' has with this game. His subject heading is 'I prefer a game with tactics', and yet he doesn't elaborate on this (or even mention tactics) in his review; he just equates it to a yelling match. Which it is. But it's much, much, more.

Anyone that's played this game for years and is aware of such classic strategies as 'testing the waters' and 'downtalking' knows that Pit is chock-full of tactics. Give this one a try.

C'mon, one here, one, one.. OK, two, who's got two? :-)
August 16, 2001

What a great game this is! My family had one years ago (with an orange bell, anyone else recall?) that had bent and sometimes lost cards. It was in really pitiful condition. Then I chanced upon a new and updated version. Whoo-Whoo! Let the fun begin again!

The object is to corner the market in one commodity. To do this you have to trade cards with the other players, like cards in groups of one, two, three, or four. Collect all the cards of one commodity, be the first to strike the bell closing the market, and win that round! There are two wild cards, the bear and the bull, which could help or harm you. The first player to reach 500 points wins the game. This could conceivably take quite a while, especially with a large group of people. And the more people playing, the more fun and unpredictable the outcome is!

You definitly can not be shy playing this game. The last time I played was with a group of 9 people in a small area. The sounds bounced between the walls and it was sometimes difficult to tell who had what to trade. For some of us, it was their first time playing. They quickly overcame their confusion and jumped in... and started winning. The rules are easy to learn, and the game is playable even by younger kids. You may want to vary the winning point score as well, depending on the number of players you have.

An interesting variation is to have 'silent trading'. You use your fingers to indicate the number of cards you want to trade. It adds an interesting level of complexity to the game.

I have a copy, my friends have their copies, my family has their copies. This is one game that I do not want to be without again.

'Four, anybody got four to trade?'

A great game and true classic
June 30, 2001

Doesn't nearly everyone own this game? It says 3-10 players, but really, the minimum you should play it with is 5 players. Less than that makes it a bit dry and too easy to figure out who has your cards.

This game is quick, manic, and a blast. You do need people willing to speak up and people who can play quickly and get involved. If you have people who sort of sit back, quiet and reserved, they won't trade you the cards you need, and you won't give them the cards they need because they sit there for too long just fiddling with their cards. This game requires active participants, but if you have active participants, this game is one of the best ever made!

by Tom
Loud people love it! Quiet people hate it!
January 02, 2001

By my rating you can tell which one I am. This is one of the best party games ever. It's the most fun with the maximum number of players. I agree with a previous reviewer that the bear should be passed around in secret (even though it can be hard to stifle your snickering when you pass it to someone). Don't bother getting Pit Deluxe. It is the standard edition along with a bell to ring for a few bucks more. It's more fun (and more satisfying) to just yell out 'Corner' when you win, in my opinion.

The only criticism I can offer about this game is the layout of the cards. I get Coffee and Corn confused if I don't stretch my hand out wide. They should color code each commodity or do something to let you hold a tight hand and quickly see what you have. Even still this is a great game. Highly recommended.

A Ridiculous Amount Of Fun
December 15, 2000

Let's just make this clear from the start: Pit is the one of the loudest, wildest, most fun games you will ever play.

The game is simple and easily explained in a minute or two. Basically, the game is a free-for-all trading game with no turns. Simply yell out the number of cards you want to trade, find someone yelling out the same number, and trade cards. A round ends when someone has all of one type of card.

Did I say yell? You'd better believe it--this is the loudest game I've ever played. You'd better have either a soundproof room or good neighbors if you're going to play this one. During one game I played, a player had to quit because she'd lost her voice (and was quickly replaced by a spectator).

I've played at least 20 or so games of Pit--I have never laughed so hard playing a game.

Note: I do insist on one house rule when playing. There is no identifying the person that has the Bear. I've found that if everyone knows who is holding the Bear, that person is basically screwed and has to sit out the rest of the round. It's more fun to continue having the Bear passed around.

An Overlooked Classic
December 05, 2000

One of the true measures of a game is how well it endures. I've been a game hobbyist since my early teens. Time and time again I've seen the gaming community excited over some hot, new game only to see these same games, in a only few years' time, slip quietly into oblivion.

Pit has been around since 1904, making it one of the most enduring proprietary games on the market. All in all, a very remarkable achievement.

Pit is also noteworthy for being one of the few games around that is actually unique. It is the only game I've found where there are no turns (at least the only game I've found where this system is used effectively).

It is a shame that more people aren't aware of this game.

Ahhhh! I Finally Found It :o) !!
November 29, 2000

I've been looking for this game for years! Been online for five years and never thought to search here. But, alas, here it is! It is a fantastic, upbeat game anyone can learn to play and enjoy in seconds!

My family played it for years and years and then it just wasn't to be found anymore... One day, I took it to a family cookout at my ex-inlaws'. I knew it would be a welcome surprise. My ex-sister-in-law thought I gave it to her (or did she?) and at the end of the gathering, packed it away in her suitcase :0. I was CRUSHED; but I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't a gift. I had no idea I'd have such a hard time getting it again :(.

WARNING! If you live in an apartment, be sure to invite your neighbors when planning to play this game. I didn't once and security showed up to know what all the fuss was about ;o). Good, clean fun for everyone...

Loads of Fun!
November 07, 2000

Unlike most games, that tend to slow down with a lot of players, Pit actually gets better the more people that play it. The complete abscence of taking turns means the game becomes a frantic free-for-all. In one memorable, heated session we even had the neighbors run over to ask us to keep it down.

This makes an excellent family game as well. The rules are simple enough for a child to understand while still being enjoyable for adults.

I started playing Pit as a little kid, and now, decades later, it still hasn't lost any of its charm. Everyone I've introduced to it, fell in love with game and a number ran out and bought their own copy.

Three, dammit. Ok, then two, two, two!
November 02, 2000

This game will cause you to lose your voice. Every time I play it, my ears are ringing for hours afterwards and I can't speak for a day or so. Barking numbers is not the most efficient way to entice others to trade with you, but in this game, that's all you get. Let the loudest prevail!

The mechanic isn't really all that interesting (scream and hope for a trading partner), but the results are a riot. We once played this at a convention and by the time we were finished, everyone else had moved from nearby tables to the edges of the ballroom. It does not bring out the best in a person, but it is a lot of fun.

So, if you have a large group (six or less isn't nearly as much fun) who likes to be, ahem, boisterous. Grab this game.

Most fun you'll get from a deck of cards!
July 04, 2000

An absolute must have game. Bring your friends and start playing in 5 minutes. You'll laugh so hard trying to get rid of the Bear, you'll laugh so hard to see your friend's reaction as you pass him/her the Bear! For the price you can't lose.

It could drive dogs crazy
May 21, 2000

This and the game of Careers are the two games I remember the most fondly from my youth. Pit is a chaotic trading game that crosses rummy and go fish except everyone plays at once. You try to collect a set of cards and you take groups of cards that you do not want and start trying to trade them with someone else. This ends up with everyone holding sets of cards out in the middle of the table yelling how many they have, trying to get someone else with a like amount to trade with you. When you have a full set you yell 'PIT' and scoring ensues. To further add to the confusion we had a big German shepard named Tip who would go nuts whenever this game was played. Highly recommended for family fun (but maybe not for the serious gamer).

A screamingly good time.
May 18, 2000

This game transcends the ages and shows who are your real friends. Best when played with four or more persons. If there are infants in the house do no count on them sleeping through this game--the noise decibel level will not allow it. A great game for children, young adults and adult interaction. This game also has some life lessons about buying, selling and exchange markets.

A Game Of Class
May 18, 2000

Perhaps one of the greatest after dinner games that could be played. Watch how your grandmother almost loses her teeth as she desperately tries to trade in her oats for some barley.

A total blast!
March 10, 2000

A fast-paced, loud, nerve-wracking game that is barrels of fun. You will need lots of energy and nerves to play this game. Very easy to learn, very fun to play!

"Two, two, two!!"
November 23, 1999

Even though it's been around since 1904, the old fella is still a party favorite! This commodity trading card game can be learned and played within ten minutes, and literally lets you voice your intentions by shouting at each other.

Winning Moves' Deluxe edition heralds the return of the ever popular bell, to signal the beginning and end of the lightning-fast trading rounds, and adds additional commodities that enable eight players to play (oooh, the wonderful chaos this creates).

Play of the game is simple enough. Each player is dealt nine cards, the starting bell is rung, and the players simultaneously shout out how many cards from their hand they wish to trade in an effort to 'corner the market' in one commodity. You may only trade groups of matching commodities, and may only shout out the number of cards to be traded (i.e. 'Two, two!') As soon as you have collected all nine of a single commodity, you dive for the bell to signal the end of the round and score your points (from 55 to 100) for your commodity. Rounds are repeated until a player reaches 500 points. This fun free-for-all mechanism is accented by a Bear and a Bull card. The Bull card can be a wild card to help corner the market, or can be a penalty card, along with the Bear card. If you don't win the round, and have either of these cards, you lose 20 points. Yes, many a player has finished the game with a negative score!

A definite more-the-merrier game, with the added bonus of being able to nail someone by sticking them with a Bull or Bear card. And, your neighbors will wonder what all the shouting is about! Great fun.

Perennial, Frantic Fun-For-All
January 04, 1999

Pit is a sentimental favorite for me: My mom and dad and aunts and uncles used to play this when I was a mere babe in arms. Once I learned to read, Pit was one of the first games I ever played!

The action is based on trading in the commodities exchange, but the rules aren't complicated. For each player in the game, a set of nine identical cards goes into the deck: wheat, corn, hay, flax, oats, barley, rye. To score, you must collect all nine of one of these sets faster than anyone else. (A 'bull' and a 'bear' card are included to thicken the plot.) Trading takes place as a free for all. As soon as the dealer declares 'Pit's open!' (or rings a bell, in some editions of the game) everyone starts trading at once! You don't take turns. You simply trade any number of matching cards with anyone else offering the same number of cards, and everyone does this over and over until someone finally completes a set and is the first to shout 'Corner on the barley!' or whatever commodity it is. The trading is so fast and focused that this usually takes about 60 very frantic seconds to accomplish.

A ton of laughter is generated by this game, which is best played by children and adults together or some other group where hilarity is a welcome guest at the party -- and the more the merrier! From five to seven players is best, so if you've got a rabble you want to rouse for an hour or so, some ice to break or some shirts to unstuff, believe me, a game of Pit will do it!

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