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Store:  War Games, 2-Player Games
Series:  EuroFront
Theme:  World War 2
Genre:  War & Combat
Format:  Board Games


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Play Time Players
240-360 minutes 2

Designer(s): Craig Besinque, Tom Dalgliesh

Manufacturer(s): Columbia Games

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Product Description

On June 22, 1941, Germany launched a surprise blitzkreig on Russia under the code name Barbarossa, beginning a titanic four year struggle that remains the greatest military confrontation in history.

Few westerners realize how much of WWII was decided on the steppes of Russia. The Soviets fought and defeated the main strength of the German army, losing 13 million men in the process. By comparison, the Allies lost a third of a million in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. By D-Day, the Wehrmacht was already a beaten army in the East.

Building on the Columbia Games tradition of fine games featuring limited intelligence (Quebec 1759, Napoleon, and Rommel in the Desert, EastFront is a sophisticated yet highly playable simulation game that provides hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

Product Information


  • Mapboard: Large Full-color (22" x 34") mapboard
  • Wooden Blocks: 120 Hardwood counters provide step-reduction and fog of war with no muss or fuss.
  • Innovative Rules: A unique HQ command system that seperates the real generals from the paper-pushers, an elegant, well-researched production system, and weather and airpower rules that make sense.
  • Eight Linkable Scenarios:
    • Barbarossa (Invasion of Russia)
    • Soviet Moskow Counter Attack
    • Axis Drive on Stalingrad
    • Collapse at Stalingrad
    • Battle of Kursk
    • Crisis in the Ukraine
    • Destruction of Army Group Center
    • The End in the East

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 5 in 3 reviews

Historical Simulation and a Highly playable Game = EastFront
September 12, 2002

East Front was my first WWII game on the eastern front, the game is great. The fog of war using their traditional block system works excellent, the map is beautiful.

Usually other wargames that I have bought include ugly components, hundreds of counters and complex rules and a complex game thats not even historical.

But in EastFront you will get Great Components, an Easy to learn game thats highly playable and historically accurate.

Ive like this game so much that I would like to buy Westfront, Medfront, Volgafront, Eurofront and Masterfront.

Highly recommended!

by Pete
September 11, 2002

I have EastFront and the expansion VolgaFront and stuck both maps together onto a board which looks really cool! Love the game - great for serious wargamers looking to play the entire Russian Front campaign. Recommended.

I also bought a spare pack of blocks to use as blanks in the game. Imagine attacking only to find they were dummy units? Increases the tension just that bit more...

Another great game/simulation crossover
March 19, 2000

There are a few wargames that are such of such high quality as games that they appeal across the usual 'simulation gamer' boundries and can hook people who just enjoy first-rate games. Hannibal, We the People, Storm over Arnhem, and Napoleon are the best I've seen, but EastFront is right up there.

For a wargame, the rules are quite modest--while significantly more complicated than Napoleon or We the People, it's only slightly more involved than Hannibal. And the game is exciting. The blocks hide the strengths of all the units, which means it's hard to detect where the enemy is weak and where he is strong. The excellent rules for headquarters and moving units makes the game much more manageable that your normal Eastern Front game; you decide where to focus your efforts and move units in those sectors, and you are starkly limited by your supplies--so you don't have the problems of many Eastern Front games where you have to wait interminably for you opponent to finish moving and attacking with every single unit before you get a turn. The action is more like the impulse games than a traditional I go - you go game (although unfortunately not as interactive as We the People or Storm Over Arnhem, which is a weakness).

EastFront is still a bit long--scenarios can take about 6 hours, comparable to Hannibal--so it's not a quick and easy game. And unlike Hannibal or We the People, there is no event-card equivalent so there isn't as much detailed historical flavor (although considering the event, that may not be a downside). And for non-simulation gamers, you may have to either get comfortable with or get past the history (a horrific experience for the participants, to be sure, but an event worth knowing about). Nontheless, if you like a really tense, exciting, historical game that's easy to play but presents you with intellectual and psychological challenges, this has got to be near the top of the list.

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