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Dino Hunt
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Dino Hunt

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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 30+ minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Steve Jackson

Manufacturer(s): Steve Jackson Games

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Product Description

Dino Hunt is a family game for two or more players, age 8 and up. In Dino Hunt, you travel through time, visiting the different eras where the dinosaurs lived, to capture them for your modern-day zoo. But the other players have cards that can make your hunt harder - and watch out for that charging T. Rex! Simple to learn and easy to play, Dino Hunt carries the Dinosaur Society Seal of Approval - all dinosaur information and art in the game conforms to current scientific knowledge.

Dino Hunt features over a hundred different dinosaurs. Each oversized card has full-color art from some of the best dinosaur artists in the world. The back of each card gives the most up-to-the-minute scientific data the experts can provide.

The basic Dino Hunt package includes 119 cards, full-color rules and other components -- and four plastic dinosaurs for playing pieces!

Product Information


  • rules
  • 109 cards
  • time track
  • 4 energy tracks
  • energy-track markers
  • "no extinctions" marker
  • 4 soft plastic dinosaurs
  • 1 six-sided dinosaur die

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 5 reviews

A great game for adults and kids together!
August 24, 2002

Dino Hunt is a game that is pretty much 100% luck. That said, it's also an awesome one to play with a wide range of ages, or anyone who just likes dinosaurs. The components are very nice--cards are durable, full bright color on both sides, and oversized (thus easy to hold for small hands.) The rubber dinosaurs are great, and with a little ingenuity the game could easily be expanded for more than 4 players.

I give it 5 stars because it's exactly the sort of game I'd want to play with my own kids, if I had some. It's entertaining enough to keep the adults playing, it's educational without being preachy, and it looks good! I recommend it fully.

Fun and educational for the whole family
March 01, 2001

This is the ultimate game for dinosaur fans of all ages. I started my kids at 5 years old. We changed the rules a bit (eliminating most of the cards that do bad things to one's opponents) to simplify it for the kids, so that it becomes mostly a game about collecting the dinosaurs they like, without paying much attention to the points totals. That eliminates much of the interaction that would come with the full rules, but they have fun just building their dino zoo collections. The parent in me also loves the fact that they are learning a lot. I can't begin to describe how much, but here's an example: they recently saw a picture of a T.Rex-like dinosaur and a stegosaurus together, but explained to me that the first dinosaur must be an allosaur because the T.Rex didn't live in the same time period as the stegosaurus. The cards giving bonus points for collecting certain types of dinosaurs, such as sauropods or ceratopsians, has them learning different groups and classifications. The cards themselves are packed with information (which my kids ask me to read to them when they capture the dinosaur), and Steve Jackson has gone to great lengths to assure that it all reflects the best science available (check the Dino Hunt web page for a taste of this). I don't mean this review to make the game sound like school. It's a lot of fun, and it's a game that older kids and adults enjoy playing too. It's cheaper than most books on dinosaurs, and a heck of a lot more fun, too.

Excellent components, decent game...
May 06, 2002

As a children's game, this one might be a 5-star game but it lacks sufficient strategy to make it very compelling to an adult player.

I would still recommend it HIGHLY to anyone looking for a game to play with kids of a variety of ages. The rules are easy to modify for almost any age level (for the 4 year old we simply made ALL the dinos captured on a roll of 4-6 and each one worth a single point at the end - and took out the gadget cards)

The components (chiefly the dinosaur cards) are printed with gorgeous illustrations on VERY heavy playing card stock - and the little rubber dino playing pieces are pretty cute (we use 'em in Chomping Headz as well).

The price is excellent for what you get and what you can make of this nice, little game.

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