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Totaler Krieg!
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Store:  Ding & Dent, War Games
Series:  Totaler Krieg!
Theme:  World War 2
Genre:  War & Combat
Format:  Board Games

Totaler Krieg!

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Product Awards:  
International Gamers Awards
Best Historical Simulation Game Nominee, 2000

Ages Play Time Players
12+ 180-240 minutes 1-3

Designer(s): Steve Kosakowski, Alan Emrich

Publisher(s): Decision Games

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Product Description

The critics raved about Krieg!...

"Krieg! is a game where the complexity lies in the play of the game rather than the learning of the game. The components are excellent and the rules are complete." --Paper Wars magazine

"Krieg!'s greatest merit is that it really does simulate World War II on the military, diplomatic, and economic levels but is, at the same time, highly accessible and playable on your kitchen table in a weekend. Buy Krieg! if you've never played a World War II strategic game. Buy it if you've played any of the others and want to see an entirely novel and elegant treatment of the war in all aspects. Buy Krieg! if you want a World War II game that will replay differently every time you set it up and challenge you to see war as more than just combat factor bean counting." --Bergs Review of Games

"It is hard to point at a single mechanic that makes Krieg! so outstanding. This is definitely a case of the sum being greater than the parts! To fully appreciate its nuance and variety, Krieg! must be played repeatedly. That's exactly what our group did. We've pushed around a lot of cardboard over the years, but for the first time in a long time we found a game that each of us just had to own. Krieg! has made wargaming fun around here again..." --Zone of Control magazine as it appeared in The General

...but we wanted to give you more:

Totaler Krieg! (Total War!)

Now the "good time, rock n roll panzer pushing" board game of the 90s has been tuned to vroom for the 21st century. While the classic core game systems remain pure and playable, weve added more of what you wanted. More Option cards, more variations, more game pieces, more scenarios (including several one-map and tournament scenarios), more optional rules, more examples, a comprehensive rules index, improved graphics, extensive players and designers notes, and weve added something really special....

Included inside is the complete Dice of Decision module, a Random Campaign Game generator that gets you rolling through 25 years of European history in a mere matter of minutes to create an almost unlimited number of alternate "What if?" World War 2 starting situations. What if Germany or Russia triumphed in WW1? What if a German Democracy started WW2? What if France or Italy (or even Germany) were communist countries? What if there was no Russian Civil War? Or Red Army purges? Or if the Western Allies were ready to fight? Or if Germany was prepared for a long war? Its all here, plus a whole lot more!

Totaler Krieg! is a 2nd edition redesign that extends the boundaries of Steve Kosakowskis classic Krieg! game and takes players one step further. With complete online support (featuring players House Rules, a Pacific Module, and several articles - all for free), co-designer/developer Alan Emrich promises you that "Owning Totaler Krieg! is as close as it gets to being set for life in gaming." Enjoy a proven winner. Enjoy Totaler Krieg!

Number of players: 1 to 4. Totaler Krieg! is a pretty good game to play solitaire because the turn structure is procedure-oriented and it is easy to "change hats" and play all sides. Because it is a three-faction game, it is great with three players. When four play, there are two Axis players and fascinating rules for how they have to share their authority over the war effort.

Solitaire Suitability: High

Complexity: Medium (for a wargame)

Age range: 12 and up, but you should have some experience with board wargames before leaping into Totaler Krieg!

Time to play: 3-4 hours for scenarios; a full campaign from the start of WWII to the bitter end is about 36 hours.

Totaler Krieg! was designed for anyone who has some experience with wargaming under their belt. It's just a notch above The Russian Campaign in complexity.

560 mounted, die cut, back-printed, full color counters
153 large Option-size cards
10 assorted Player Aid sheets
2 forty-eight page booklets (one Rules booklet including Optional rules, House rules, and a complete index and one Scenarios/Examples/Notes booklet including the complete "Dice of Decision" module)
2 two-sided 34" x 22" maps (one Historical WW2 side and one Alternate History side including Czechoslovakia, Austria, the Ukraine, etc.)

Product Awards

International Gamers Awards
Best Historical Simulation Game Nominee, 2000

Product Information

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.7 in 15 reviews

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A must
July 25, 2006

This is a must for all wargamers and even some of you who aren't. The rules are simpler than most grand strategic wargames I have played, and very streamline. Even if you mess up a rule or two, the game will not break down. It is also perfectly possible to learn the rules as you play your first game, which allows you to dive right into the action. Despite its simplicity, this game is endlessly replayable. Political events constantly alter the landscape of the game and always keep you looking over your shoulder. You are constantly planning and guessing, and that’s the kind of game I like. Finally, if you don’t feel your games aren’t crazy enough, or just want something completely different, you can use the random campaign generator for an alternate path between the 1914 and 1939. Communist Germany, Imperial Russia, or a surviving Austria- Hungary make for WWII unlike any other game can offer. This game is all I can ask of any game: it’s a blast.

A few things I don’t like:

Despite the number of wargames I have played, I’m still not much of a fan of small cardboard pieces and paper maps.

You will constantly have to look up the meanings of markers and political events. However, these are well-indexed and easy to find in the rules.

I don’t think the option cards give much freedom of choice, especially with the onset of Total War. On the bright side, though, you don’t get enough rope to hang yourself; it is hard to end up skipping a vital card.

Tour De Force in a Box
March 20, 2004

World War 2 fanatics look no further, but be warned this game is not for the meek. A very massive amount of table space must be sectioned off in your house for a weekend of Ultra Warfare. There is nothing that is written on the box that captures the essence of this game. It is about being being beaten or beating up the other guy. The pendelum swings like some devilish pact you make early on. If you are the Axis powers, expect an easy strings of victories one after the other. Take historical detours and go on to capture and collapse the English. But beware! The Russians are an inevitable quagmire of endless lands that test the resolve of your entire German and allied Axis forces. Every step is littered with Soviet dead bodies, but there is also a few German ones too. And as the German Army moves deeper and deeper into Russia, the Russian troops become better and better trained. Their air forces grow and their numbers swell to gargantuan proportions. No mattter how many you kill, they keep coming and coming. Stunning victories and major upsets are just a good days work for a Russian. Until the day it happens, the plug is pulled out of the Axis war machine. The US's heavy hardware comes to play and their economic muscle makes the German war machine gasp. Reinforcements to the Russian front begin to trickle while the Russian numbers grow exponentially huge. You then get this analogy of a German Soldier waving away millions of Russian bodies with a stick and a whip. The back slide begins and the Germans scramble to hold their key objective cities to reach victory. All over the 3rd Reich are attempts by the Allied Powers to break Fortress Europa. Can you do better?

This game is so fun, that not even one weekend will do it complete justice. You could spend a whole life on this game and happily go to hell. I must say that I will look to create the best life possible with TK! being the center of it...or dog gone near it. If my values seem out of whack, its probably because I have a strong predisposition to these types of games.

If you love trivial pursuit and laughing with a crowd out loud, then perhaps you should hit the Family Games button on this site...but, if you like to make major strategic decisions with far reaching consequences....pick this one up and don't forget I warned you.

What else is there to life then taking Moscow and collapsing Russia? You can go all day working your job and listening to music on the way home, but when this board is in front of are Hitler,Eisenhower/Churchill and Stalin. What can beat that?

by Mike
too long to be a great game...
February 20, 2004

Any game that takes an entire weekend to play cannot be considered an all time great. Who has entire weekends to play a single board game? It's so much easier to construct a game that is complex and long, than it is to invent a game that is simple and concise. Even the new edition of Risk understands this principle and has now created a limited number of rounds to keep the game within a reasonable time frame. This game might be better than an Axis or Allies, but it really cannot compete in originality or elegance of the many games that have captured the interest and energy of this generation of gamers.

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Alan Emrich
June 08, 1999

You'll need to have some wargaming experience under your belt before you'll be ready to tackle Totaler Krieg! If you used to play wargames in college, but haven't for years and are considering getting back into the hobby, Totaler Krieg! is probably a good choice because of the popular subject matter, moderate complexity, and full support on the Totaler Krieg! web site.

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