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Store:  Word, Party Games, Family Games
Genre:  Word Games


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Ages Players
8+ 2-8

Manufacturer(s): Northern Games

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Product Description

Quick! Think of the shortest word which includes the starters, X C T, keeping the letters in the order shown, and you score!

Did you think of EXCITING?

What about L R U?

Is HILARIOUS the shortest word?

For G A T? ...GREAT?

These 3 words will score unless you can think of shorter words--then your words will score.



EXACT!!! (That's a scoring word)

In the game of Starters the player who thinks of the shortest word containing the 3 starters scores! It's that simple.

And the battle continues with HILARIOUS and GREAT--there have got to be shorter words.

Isn't this glorious fun!

Then keep going by trying these starters...





It's FUN!


It's for EVERYONE!!!

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Northern Games

  • Year: 1999

  • Players: 2 - 8

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Weight: 605 grams

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3 in 2 reviews

Simple fun and a lot of laughs.
December 02, 1999

We played Starters with a few friends the first time, thinking it would be challenging and fun. We were pleasantly suprised at the laughs we had as we tried to beat the clock and each other.

Not only does it make you think, but your comptetive juices can really flow. It was a blast and highly reccommended!

Another failed attempt at codifying the License Plate game
November 19, 2000

We've played the license plate game for years. Attempt to come up with words using the three letters in a license plate, in sequence, with the shorter words being preferred. It's a fun way to pass time while on the road.

And it ought to be a fine board game, but it just hasn't worked. Many attempts have been made with the most recent being Word Whiz and this offering. The former misses slightly due to mechanics, but this one misses entirely due to odd rules.

The rules state that each player has 3 letter cards face up before them. A timer is let loose and everyone comes up with their best, shortest word for each of the three-letter combinations on the table. So far, so good. And frantic, too, as the timer seems to be way short of the one-minute it's billed as.

Then comes the reckoning phase. Each player gets to start the 'bidding' on their three-letter combo. If anyone else at the table wrote down a shorter word using those three letters, they claim so at this point and 'steal' the honors for this combo. That all makes sense. The silly part is that everyone can keep looking at the cards trying to come up with a better word, for as long as they like. When they see a better answer, they write it down and spit it out, 'stealing' the honor of scoring for this word. This continues until everyone concedes that there is likely no better word or everyone falls asleep.

Then it's on to the next player's letters. After everyone has had a chance to gobble up the honor of presenting the shortest word for each combo, it's still not over. Until a majority of players deem that all combinations have their best words, players can still take scoring honors by finding better words. It could drag on for days.

After exactly one play, our group decided that the timer should have a real purpose and that once the timer is exhausted, there is no more writing. This speeds up the game and grants points to those who can actually come up with words during the timed portion, but still can't salvage the fact that it just doesn't work. The game has no second-level tiebreaker. If words are of equal length and equal number vowels (e.g. STAR and STIR, which should win? According to the rules, it's whoever blurts one out first. According to us, it's a tie and no one gets the points, but our belief is that there should be another tiebreaker (lowest alphabetically?).

So, it's a noble attempt to structure the familiar road game, but like all attempts before, it falls short of the mark.

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