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Dark World

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Mattel

  • Weight: 700 grams (estimated)

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 1 review

Excellent game--with some corrections
April 13, 2001

Dark World is an excellent game of it's type, the psudo-RPG boardgame, a-la HeroQuest. After a fairly legnthy setup in which you must set up the board's three-dementional walls, all the heros begin at the entrance to the winding 'dungeon,' which is really a series of different rooms. If the heroes die in the maze, they go back to the beginning and try again. The game accomadates up to four heroes, and one player must be the villan, Korak. Without any house rules, every monster is essentially the same, and the characters that can be played are the exact same. For some variety and realizm, here are some rule variations that work very well.



Instead of having an item per monster/base, every time a monster is defeated, roll a hit die. The following corresponds to what is gotten from the monster. This prevents the annoyance of putting the items on the stands at the beginning of the game.

On two hits: grenade

On a miss: speed boots

On one hit: potion

If an item is not available, a potion is earned.

Heros may have up to TWO items only.

Heros may trade or give items to one another when standing next to one another.


Special rules for enemy creatures


When an Ogre is attacking, korak rolls the d10. On a 0 or 1, the Ogre gets an additional hit die.


When defeated by a hero, korak rolls the d10. On a 0 or 1, the skeleton is not defeated; however, it does not counter-attack the heros attack this action.


-1 to all attacks made.

If damaged by a grenade, the mummy is immediately defeated.

When defeated by a hero, korak rolls the d10. If it is odd, mummy is not defeated.


Special rules for Heros.


+1 to all attacks made

+2 to Ogre d10 rolls when being attacked by an ogre.

May not leave a room if occupied by a monster.

May use axes or warhammers only


May skip all this turns actions to not be attacked by koraks minions this round. Monsters may moove through the ranger that turn.

May use any weapons


Two actions instead of three.

+2 to all attacks made.

May use swords or axes only


-1 to all enemys attacks made against himself.

If beside an enemy that is attacking, the knight may choose to force enemy to attack him instead of original target.

May use any weapons


Another rule that should be corrected is that after a hero is defeted on Korak's castle, he should be removed from the game-- otherwise, the villan can never win, and eventually the game will degenerate quickly into a stalemate.

The only real downside to this game besides the generic heroes and hour-long setup time is that the game only has one senario. It's fun to play through, but how many times do you really want to kill the dreaded sorcerer Korak?

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