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Wise and Otherwise

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by Mary
Too Dang Funny!
September 29, 2003

Just like another reviewer, we have laughed ourselves to tears many times playing this game. The best thing is creativity is rewarded -- not necessarily knowledge. Therefore, all ages can play and have a chance at winning. Moreover, if you have friends that have a wide range of skills, they can ALL get together at a party and have fun.

'When crab no have hole....'

'lobster sad ALL day.'

(NOT the right response, but it still puts us into convulsions.)

In chickens dreams ... (fill in the blank)
April 19, 2003

This game is one of the most fun and easy to play. It will require a little creativity from all players, but once everyone gets the hang of it, everyone will practically die laughing!

The premise of the game is to complete an old phrase or ancient proverb. Sounds easy enough. However, 99.9% of the sayings are so ancient that they aren't even applicable to present day. Most people will never have heard of them. You'll need to be creative in completing the phrases and must fool others into believing yours is the correct ending.

What people come up with is the fun of the game. Some are so funny, you won't want to end the game because you're laughing so hard. I highly recommend this game to anyone.

Even a simple game... ...can entertain for hours.
August 19, 2005

I love games that are easy to explain. When we can start playing within minutes of the time we sit down it gives us more time to play more games. Wise and Otherwise is one of those easy to learn games.

This is another in the Balderdash family of games where everyone creates an answer and then votes on which answer is the real one. I actually like Wise and Otherwise better than Balderdash because it only requires a partial phrase to be made up rather than an entire definition. Also, since you are given the first part of the phrase you can get an idea of where to go next. Balderdash kind of leaves you with no knowledge at all (you don't know if the word is a noun, verb or whatever).

I would recommend this game for good party fun, especially with a group of creative people. It can be very funny and is not actually limited to the 6 players it says on the box.

We laughed so hard we cried...
May 19, 2001

I had this game for over a year before I played it. A good review from Games Magazine prompted me to buy it, but it always seemed more pressing to play another game instead of breaking this one out.

How sad that I've deprived my gaming group for so long.

Wise and Otherwise turned out to be one of the funnest and funniest games we've played. It works like so:

You take turns being the reader and pick a card with the start of 5 sayings on one side. For example: There's an old Albanian saying, 'In time, even a dog makes...'

The reader reads the beginning of the phrase out loud and everyone writes it down. The reader then turns over the card and writes on his/her paper what the real ending to the saying is. Everyone else writes down on their piece of paper what they think a plausible ending to the phrase would be. Everyone gives their pieces of paper to the reader, who mixes them up, then reads them out loud. Everyone votes for which phrase they think is the correct one. You score points if you guess the correct ending, or if someone guesses your ending. The reader gets points if no one guesses the correct ending. Then the next person becomes the reader.

Sound simple? It is. And I think that's why I put off playing it for so long. But I can't convey how much fun we had playing this game. The fun comes from the answers people put. For example, one of our group put, 'a good stew.' as the ending for the above saying.

I guess the downside, and one of the reasons I didn't give this game 5 stars, is that the fun of this game depends on with whom you are playing. The more creative the answers are, the more fun it is. So, this game isn't for everyone. But I can tell you this, the guy who was winning while we were playing (and who eventually won), was a little distressed that he was close to winning, because he wanted the game to go on. He actually wanted to be penalized points so that we would keep playing.

The components of this game are nice. Although you could just use plain pieces of paper, there are pads of paper with perforated writing squares. PERFORATED! I mean, how often does a game manufacturer go the extra mile to perforate and double side their pads for multiple use? And with over a thousand sayings, this game has great replayability.

And even though this game says it's for up to 6 players, there's no reason that you couldn't play with more. Just use something else as a token.

One of my favorites
June 01, 2000

When my friend first described the game, we all put it off in favor of other games for the evening. She finally convinced us to give it a try. It has become the crowning jewel of our game nights! The first part of a country's 'saying' is given and all players, except the reader of the card, submits a completion of the phrase. The reader adds the correct one to the mix and then reads all of them at random. Each player votes on which one he/she thinks is the right one. You get to see how brilliant (or lame) your friends can be. It's always a hit, but with the right group.

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