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Ages Play Time Players
11+ 30-90 minutes 3-5

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Product Description

Simulates a crazy, uncontrolled race on a crowded highway. Instead of a game board, your table is used. The players take turns in laying cards. These cards make up the road on which the players drive their cars. Speeding ahead, players cannot always lay enough cards to see the obstacles ahead. In fact, other players will try their hardest to put lots of dangerous obstacles right in front of each other. After each accident the car will get more difficult to control. It would be safer to go slowly, but if you lag behind, you're out of the game... Each player drives his car to the edge of the table as fast as possible. Whoever arrives first and drives off the edge wins the game.

Product Information


  • 168 tiles
  • 45 cruise control cards
  • 5 wooden cars
  • turn marker
  • rules

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3 in 2 reviews

I didn't know lemmings could drive!
February 27, 2001

Try to be the first lemming to leap to your death by driving off the edge of the table! Okay, so the rules don't mention lemmings, but it seems like a natural!

You build up the road as you go, and there are exactly as many lanes as there are cars. Unfortunately, there are lots of obstacles on the road tiles, so there is a lot of squishing into one lane, ramming, and blocking other cars.

The number of lane changes you may make is seriously limited, so you may find yourself sailing off a ramp directly into a truck. Crashes remove your speed cards (lots of them vanish if you happen to be going fast), and you also can't play the same speed as another player, so you may have little speed choice.

You can only lay a limited number of road tiles, and you can't leave too large a difference between lanes. So the lead car may find himself shooting forward onto (sometimes disastrous) randomly chosen road tiles!

Our last game was especially vicious. One player drove onto a slippery road, another player slid her right behind me, so she rammed me from behind and pushed me right into the back of a truck! We were all neck-and-neck at the end. After our turns, three of us were side by side at the end of the road--one or two tiles from the edge of the table. Then the fourth player drove over a 'swap road tiles' tile, swapped a ramp onto the road space right behind me, and sailed over my car and right off the edge of the table for a spectacular flying finish! What drama!!!

This is a great game--quick and nasty. I have a hard time believing anyone could play this without a lot of crashes, ramming, disasters, vicious tile placement, car damage, and other types of enjoyable player interaction. D'r af is never boring, although it can get a little messy. It's loads of healthy lemming fun.

Not as much fun as it sounds.
February 11, 2001

Sounds like a great premise, right? Drive toward the edge of the table and then fall off. Too bad the game doesn't live up to it. It went too quickly, had too many fidgety little bits of cardboard that are hard to line up well making the layout look poor, and wasn't all that much fun. You throw obstacles in front of people, and they go around them. Since you lay out the track for everyone, the leader to leave themself a route around obstacles, and everyone else takes that exact same route. Also those bringing up the rear quickly get kicked out of the game according to the rules, which isn't much fun for them. Our group chalked it up as one to put back on the shelf.

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