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Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Acquire

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
12+ 75 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Sid Sackson

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Avalon Hill

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Product Description

In the beginning, the companies are small. But they grow. And merge. And reform. And merge again. Those who buy the right stocks and merge the right companies thrive. Those that don't, fall behind.

This classic business game has never looked better. An all plastic board with plastic tiles that fit snugly to it add a three dimensional quality that brings the game to life. Now corporations are capped with skyscrapper roofs that create a mini skyline. The companies have been renamed to reflect a 21st century economy but no rules have changed.

The game can be learned in minutes. Which tile to play, which company to invest in, and when to merge two companies is a skill that takes many games to master.

Product Awards

Deutscher Spiele Preis
5th place, 1993
Spiel des Jahres
Nominee, 1979

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Sid Sackson

  • Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Avalon Hill

  • Year: 2000

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 75 minutes

  • Ages: 12 and up

  • Weight: 1,484 grams

  • All-Time Sales Rank: #52


  • plstic gameboard
  • 7 plastic buildings
  • 108 corporate tiles
  • 7 sets of stock certificates (25 in each set)
  • stock market tray
  • 6 information cards
  • paper money
  • instructions
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.9 in 14 reviews

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by Solon
Lloyd's Rules of Acquire
January 08, 2008

I have played Acquire for almost 30 years, but when I first played the game I did not like how it can constrict certain players. I went through that first game with no money and no involvement in the game. It didn't seem to fun to me.

I altered some rules to help keep all players involved, even when they don't have money, and restricted the ability for players to acquire stock through "chance" opportunities.

These adjustments have allowed our family and friends to cherish this game for years. I was urged by my sister a few years ago to make these rule changes available for everyone. So I did as "Lloyd's Rules of Acquire."

Hasbro has decided to moth ball the game and doesn't even list it on it's website. They feel there is no demand for financial wealth games in todays market.

Enjoy this game as it is and will always be one of the best games ever.

One of the best ever
July 11, 2007

Acquire has been in my family for over forty years, and it never grows old. The youngest players in our family started playing at age 5 (playing on a team with an adult) and could hold their own playing by themselves by 7 or 8.

Acquire is an ideal mix of strategy and luck (about 80/20) and the rules are simple enough to fit on the box lid. It definitely fits into the category of "a few minutes to learn, a lifetime to master."

Acquire became a house favorite in college, and we would have marathon sessions into the wee hours. One of the best features of the game is that it has a finite ending point, and even the longest games only last 90 minutes, although it can easily be played in under an hour. We even tracked results and kept records for biggest wins.

The game plays well for three and is ideal with four, but works fine for up to six and as few as two.

I cannot recommend Acquire enough!

by Steven F
October 23, 2006

A friend of mine turned me onto this game under the name of "Power Players", a Mac version of Acquire. That was ten years ago. I have since turned my entire family and several friends onto the game. It's gotten so bad (or good, really) that we have a tournament at my parents house once a month, on Sundays, after church, (in the rain, with the radio on,.......)

Wall Street wannabes unite
January 03, 2006
Perhaps the greatest game ever played. My family is finally getting out of Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly and Mousetrap. When I started reading reviews in the search for the next generation of games for us to play together, Acquire stuck out as a must have.

Simply put, this game does not disappoint. My 12 year old son takes pride in the fact that he can keep up with mom and dad. We've played this game at least once a day since we opened it Christmas morning.

This game offers strategy and forethought like no other I've ever played. No dice, no predetermined path to follow, no silly 'move back 3 spaces' cards...just your brain and some money. Scoffers will complain about the luck of the inital tile draw, but with some savvy buying and solid strategy even bad luck can be countered.

A must have for any gamer and his or her family! Takes a game or two to learn, but you'll be mastering it for years to come.

December 21, 2005
Our family has played this game now for about 5 years. It is always a fun one to pull out and play, and a nice balance with other games since it is different.

My father in law likes this game, and will hardly ever play games with us. This one he will.

It is a very good balance of skill, luck, and just a bit of persuasion, although subtle. I think it is a great game for game players of all levels. Even kids can play, and we help them with some decisions.

The end always hold some surprise, and therefore creates good anticipation. Fun looking, and simple to set up and play. All around great game!

by A Gamer
Over many years, a favorite
December 07, 2005
We have actually had 3 different editions of this game, including the really old 3M bookshelf game.

It is such a fun game to play, and newbies love it within one or two plays. We have ended up buying it for presents for family in other states.

It is a great thinking game, but it is also easy enough to play not to seriously, if someone is not as hardcore. The end is always fun to find out what really happens. A must have for any one who says they like games. It is also original enough to add to any collection, and not be just like other games.

November 18, 2005

This game is one that I doubt will ever leave my top three. Aquire is very simple to learn. Takes a few tries to really understand the strategy though. The one thing that amazes me the most about this game is the element of chance of the stock market is so real everytime you play. Shares can drasticly go up with the more that people invest into a certain stock, or you can sit there flat broke.

A very good social game. My favorite way to play is with three or four people and a pizza.

Greatest Game!
April 06, 2005

We love to play Acquire. It never gets old. My friends and I used to play 2-3 nights a week, but now I moved and am in search of new people to play games. I took the game, and now my old friends are looking for a new one to buy.

Each game is different, and you never know how things will turn out until the end. That is the fun of it. The rules are easy, and you don't have to concentrate hard if you don't want to win. It can be played "intensely" or "casually" and be fun either way.

by A Gamer
Our favorite game
March 22, 2005

Acquire has been our favorite game for years, and never gets old. Our friends and famly who have played it with us, have now purchased it, or still beg us to play with them. it is the right balance of luck and strategy, that makes it fun.

The really old 3M version is good, and so is the newest version with plastic tiles. The one in between, with cardboard pieces, is poor, as they slide all over, and don't look nice.

Get the new version with all plastic.

Original version; What a game should be!
August 30, 2004

I've owned the origional version of this game for years...nothing to put on the cover of a magazine like the new bells or whistles, just awesome late into the evening kind of fun....don't get caught napping or your competitors will merge your future and fortune into a new chain and leave you without the capital to acquire the possible next big chain of motels. Endless possibilities, shrewd deception whom to partner with and when to cut ties and go out on your own...5 star fun based on your eagerness to take risks, make the most of your opportunities, the luck of the draw and perhaps like me just having fun.

The new format is much better than the old one
August 24, 2004

When I first started playing Acquire they sold it with small cardboard tiles. Now they sell Acquire with durable three dimensional plastic tiles. This has been a very nice improvement to the game. I am thinking of buying Acquire a second time just so I can be sure that it will last and last because I have a tendency to wear games out before they wear me out.

This is an all around great game and an essential part of any gamers' collection.

by Scala
If you cant rate it 5, you are missing something!
August 05, 2004

I've been playing for more than 20 years. During college days, we would play 5-6 hours straight and then start again the next day!

Looking through all the reviews, it shocks me to find couple of '3' and horribly, one '1' rating! I only have this to say ---- If you cant rate it '5', you are definitely missing something!

This is the greatest game of all time! Contrary to some comments, you are always in the game (those who find themselves out of the game due to luck of the tile must be strategy-challenged souls who would then hate this game).

In fact, it is the very absence of vital tiles that really makes this challenging. The greater joy of victory is to win while being blessed with little/none of the vital tiles!

So to all those of you who still havent given Acquire a shot --- poor things, you have already been deprived of so much joy for so long!

Enjoy :)

by Katie
Greatest Game Ever
August 04, 2004

When my boyfriend first pulled out the acquire game, I thought, OH NO! This is going to be the most boring game in the world! Ever since that night though, we haven't gone a single day without playing atleast one game. It's like a friendly competition for us, and it's great because it's all based on strategy and luck. If you're looking for a game to bring you closer to your loved one, this might be it because it worked wonders for us.

by Ian Tan
i would rate it 5 stars if...
August 18, 2004

1. the information card isnt too soft. I had to laminate all six of them straight away.

2. There's a little bag that comes along with it to store the tiles. That bag with tiles would be pass along from player to player when they need to draw tiles to replenish their own. That would be pretty neat.

All else is good. Rules are simple. Easy to play. easier to get hooked. Surprised to learnt that this games is forty years old?

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