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Store:  Family Games
Series:  Ouija
Format:  Toys


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Ages Players
8+ 2-4

Publisher(s): Hasbro, Parker Brothers

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Product Description

Ouija would be a great addition to any game collection.

Product Information


  • OUIJA board
  • Plastic Message Indicator
  • Clear Lens
  • 3 Glide Feet
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.2 in 6 reviews

by Tigger
They are not a joke or a game
February 19, 2008

My mom and Aunt Laurie were playing with one and being smart my Aunt asked it when my brother Ricky would die and the board gave them the exact month, day, and year that my brother died. Please do your research first.

by dj
Interesting book that talks about Ouija boards
January 27, 2008

"The Coming of Seth," by Jane Roberts, who apparently channeled a nonphysical entity called Seth for many years, includes interesting info about Ouija boards, who people who may be thinking of buying one. They're not for everyone, but if you want to read about a married couple who learned to take other "realities" seriously, assisted in the beginning by a Ouija board, this is a good book and will help take the mystery out of them. Hint: They are fun, and they're not of the devil.

The Ouija is not a toy.
January 08, 2007

I am a 47 year old male. I've played with Ouija occasionally with my mother when I was a boy. I have asked it specific questions about the future which I have never spoken to anyone and the Ouija "predictions" have come true. It's true that this device does not work for everyone. I have not seen Ouija boards in major stores for years now. I have wondered why until I perused some of the stories of users on the net. The Ouija is not a toy. I would classify it as a channeling board and it deserves it's place in specialty game shops. If you want to use the Ouija, first read up on the how to-s and the do-s and don'ts. It is not an age 8 and up 'game'. It is for adults only. Any children using the board should be well-supervised. There is no reason for the average person to fear Ouija but don't take it home, unwrap it, and expect it to dance like a circus monkey.

by Jeff
It's just a game!
August 07, 2003

I decided to add a more objective review of Ouija to the list here after seeing the two other reviews. Despite several times using the Ouija board, I have yet to have any kind of experience that even borders on the supernatural or that cant be explained by other means even just a coincidence, and IMHO, I find it actually quite amusing in and of itself watching the people that give this game credit for anything more than that. Therein lies the fun for me. Like a good ghost story or scary movie, its the observation of human behavior where one gets the fun out of this game. Observing the subconscious, or even conscious movement of the participants hands on the planchette for the results is a fascinating observation of psychology in and of itself. Would I sit in my room alone with a Ouija board, definitely not, but not because Im afraid of it or what itll show me, just where would the fun be?

Until a true Skeptic / myth debunking organization provides a true observation and credit for this toy/game for having 'powers' beyond any science or reasonable explanation, I, and most others will just continue to see it as nothing more than group game fun with a little overactive imagination to help it out. Since Hasbro/Parker Brothers continues to manufacture the game after all of these years, that in and of itself should put some serious doubt into the head of anyone believing that this has true occultist or supernatural qualities. Most rational people dont chastise or give any more credit to a Magic 8 Ball, why we do for this mass-produced toy/game I just dont know. Like any other game/toy, its a piece of cardboard a/o plastic with components that must be moved by human hands to achieve ANY result, and to call it anything else or give it any more credit for anything is just pure silliness.

Buy the game and enjoy it with your friends, all the while believing (i.e. knowing) that instead of some mystic phantom powers or ghost communicating with you that you are just actually learning a little something about the group youre playing with. If you still cant handle learning about your game-playing buddies like that, then I guess you can just try Apples to Apples. :-)

It comes in a box and has a board, but...
August 04, 2003

It is a stretch to call Ouija a game. Different people would call Ouija different things. Some would say it is mystical or occult-ish. Others would just call it lame. The preceeding review calls it a pastime, that is a good definition. Call it what you will, but it isn't a game.

Users ask a question, put their fingers on the planchette and watch it move around the board spelling out some answer. Hopefully, the question is answered. I have had the occasion to use the Ouija board when I was younger, and I will not use it again. The planchette was moving around, although no great secrets were revealed. Whether it was moving on its own or by subconscious movement on the part of the users is up to debate.

If it was subconscious Ouija would merely be lame. If the planchette was moving it would be intriguing, but still doesn't rise to the level of entertainment. Ouija may be an interface with the supernatural, or it may be a rip-off. If it is the former it should be used cautiously. If it is the latter it shouldn't be used at all.

Two thumbs down. Way down.

A game? No. Something different? Very much so
August 26, 2002

This may be the most controversial review I have ever written, but I do feel it necessary to write this. I am amazed that the Ouija board is still being marketed as a toy or game, since I consider it to be neither. It falls into a gray area that I can not clearly define, but should probably be labelled as a pastime.

We all know the basics of the Ouija. The participants place their fingers on the planchet, which moves around the board spelling answers out to questions posed by the participants. Simple enough, and seemingly harmless.

Now I am not a deeply religious person, but I do feel that the Ouija touches something beyond our normal sphere of understanding, and I am not at all comfortable with that thought. I had an unpleasant experience with a Ouija board when I was quite young and playing it solo, and the board began to use language that I did not then possess. Since that date, I have not and will not ever touch a Ouija again.

While I certainly can not discourage others from using the Ouija, I do ask that those who use it be responsible about it. Realize that there MAY be something there, and that it MAY not have your best interests at heart. I also think that allowing children as young as eight to use it is not a wise choice.

NOT recommended.

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