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Stratego Legends: The Shattered Lands
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Stratego Legends: The Shattered Lands

full case of 6 boxes as packed by Hasbro in original carton

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Ages Players
10+ 2

Designer(s): Craig Van Ness

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Avalon Hill

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Product Description

Across The Divide the six armies lie in wait. For 100 years a magical force has kept the armies of the Qa'ans, the Manes, and the Gargans from those of the Ancients, the Valorians, and the Celestia. But the Divide is gone and the wars shall start again.

Stratego Legends takes the familiar gameplay of Stratego and expands it into something new. Instead of only having numbers, all pieces now have powers as well. Some fly, some teleport. Some perform better in the marshs or in the mountains. Others have powerful death curses that provide longlasting effects to the battle. There are 206 different pieces in the universe, each with its special function.

Stratego Legends is an "optionally collectible" game. Each box comes with a good army and an evil army whose pieces have been chosen to work well together. However, there are rules for customizing your army (and the lands it fights upon) to specialize your attack force. There are also rules for multiplayer games where 4, 6, or 8 players can square off as two teams: good vs. evil.

Product Information


  • 60 plastic playing pieces
  • 60 metallized character stickers
  • 4 battle boards with border
  • 6 reference charts
  • storage tray
  • game legend and instructions

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.8 in 12 reviews

Best Game Ever
July 03, 2003

The first time I played this game, I played 17 times before going to bed. My friend and I were amazed by the game's addictiveness. Everyone I have played with or introduced the game to finds the game intriguing. Several of my friends went and bought the game. Now, we have Legends night. My wife plays, my friend's wife plays, my best friend's girlfriend plays, and another friend's girlfriend plays. This game has endless possiblities. Yes, you need to study the pieces to get the full enjoyment. Is it worth it? Definetly! One time I went to Starbucks and played with a friend who had never played before. Many inquizative customers came over to chat and watch the outcome. He would not let me leave until he beat me once. My friend went home, called me the next day, and requested more. I should have never let him win. He borrowed it and talked his brother into buying the game. He has one and his brother has one. I love this game. I even play online at

A fantastical and creative 'shot-in-the-arm' for Stratego
October 03, 2002

Other reviewers who complain here about the difficult 'learning curve' of Stratego Legends have quite missed the point. The original Stratego has been around since the Neolithic period, and it is safe to say that the older the players get, the less Stratego works. Very boring. Very dusty. As far as current tastes in creative strategy games goes, it could barely satiate a 10 year old.

So Avalon Hill has given a much needed 'shot in the arm' to the old mare, and the results are just awesome. You cannot expect the game to stay as simple and 2-D as it was; and it is quite unfair to fault the designers for giving Stratego Legends a fantastic new level of complexity. The reference cards are truly indispensable for the beginner, but after awhile you get the swing of things. After the first 3 or 4 games you will be acclimated to the new mechanics and new pieces. It clicks quite well after that -- and you may find the 'Magic' bug biting you as you dream up new combinations of pieces and strategies.

In a word, Stratego Legends is terrific. It is so much fun. You will appreciate the 'feel and flavor' of old Stratego that you've known since childhood, but other players who have a more sophisticated palette (who enjoy Reiner Knizia games or MTG and even Dragon Dice) will really dive into it. And yes, it is just as fun right out of the box as it is for seasoned players who have customized Uber Armies. Don't worry about serious 'collecting,' just enjoy what comes in the box!

You'll probably never play old Stratego again (well, until you get your hands on the new Star Wars Stratego... Heh-heh).

legends is one of the best strategic games out today!
January 06, 2002

at first, game rules will be easily play is fairly simple.each piece has its own special characteristic which seperates it from all other pieces. the first game of legends you play is a little overwelming,as you will find yourself refering to the cards everytime you make a move.but after 3 or 4 games using the same army,you will find yourself using the cards less and less.eventualy you will only need the cards in strange situations.all in all the game is very easy to learn.the strategies are endless as each game is only need one box to play but after learning those pieces you will find yourself yerning for more pieces to add more strategy to your game.ive been playin for almost a year now,and im still finding new combos and strategies.that keeps me comimg back to play more.the luck factor is almost start the game by picking your army(alot of strategy there),then randomly placing that army onto the terrain squares.this is the luck.sometimes you get a great setup, sometimes you dont.but that is where the real strategy comes in.seeing what you are up against with your random set up ,then using that to try and force a win! very fun game. a must get for any strategy game fan!i wasnt into strategy games until stratego legends and everyone i know that has played it says it is a well thoght out game. the replay value is unmessurable as every game is different.and with the vast posiblities you get with every new piece purchased,it is endless gaming fun!final thought,get this game ,then play this game about 3 or 4 times.guarenteed you will catch onto it in 3 or 4 games .

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