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English language edition with expansion set

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], usually because it's out of print.

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
12+ 45 minutes 2-7

Designer(s): Uwe Rosenberg

Manufacturer(s): Rio Grande Games, Amigo

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Product Description

Most folk have never planned on being a bean farmer, but Bohnanza takes this crazy theme and makes it work in this enjoyable card game. Players must trade with one another to plant fields of lucrative beans, as they manipulate the cards in their hands to get the best deal. Known as one of the most fun trading games around, Bohnanza can handle up to six players and can be played in about half an hour! Humorous artwork, clever gameplay, and high interaction make Bohnanza one of the most loved games of all time.

This English language edition of the game is a combined set, equivalent to the original Bohnanza game plus the 6-7 player Bohnanza expansion (original edition).

Product Awards

Games Magazine Awards
Best Family Card Game, 1999
Spiel des Jahres
Nominee, 1997
Deutscher Spiele Preis
5th place, 1997

Product Information


  • 154 Bean Cards
  • 7 3rd Bean Field Cards
  • 1 Rule Booklet
Bohnanza has the following expansions available:

Bohnanza: High Bohn plus Bohnaparte expansion Out of Stock

Bohnanza: Ladies & Gangsters expansion Out of Stock

Bohnanza: Princes & Pirates expansion Out of Stock

Bohnröschen Sleeping Bea[n]uty Out of Stock

Bohnaparte English language edition Out of Stock

High Bohn Plus Out of Stock

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.4 in 99 reviews

Friend or fiend? You decide!
August 10, 2016
This is the kind of card game that draws families and friends together around a table, then lets them decide whether or not they should tear each other apart. What a riot! Bohnanza incorporates a good blend of chance and statistical knowledge with a choice of cutthroat intensity or genteel sensibility. Competitors of all types will enjoy watching their foes squirm as you decide whether to trade bean cards, donate them, or rebuff a request, knowing what goes around often comes around in this race to plant and harvest lots of beans among an ever-dwindling pile of choices. The player who plants best and collects the most gold-coin cards wins this battle of offers and counteroffers among bean counters.
Bartering fun
September 03, 2015

In this game, you need to be able to barter up on deals with your frienemies. Sometimes, you have to beg them to save you even when it gives them no strategic benefit. Watch you friends beg, plead, wheel and deal and find out who can collect the most coins. I recommend not having extra bean fields, but that is just one strategy.

by Brad N.
Are you fun-loving and social? You will love this game!
May 07, 2007

Bohnanza has become a game-night favorite for the people we play games with, but the game is very different depending on the people. I guess that's true for any game, but it can make Bohnanza especially fun or especially lame.

When everyone at the table is willing to make trades and willing to give a little extra in one trade and then adjust later by taking a little more, it really makes the game great. People who are simply unwilling to trade unless the swap is dead even are going to make this game painful.

My wife and I have played this game with four different groups of people. Two of the groups were a blast where everyone was trading and keeping the game moving and still trying to win. Two of the groups were slow and calculated and made for a dull game. What I find interesting is that those players who won't trade unless it is totally even always end up losing because they never get the right cards... they won't pull the trigger on a lot of trades and that is costly. Players who trade freely (and smartly) will win or be in the running at the end.

My wife and I have also played the 2-player version of the game and it is fun, although very different from the regular game. There are definitely more fun 2-player games out there, but Bohnanza is good enough for a change of pace for two.

If you read most reviews and ratings for this game, they are very good and that is not a coincidence. This game is very fun and interesting. It does require players who are willing to trade though... it just doesn't work that well with people who need every trade to be dead even. Enjoy!

The Fun of Bean Field Wars
February 03, 2007

I have been converted to the joys of bean farming. Like many, the theme was not a selling point for me, but the game play proved an instant hit among my group of friends. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen such a success with our group after only a single playing. Operating as both a competitive and cooperative game, this is great for anyone looking to talk, laugh and generally enjoy each other's company during a game. Bohnanza has the feel of a party game but with enough strategic meat on its bones to keep it from feeling insipid or cheesy. There is card strategy involved but as much, if not more, people strategy required for success. Combine this with a whimsical theme and you've got a successful replacement for Apples to Apples or any other tired and overused party or family gathering game.

by R.
Friends couldn't catch on
January 31, 2007

I played this game twice with my friends and it just didn't catch on. it wasn't really that fun as compared to Bang... or Saboteur.

by R.
Great game once you get going
January 18, 2007

I bought this game just before the holidays, hoping it would be good since many of our friends and family are into games. Well we were not disappointed. Even now we joke in bargaining terms due to this game.... what will you give me if I give you X? My only complaint is that there are quite a few rules and so the first time you play it can be difficult. We had to stop several times to read the rules during our first few games. That being said, everyone had such a great time the first time we played, that the game was brought out again and again.

Here is the gist:
Essentially everyone is a bean farmer (doesn't sound too exiciting but it is actually hysterical.... Imagine our buddy coming down stairs New Years morning to hear his friends saying, "I want your stink. I have two blues... Come on.. hand over your stink bean!" You have two bean fields. In each field you can only plant one variety (this is one of the essential rules). You must obtain a certain number of beans before you harvest them in order to win gold coins. While you can wait until the beans in your hand come around and plant them, the best way to get the beans that you want is through bartering. You must plant the beans in your hand in the order you received (another very important rule). This rule really encourages people to discuss and trade, rather than wait for their turn to come around. Bartering can become quite creative and is essential in order to excel in the game! Some beans are more valuable than others. The most valuable beans are less common and more difficult to get. In the end, the man with the most coins wins.

Hits the spot
January 16, 2007

A blast for me, my wife and my daughter. The interpersonal element (trading, donating) is great. The game is just long enough without being too taxing, or too light. Hits the spot. Everyone stays active during the entire game (even during other player's turns).

by G.
This is the Funnest Game I have ever played!!
January 12, 2007

This is a must buy if you are interested in having friends and family over for a a fun time with some games. Although it is a card game it is the most multi-faceted game I have ever seen. It has more to do with the players who play than the game itself, 90% people 10% cards. It is a blast and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it.

Great Family Game
January 01, 2007

Don't let the 12 and up age description stop you from picking this one up for younger kids. My 7 year old daughter loves the game and is competitive every time. The basic strategy of the game is simple enough for kids, but can be complex enough to keep the game interesting for adults. With the average game taking about an hour and the price cheaper than taking the 3 of us to the movies this is a great bargain and a blast to play over and over again. I really recommend this game, it is one of my all time favorites.

Everyone loves it!
April 10, 2006

My husband and I were just beginning to date when, one day, some friends came over with their new game (Bohnanza) and begged us to play with them. It was a blast! And, I won, of course, by batting my eyelashes whenever possible. After that, he bought me the game and we have enjoyed playing it countless times. In the four years we've been married, we've introduced the game to dozens of friends. At least 8 copies of the game have been purchased by our friends because of it! One friend's family started their own Bohnanza Championship, with a crazy-looking trophy that got passed around to the winner.

Bohnanza is funny, creative and challenging. The perfect game!

Non-Gamers and Gamers Alike..
December 28, 2005
Love this game. I haven't played with anyone who hasn't liked it. It's good for kids..even young kids with help. It's challenging enough for adults. There's a bunch of interaction... it encourages cooperation (for the most part)... all around great game. My family always wants to play this one.
Non-gamers seem to love it!
May 10, 2005
I usually enjoy the first half of this game or the first 75% of it but the last quarter of it is always boring for me. I only play the game because my non-gamer friends enjoy it. It keeps them happy which is good enough for me. The basic reason people like this game is that there are times when it is in your best interest to give cards away for free. It always feels good when someone gives you something that you really want. Bohnanza is the game of good karma which is nice in a game. For that reason, I would give this game 4 stars. On the flip side, I find the actual game play to be mediocre which is why I finally decided upon 3 stars.
Addictive light strategy game
April 21, 2005

A couple of points worth mentioning about this game:

1) This is a light strategy game. If you are looking for a real brain buster look into 12-Man Morris, Ringo, Hneftafl, Chess, Risk or the like. This won't do it for you.

2) There is a variation for two players, but don't bother with it. The two-player variation is nothing like the game for 3-7 players. It's adequate if you already love the game and can only find one person around to play it with. Certainly don't try it with just two players straight out of the box.

3) The big mechanics of this game that sets it apart as something new and imaginative is the fact that you can NOT rearrange your cards. You must play them in order. Just accept it. That's what makes this game different--and fun.

Now let me say, I love this game! I actually got it as a present first, and then once I got to play it with the couple to whom I gave it, I had to have my own copy.

The mechanics of the game require a lot of trading and donating of cards to other players, just to protect your own investment--your own bean fields. That makes this a good game for larger groups (4-7 people), though it plays just fine with three people as well.

The art is fun; the cards are good quality; and the instruction books is laid out well--both for the initial read through, and when you have to look back to find the random bit of info like, "How many cards do we draw to put face up in that middle phase of the turn?"

All in all, a very fun game.

Wasn't the hit we had hoped
April 15, 2005
My wife and I share the sentiment of a previous reviewer - we don't get it. Most of our game playing is the two of us, and we found the two-player version somewhat contrived. Although we haven't had the opportunity to play it in a larger group, were we to be in that setting we would select a different game.
Addictive and different
January 14, 2005

After reading, and explaining the rules to our group, everyone was shocked by the idea of playing until the draw deck is exhausted for the third time. We wondered whether we would be playing until 2am. "We'll play until it gets late," was our determination. But once we played a few rounds, everyone at the table was hooked.

We have purchased 4 other new games in the past month, but have yet to try any of them. Because, now, everytime we get together everyone requests "That bean game".

This game is not only addictive, but different each time. You will find your strategies adapting each time you play. And we have found, amazingly, that people who have totally different taste in games all love Bohnanza. It seems silly, but even now I can't wait until the next time I get to say, "Please, trade me that Cocoa Bean for these 2 Blue Beans! I'll throw in a Wax Bean!"

I don't really get it
January 11, 2005

The game has very cute art, that much I'll give it. It is also fairly interesting to play for a little more than half of each game. I guess my biggest frustration with the game is that I never want to finish playing the last half of it and then I regret that I got sucked into another try at it.

Having to keep your cards in the same order is also a weird thing to get used to. I found myself accidentally cheating a lot to begin with. At the same time, this mechanic is what forces people to give away their cards for free and this gives that warm fuzzy feeling which is probably what makes so many people like this game.

Anyhow, perhaps I have to play this game a bit more to understand all the hype. It is essentially a memory game as I see it because the strategy is not that deep and is dependant upon knowing what cards have been played. On the other hand, if this is a warm fuzzy game, then I think there are a lot of better social games out there. I guess the mix is just wierd to me. There is not enough to make this a good strategy game and not enough to make it a good social game. Instead, it seems like a poor mix of both. At the same time, it is a best seller so I figure there must be something enjoyable that I am missing.

Crazy Fun
January 06, 2005
THE best card game I have ever played. It is especially good in groups of 5 or more; the more people to trade with, the better. Simple rules, great artwork, high quality components. You'll love it!
A Great Card Game
January 04, 2005
In our house this game is second only to Settlers of Catan. We got this game a couple of months ago and have been playing it constantly since. It's a fun game that's quick to learn but does have strategy to it. It's good for groups because with trading etc.. everyone is involved all the time. This game is also popular with our friends who are not avid gamers like we are. It's a nice light game and a good "gateway game." So much so that our non-gaming friends are going out to buy it after having played it several times with us.
A pretty good card game
January 02, 2005

For me this game hasn't quite lived up to the high praise yet. I've played several times with different numbers of players, but it hasn't really grabbed me.

I've heard a lot depends on the group you're with and how much trading goes on, so maybe I need to find the right people to play it with. But I'm more of a strategy board gamer anyway.

December 22, 2004
We first played Bohnanza a few years back as a friend had received it as a gift. Our group gathered for games regularly a few nights a week, but once we played this game all the others fell off our playlist! This game just never gets old - the strategy of collecting beans, planning your fields, negotiating trades, and gathering gold is addictive. This game doesn't rely much on luck (although it doesn't hurt!) - to win consistently you'll have to use your negotiating skills. This game is fine for beginners, but the more you play the more your strategy will develop. Since that first night we have worn out one set of cards, and now all three families own a set so we can play whenever we have a spare moment!
by Gail
How can you not like the Stinkbeans?
July 27, 2004

The first time I sat down to play Bohnanza I thought it was a silly kids' game, after all how strategic can it be to collect Stink Beans? Then I saw the beauty of the conflict between wanting to get rid of cards you couldn't use and not wanting to help the competition. The two player rules are very different from the 3 -7 player rules and there is a greater element of luck and less strategy - I find 4 to 6 players to be optimal.

January 29, 2004

This was my first positive encounter with a truly innovative, fast and fun card-game!

I love the graphics and feel to it.

I recomend that you buy the expansion as well - the tasks-cards are unnessesary, but the new beans are excellent. Also, it allows you to play the game with 7 players.

Excellent and hyper-social!

Great fun for everyone
January 23, 2004

We got this game for Christmas and played it continuously over the holidays. In fact, my siblings went out and bought the game themselves by the end of the week. Everyone who learned the game, loved it. It was easy to learn for anyone ages 6 to adults, and equally fun for each. The trading is fun and gives a unique interaction between players. MUCH more fun than UNO!

by Jason
Marvelous fun for the whole family.
January 12, 2004

Played this brilliant game 6 or 8 times over the holidays. Every single person that I introduced it to was thrilled with it. It's already become a classic in our family. I'm ordering 3 more sets.

Play is a bit tricky to learn, but we all picked it up pretty fast. The 'trading' feature of the game is a blast, and we found that the games were usually very close...meaning there wasn't much difference in the winners' and losers' collected coins.

by Jim C
Phenomenal card game!
November 24, 2003

Believe the hype on this one. Not only is this a reasonably priced game and easy to learn, it's also one of my favorites. Dollar for dollar one of the best values out there and it has a very high replay value. I rank it up there with such great games as Puerto Rico, Settlers, Acquire, and Princes of Florence. The more people who play the better the game is, not great with only 2 or 3 players.

might be fun for little kids
November 18, 2003

If you like games like UNO then this is your game or and you can play it with little kids or if you have family or friends that are really no gamers. But it really is too boring and simple. Don't know why everyone is so excited about it really.

by Karl R
Great addition to any game collection!
October 21, 2003

This great card game will be a hit at any game night. Players take turn planting beans in 2 bean fields. Like beans must be planted with like beans. If you can't plant then you need to harvest first to free up a field (or get that 3rd bean field in play). Certain numbers of beans harvested at a time will earn you gold. Most gold wins! Oh, and did I mention the trading and donating that happens during each player's turn?

Fun and easy. Though it takes a round or two to get everyone comfortable with the play mechanics.

Don't hesitate to buy this and enjoy a light yet socially enjoyable game!

Ideal for several players
August 02, 2003

As a game for several people, the more the merrier, of reluctant gamers I don't think there are too many competitors.

Trading part is fun, the theme of the game is good humour and lastly it usually comes down to a close game.

A nice game when you're not into serious gaming.

Beans, Beans! Stinky Fun For Everyone!
July 20, 2003

Ok, so only stink-beans stink, but after being around beans this long, there will be more than enough bean jokes to go around. How do I describe the utter joy that you receive from playing this game?! THE CARDS ARE SO NICE! Oh, and the game plays great too ;) Grab your friends, you're in for a treat!

by Kane
Update and rebuttal
July 13, 2003

This message is to update my previous review and to post a rebuttal to another one.

When I posted my original review of this game I had only played it a few times and I gave it 5/5 stars. Well, I've played it a lot more now with lots of different people and I'd give it 10/5 stars if I could. This has quickly become my new favorite game. I love it and so has every single person I've played it with.

Now the rebuttal. Someone said that this game is only for kids and way too light to play with adults. They also said that it could be played by allowing players to rearrange the cards in their hands. THERE'S YOUR WHOLE PROBLEM!! The one thing that makes this a strategic game is the fact that you CAN'T rearrange the cards in your hand. You have to play them in order and try your hardest to get rid of the ones you don't want to play. I agree, if you could rearrange your cards, this would be a simplistic and boring game, but that is not at all the way the game should be played. Reread the rules and follow them and this game should appeal to even hardcore gamers.

by Nate
Simple and engaging for any age
July 07, 2003

This game is deceptive in its simplicity. The rules are clear, the play is straightforward, but the negotiation, trades, sacrifices and exchanges involved allow this game to hold the attention of just about any gamer. I have mostly played this game with a group of adults at work, where it makes a pleasant time-filler for about 45 minutes or so. My wife and I play the two-person version quite often. It's not as deep as some games, but it surely shouldn't be dismissed as a kid's game, either.

by Erin
great game!
July 07, 2003

I love Bohnanza because it's not one of those card games where you have to pay money to collect the cards, or one of those card games where only the people who have the cards can play. It's a fun game that everyone can enjoy and I give it 5 stars.

Good game for kids, not adults.
July 02, 2003

I bought this game because it looked like a good game to play with kids. My gamer friend has 3 kids between the ages of eight and twelve, and I was looking for a good game to include them in. Bohnanza fits the bill nicely. The game worked well for that purpose. I would rate it as 5 stars if it were marketed as a child's game.

However, I couldn't imagine playing Bohnanza with a bunch of adults, it is w-a-a-a-a-y too light. It might work well as a party game, if you think UNO is a great game. It is only slightly more complex than 'Go Fish' or 'Hearts' (granted, the rule book makes it seem more difficult).

One hint, when playing with kids between the ages of 8 and 12, just forget the rule about keeping the cards in your hand in the exact order you draw them. It is futile. A player should never have a large number of cards in their hand and the game doesn't change that much if you let them move cards around. Kids may need to move cards in order to better visualize their hand.

by Kane
Starts slow, but a great game
June 22, 2003

I've only played Bohnanza with 2 and 3 players, but I love it both ways. I'm sure it will only get better (and crazier) with more players. The game starts out kind of slow before anyone really has any bean fields going, but once it takes off Bohnanza is a blast to play. Tons of player interaction is what makes this game great. Trying to talk people into giving you what you need and seeing just how much you can get and how little you have to give. The rules may seem a little confusing when you first read them, but once you start playing it, everything makes sense. Great game! 5 stars!

by Toni
This game is the greatest!
June 11, 2003

My friends introduced this game to me, and I Love it! It is fun with a lot of players or with just 2. Brian stated in the editorial review that it was made for 3-7 players. There are some changes in the rules for 2 players but the game is just as much fun. I prefer to play that way. This is a great game for anyone to play. A word of caution to thoes who get addicted to games....Watch out for this game! You WILL get hooked. I guarantee it.

don't understand what is so great about the game
June 10, 2003

The rules are overly complicated for the type of game it is. I had to read and reread the rule booklet several times in order to play, and constantly refer to it throughout the game. The cards are atractive to look at, though, and add alot of personality. It just seems that there could be a much more simple approach to this game.

by Aiden
Easy Fun!
February 23, 2003

What makes this game fun is the silliness and the player interaction in it. Once we understood the rules, we have had fun ever since. The pictures on the cards are amusing and the game mechanics are good. You can play cutthroat or just play to pass time. That is what I really like about it and everyone we intorduced the game to loves it. So do your self a favor and buy this game.

Addictive, addictive and addictive
February 11, 2003

I read the rules for this game somewhere and thaught: 'This is a stupid game!'. But still I just ordered this game, because I saw it ranked in Top 10's everywhere on the net and it was rather cheap. And boy, was I wrong or what! We just started playing it during one of our gaming weekends. And we played games like Settlers of Catan and Talisman, 2 of the best games ever! But we just wanted to play Bohnanza over and over again! It's so addictive! Now the fellow gamers all went out and bought it for themselfs! This is most certainly the game with the best price/quality rating so far!

by HL
No wonder it was nominated as Game of the Year
January 19, 2003

The best card game I''ve played ever. My old favourite was the mob game Family Business.

Bohnanza has fairly simple rules but still tickles the mind. Learned it in15 minutes, and won my first game. Always a good intro to a new game!

You have to think relatively fast and sometimes plan somewhat in advance, trading is fun and happens smooth & naturally (better than in Settlers I think).

In fact trading is what it's all about, and harvesting your beans gives great satisfaction.

I would also have to say that the humourous cartoon portraits on the cards makes it fun to look at while your playing. All of the different bean varieties have their own personality.

by Jason
Goofy concept, lots of fun
January 06, 2003

The conversations during the game must sound quite odd to people in the room not actually playing. 'I've got two blue beans for your stink bean! I'll give you a cocoa bean for two chili beans!'

The concept of the game is simple- collect cards of the same bean type and plant them in your bean fields. Harvest them and make gold. There is a decent amount of strategy as you can plan your moves ahead of time and can make trades and donations to help/hurt other players.

The two player bean duel is enjoyable, but I really enjoy playing with 5-6 people. The game can run at a pretty smooth pace and there is the potential for a great deal of player interaction.

At this price, you almost can't go wrong with Bohnanza. We've played with several groups of friends and family and its been a smashing success!

Great at first, but it always ends the same.
November 22, 2002

The first few times I played Bohnanza, I thought it was one of the best games I'd ever played. The artwork is great, and the names of the beans are fun. And it lends itself to interesting conversations during trading. After a while, however, I found that there isn't much strategy involved. It seems to me, that no matter what you do, almost everyone ends up in the same place. More often than not, even when I play with differet sized groups, the winner actually comes down to the tiebreaker of number of cards in your hand. That's great when you're trying to keep things even and play a nice family game. It just gets old though, when it doesn't really matter what strategy (harvest small fields vs. big fields; 2 vs. 3 bean fields; trade frequently vs. infrequently) you choose. If you're not big into strtegy, this would be a five-star game.

Weird in the beginning, great if you get the hang of it
November 05, 2002

The first time I played this game, I wasn't quite fond of it. I thought it was all about being lucky in drawing cards. But after a few games, I developped a bit more feel for the game and now it's one of my favourites.

It's great fun, doesn't take too long and the conversations during trading are hilarious. Very high 'hookability' as well.

I'll take that stink (bean) off your hands
November 02, 2002

Bohnanza, more affectionately known as Beans, is a great game for all ages. Once the basic gameplay is learned, anyone can easily become a shrewd bean trading freak. Bohnanza is well worth the money. It is also a great icebreaker. I have used this game in many social situations in which I knew no one and went away with six new friends. Besides, in what other situation can one tell a relative stranger, 'I'll take that stink off your hands'?

Never bean anything so fun!
September 26, 2002

I don't think you could play this every day of your life, but now and then this sure is fun! This is the one game I am able to get my entire family to play. And we have the entire spectrum. There's my dad who refused to play Settlers of Catan because it seemed too complex (and I hadn't even talked about the robber yet!) and there's my nephew who's a hard-core D&D buff. And there was the rest of us distributed evenly between, all playing Bohnanza and all having fun!!! (Come to think of it, there were 8 total -- the game is only supposed to be for up to 7) If you knew my family, you would know that for all of us to have fun at the same time is nothing short of a miracle. Anyway, this game is perfect for just about any gaming skill level and seems to work fine for numbers from 2 (my wife and I play a couple of times a week) all the way up to 8 (so far). And given the price, proabably the best value out there.

by Fred
Awesome card game for 2 or more...
September 10, 2002

My friend and I really enjoy this game and play it often. Even with 2 players it doesn't lose it's appeal. Easy to learn and is quite educational as well. And as always, incredibly detailed and colorful cards add to it's appeal. Although in the 2-player version there are two sets of beans that are removed from play that I would love to see included in the shuffle!!!

great trading fun
September 03, 2002

Very fun trading game. Plenty of stategy and bluffing. One of best card games I have ever played. I generally do not like card games as they are often based more on luck than skill. This allows skill to make up for even the worst luck. More stink beans please.

Great Family/Friend Game
July 15, 2002

A highly amusing game which revolves around planting, selling and trading beans. Who would have thought?

The game is fairly fast moving with lots of interaction even when it isn't your turn. It is good for early teens who aren't particularly patient.

Our family and friends enjoy this game. The variations for 2 players make the game enjoyable. The more the marrier though, all the way up to 7.

Buy it and enjoy hours of fun.

Fun game for kids and adults that rewards cooperative behavior
July 03, 2002

I noticed that one of the reviews below mentioned that the age markings (12+) should be observed. I really have to disagree with that. Our kids (ages 6 and 9) have been playing this for a year now and the 6 year old picked this up right away and has no trouble following the rules.

What I find most remarkable is that the game has a factor built into it that favours people who play in a cooperative way. The only way to adjust the order in your hand is to trade away your garbage. Adults can't seem to do this (as they are always looking at both sides of the trade and concerning themselves with fairness). Kids don't seem to do this nearly as much and will trade more freely. As a result, they are often able to achieve results that the adults playing the same game can not duplicate.

Very few games out there have mechanisms built into them which reward cooperative behaviour and yet still offer a pleasantly competitive game. Our kids both win their fair share of Bohnanza and not because they were handed victory by an adult.

One last point, if there is anything funnier to a 6 year old than a 'stink bean', I don't know what it is.

A favorite game at gatherings
April 01, 2002

Bohnanza is one of the best games I've ever played, especially when it's in the origanal German edition, or with the German expansion set. This card game is fun and unique, and is always a favorite at friend and family gatherings. The trading of bean cards makes it a team effort, so this game is not as competative as some. Bohnanza is a card game best played with three to four players, though you can play with 2-5 players (2-7 with the expansion set). With two players the trading isn't much fun, and with more than four it takes forever for your turn to come around. When using the expansion set, I suggest only going through the deck twice, instead of three times, so the game doesn't last forever. I highly recommend Bohnanza as an exciting game to play with family and at all get-togethers. Almost all game lovers really like this German card game!

Best Game played for a long time.
March 31, 2002

I`m only ten but I enjoyed playing Bohnanza as much as my older friends. Even my sisters enjoy it as much as me and they're only eight!!!

Believe me. BUY IT!!!! It`s a game about planting beans. Its illustrations are well done and imaginative.I think it shows how boring normal card games are. It shows you only need imagination and bits of cardboard to have fun. I thought you needed to have complicated flashy looking board games to have fun. And how wrong I was.

Non gamers love it!
March 25, 2002

This is the game that all of my non-gamer friends love. Plain and simple, they love it. I dont fully understand why but I dont really care. They want to play it and that is all that matters. Best of all, each new game brings me one step closer to my master plan; the conversion of all Christians and other simple folk into irreverent game lovers.

Only Good With 6 or 7 Players
February 27, 2002

Overall a nicely made product. The pictures while being a little childish are entertaining. Interesting rules and card placement mixed with lots of trading among players makes a great game. But remove some of the players and it all falls apart. Suddenly your choices become very limited. It becomes somewhat common for a person to be faced with screwing himself or giving cards to an opponent. Overall a 3 star but with 6 or 7 players its a good 4 stars.

February 25, 2002

like this game great for 2-5 players..its funny and funn! like it and my kids like it..good for adults and 9+..Trading and math skills are required. Trade coffee, stink, green, and other kinds of beans. Plant them in feilds, harvest them for gold. MOst gold wins the game! For less players you remove different kinds of beans per the directions. It is complicated directions, but once you learn it it is a great game!

Beans and Jakins
February 05, 2002

Our good friends the Jakins introduced this game to us. We thought they were a little obsesive about it, but after we played for awhile we had to borrow it and show it to my family. Now they love too. That is why we had to get our own. At first you think it is kind of lame until you score 5 coins from the garden bean, then all of the sudden all you want is more and more beans. You can also coax the other players into giving you 'I owe you''s and not have to do the cook your own meal for a week.

Bean Farming?
January 16, 2002

Words don't do this game justice! A game with a bit of luck, but lots of player interaction. I'd love to watch a group of really good players play.

A wonderful game of trading and resource management. It plays fairly quickly, though with 6, it sometimes takes awhile between turns. The best thing about the game is the price! I figured with the price, I couldn't lose out buying it without playing it! BUY IT! I think you'll find it is amongst the cheapest entertainment available!

One of the best games I have ever played!
January 06, 2002

This is a wonderful game that is not olny enjoyable for the whole family but for people who usually do not enjoy card games. I give it a five star rating! This is one of the best games I have ever played!I recieved the game as a gift and thought that I would never play it. Now I am going to buy all the expansion packs I can.

The perfect party game
December 25, 2001

This game truly gets a crowd growing--kind of reminds me of bargaining and negotiating in bazaars in places such as India, Egypt, etc.

We've loved it every single time we have played the game. You see people's negotiating skills and personalities come out quite a bit. We've had people trading futures (illegal ;-) ) saying, "I'll give you coffee now, if you give me black beans later if you get them." For the price, you can't beat this one.

'Bean' Game with the Beans!
December 17, 2001

We used to play the Bean game with our best friends, the Beans. They are the ones that introduced us to the game. We are warning you though, it is very addictive! It is an awesome teaching tool for simple economics and is also fun at learning how to trade in a self-interested way in which all might gain advantage (not all the time, though, and we would suggest being prepared for the minor blowups from your friends or spouses).

Lots of fun. WE LOVE THIS GAME!

by Troy
Fun for some, but not all.
December 16, 2001

I played the game with some friends who play the game all the time. I loved it! Then, I went out and bought a copy for myself. Fortunately, I already knew the rules, because they can be a little difficult to understand.

After playing the game with a couple different groups of people, I came to realize that this game is not for everyone. With the right people, this game is a blast, but with others, it can be a painful waste of time.

In summary, don't be too disappointed if you don't enjoy this one the first time you play it. If you find the right group of people, it will be well worth the money! By the way, I havent enjoyed a 2-player game yet. The game plays much better with 3 or more.

fun for non-gamers also
December 09, 2001

I like to introduce this game to people that don't play a lot of games beyond the 'older school classics' (cribbage, checkers, [page scan/se=0048/sf=category/fi=stockin.asc/ml=20]Scattergories, etc.). They have generally never played a game that essentially requires trading. It encourages a level of interaction that is uncommon. This appeals to me. I'm even thinking about bringing it to work and playing it with my project team--I think that it will help people learn how to better work together (maybe not, but it's worth a try).

Other good points: It scales very well from 2 to 7 players and usually doesn't take too long. It feels fair, in that anyone can win. Everybody that I've introduced it to likes it quite a bit.

Solid 5 star fun! Even works smoothly with 2 players!
November 27, 2001

I just recently purchased this game (today, in fact) and have played a 2-player game against a friend of mine.

At first, the rules can be a little bit hard to grasp, and the 2 player rules need even more explaining, but once you have the general idea--as usual--it's easy!

1) Plant some beans.

2) Draw cards and trade/offer/discard them.

3) Plant any cards kept from last draw.

4) Discard a card, if you like, then draw some more.

The only slight challenge I found, was with trying to keep your hand in order. This is quite a task when you are used to organizing your hand like I am. But, it's part of the strategy of the game and I think it was a great addition. Just don't play this game with people who are likely to cheat. Perhaps I may buy/build a plastic holder which holds a row of cards to prevent cheating in this game.

My verdict:

I've only played with the 2-player rules variant so far, but I can see how great this game can be with 3 or more players. There's more strategy involved with more players, and I can't wait to get a 3-player game going some day.

But for now, I will say that I never play card games! Especially playing card related games. I think it was playing cards that put me off card games, which is why I never bothered with them, thinking they were all the same. I'm more a board-game person.

I guess it was just curiosity, the sales ratings, and the hype that led me to buy it, and I was glad I did. This game has put back my faith in card games, and I won't be as ignorant towards them as I used to be.

Go out and buy this... it's worth EVERY penny!

Our family's favorite light game
October 18, 2001

No wonder Bohnanza is the #1 selling game on Funagain! It comes close to the perfect light game: a set of fun illustrated cards and rules that require just the right balance of light strategy and group interaction on every turn.

Somehow, this is always the first game we pull out at a gathering. Highly recommended.

by Bruce
Only for the Honest
October 17, 2001

It's too easy to cheat in this game. Each player must keep his or her cards in the order they are received and only the 'front' card may be played during that player's turn. Now, I don't think anyone would cheat on purpose... ahem... but I have seen players 'accidentally' move their cards around during a trade to set-up for the next turn.

Definitely keep to the age recommendations, it's too difficult to have kids keep their cards in order.

A mediocre game. Only play it with competent people you completely trust.

Always a good game with new people.
October 15, 2001

We have played the game with several groups of people. It usually takes a round for them to understand the game, but everyone loves it. Some of the enjoyment is derived from renaming the beans. My favorites are puke bean and kicked in the **** bean.

by Tony B
Best Bean Game ever, and Best Card Game at that!
October 01, 2001

First of all, you see cards, then you see beans. Hmmmm... this is going to be one boring game. QUITE the contrary, Bohnanza takes simple concepts and combines them into one amazing game.

The whole game is basically based on trading and selling. The many different kinds of beans and phases of your turn make it fun. I like the length because it allows you to be able to save up several of one type of bean, sell them, then do the same thing a few more times with new beans. You can't really plan which kind of bean you're going to save until you see your hand, but whichever you are saving, there is always a chance you'll rake in some coins.

Another thing that surprised me, besides how fun the game was, was that the more people you play with, the faster the game goes. But you can always be assured there will be enough time to store up beans, as you normally go through the deck three times.

There are only a few things that could have made the game better.

1. The game ends abruptly, often leaving you with bean cards in your hand that you had big plans for.

2. It would have been nice if some real type of coins, like gold plastic coins, came with the game. But having the coins on the backs of the cards isn't so bad.

3. MORE BEAN VARIETES, although there are a lot, you can never have too many.

'Trading' is what lifts this game above others!
September 02, 2001

Bohnanza is a fun and light game that can provide an hour or so of entertainment with any group of people. However, stingy people who do not like to trade can really kill a lot of the game's enjoyment. This game's fun stems from the trading and donation aspect of the game. If you are with a group of freewheelers, it will be a hoot. Highly recommended!

by Sarka
The best game I have ever played
August 30, 2001

I explored this game while bored in Brazil. I played it at our Sundays sessions every week with my husband and 3 more friends. It was the best time ever, negotiating and trying to get some better cards. The game was brought from Germany by our friend, and we developed a love for the cards, even though they were in German--a language I didn't speak. Hope that more people will be able to play this game, because it can enlarge the group of games we can buy here so far.

by Doug
Unbelieveable Fun
August 29, 2001

My wife and I love this game, both as two players and as a family with 5 players. Non-stop laughter and fun. We especially like the trading phase of the game. Every time we play, it is like a different game. It is a bit hard to understand some of the rules, but we worked through that.

by Ron
A fun game, but the 2-player version ruins it
July 15, 2001

I like Bohnanza a lot as a short filler game. Good mix of strategy and luck. But last night, I played the 2-player version for the first time, and oy, what a mistake. The box really should say 3-7, beacause 2-player is essentially double solitare. Left a bad taste in both of our mouths.

Surprisingly good...
June 21, 2001

Call me a converted skeptic, but I picked up the game at a local convention, and it has quickly become a favorite.

The game has a nice mixture of strategy and luck. I especially like the ability to play with a large variety of different number of players, along with the slightly different rule varieties for each number of players.

Highly recommended, this should be in your game bag.

by Tom
Bean Gardening + Trading = Fun!
June 01, 2001

After buying this game I can see why it is Funagains all-time best seller. Unlike some previous reviewers, I found the rules to be fairly easy to understand. However, the rule variations on the back of the rulebook do kind of throw you for a loop after reading all the basic rules. We didnt see the reasoning behind any of the rule variations, so we simply dont use them. The game plays just fine using the basic rules and the full deck with 3 to 7 players. Ive never tried a two player game but can see why the extensive rule variants are needed to make it work.

One thing I like about this game is how highly interactive it is. If you just take your turn and do nothing till your next turn, you will surely lose. Its constant and profitable trading and planting that wins the game. You want to try to make trades or donations that benefit you just a little more than they benefit your opponents. You must also be very proactive with hand management because that first bean card in your hand must be planted at the beginning of your next turn. Overall, I found there to be a great amount of strategy and diplomacy involved. If there were much luck involved, the same person in our group would not be consistently winning. One thing to note, though--dont play with people who are known to cheat. Its very easy to cheat in this game by rearranging the cards in your hand without being noticed.

This is great game that I highly recommend. Every time we finish a game, we all want to start another one. If you already own this game and dislike it, give it another chance. I didnt care for it much after my first playing either. If you dont own this game, then buy it. Where else can you get dozens (or even hundreds) of hours of entertainment at this price?

I must be gaming with the wrong group of bean farmers.
May 20, 2001

Everyone loves this game... except me and my family. Sure the graphics are great and naming the beans is fun, but the game play seems much too rigid. Maybe my opinion would change if I played with a different crowd. But playing with my kids boils down to a simple exercise in giving away beans you don't need and receiving donations of beans you do need.

None of my kids ever ask to play it again. What card trading game do they ask to play? Pit. Hmm... now that I think about it, Pit is also a game of giving away cards you don't need and hopefully getting cards you do need. I guess we just prefer real-time trading to turn-based trading (at least so long as long-term strategic planning is not part of the game design).

A Bohnafide Hit!
May 15, 2001

Reading about the game mechanics, I couldn't envision how Bohnanza could be very fun. Put cards in sequence, trade with other players... it all sounded too simple to be interesting. But, like many others I'm sure, I purchased the game based on the great reviews here, its high sales ranking, and its modest price. I'm glad I did. It has turned out to be a run-away hit with my family and friends, as many others have attested to. It has all the qualities of great game:

  • Easy to learn, difficult to master
  • Nice blend of strategy and luck
  • A lot of player interaction
  • High quality components
  • Original theme

Its lighthearted theme and more-than-minimal luck factor may not make it a favorite with everyone, but I think even die-hard grognards would enjoy Bohnanza as an occasional change of pace. It is that unique. Highly recommend it.

One of our Favorites!
May 09, 2001

I have owned this game for approximately six months and have introduced to many different people. Every time I mention that I want them to learn the bean farming game they look at me with a very questioned expression, but as the game unfolds there is nothing but smiles all around. I am a big fan of family strategy games like Settlers, El Grande, Tigris & Euphrates, Carcassone, etc., but when we get together with friends this is the game we play more often than not. We never go on a trip without it and you can play it in almost any setting because the Rio Grande version is for 2-7 players. This will be the best $10 you've ever spent.

Nicely Done
May 06, 2001

This game would garner more interest if not for its child like artwork. My gaming friends were put off when I first pulled this out, as it looks childish.. Boy, were they wrong--this game is an incredible game, and you sure can't beat the price. The game is very balanced, and can be very vicious if played with the right people. A classic--now my friends ask me for that bean game. ;)

by Matt S
Just Plain Awesome!
April 24, 2001

This game is great, I'll never tire of it. The expansion packs only add to the fun. The price is right and up to 7 people can play. Who would have thought planting beans would be so much fun? This is easily one of my favorite games of all time. I recommend it to everyone!

Good game, not much further to add, but...
April 23, 2001

Bohnanza is among the best-reviewed and highest-rated games at Funagain, and seems to be in no danger of being toppled from its lofty perch at the top of the Best-Sellers list, so I am not posting this in an attempt to tell you the same things found in every other review of this fine little game.

What I do want to mention is the differences between the two editions. The Rio Grande version has all the same value cards as in the German edition and its first expansion. If you are a casual gamer, you can do no better than the Rio Grande version.

If, however, you are a more devoted gamer, you should consider getting the German version instead. Artwork was changed between the two editions. The beans have different values, therefore, from one set to the other. Rio Grande does not seem to be overly interested in providing anything beyond this basic set, so it is unlikely that they will be printing English versions of the further expansions. If you think you will eventually purchase La Isla Bohnita or the hard-to-find High Bohn, it would behoove you to locate the German edition of the game, so that the further expansions remain compatible.

Beans, Beans, the magical... game
January 21, 2001

Given the number of reviews, and the consistent placement of this game on Funagain's sales charts, it is obviously a popular game. Now that I've played it a number of times, I see why. It's fun. It has a neat combination of luck and light strategy to make a game "for non-gamers and gamers alike," to use a tired phrase.

The main asset of the game is that for a card game, it has a great combination of simple rules but a depth that surpasses most other card games. It is a unique game system, and it is a system that just has a great 'flow'--a brisk pace with a rhythm, and plenty of interaction and decision-making.

The rules could be a little clearer. After figuring out the game, the last page has 'variations' for 2, 3, 4-5, and 6-7 people. So what were the 'regular' rules for? And the 2-player game, to my mind (my wife disagrees) just doesn't really work. Then again, I keep playing it.

No, it is not chess. but it is fun and addicting--my two favorite qualities of a good game.

Everybody loves this game!
January 17, 2001

There are so many reviews of this game, I scarcely need to describe it. But for those of you who have never played a 'German' game of any sort, but want something a bit different from what your used to, but easily accessible and highly replayable, this is the game for you.

Since I bought this game and showed it to my non-gaming friends, I have basically instigated the purchase of 6 additional copies of the game for the people who have tried it. (I instigated the purchase of 5 copies of Settlers of Catan--also a good intro game for people new to German games.)

It's even a satisfactory two player game.

These game instructions need re-writing!
September 19, 2000

I bought this game for my son after seeing that it was a bestseller and reading all the great reviews of the game. He was very excited to play it so we sat down with the instructions and tried to play our first game. The instructions were so unclear that we were unable to play the game right away to his disappointment. Now, I am very good at figuring out puzzles, rules, and games. But after spending much time reading the rules and trying to figure how to play the game correctly, I have a general idea of how to play but still don't know if I am playing correctly. It's been very frustrating. And to top it off, after studying the basic rules and almost understanding them I then saw the alternate rules on the back of the instruction booklet for 2 or 3 players and became even more confused. Is this an overrated game, or what?!?

by Mike
Beans, Beans, the Incredible Card Game....
August 21, 2000

I can very rarely say that a card game has met with such universal applause as Bohnanza. I have played this game with lots of my friends, and I'm always being asked, 'when are you going to play that bean game again?'

The best part about this game is the clever idea that you may not rearrange the order of your cards in your hand. This encourages card/hand management.

The other great feature of this game is that you are always in need of a trade with your fellow players. If you stick someone with a card or situation that they don't like, it comes back to haunt you! What Comes Around, Goes Around!

Great game. There's a gotcha, though
August 01, 2000

Great game, as the other reviewers have noted. A very light trading game that everyone seems to enjoy.

My comment is actually on this edition, not the game in general. The Rio Grande version is identical to the orignal Amigo set plus the expansion #1 with one exception: The value 22 bean in the Rio Grande edition is no longer the Weinbohne (from the Amigo expansion #1), but is now the Wachsenbohne (from the Amigo La Isla Bohnita expansion). This of course has zero impact on game play... but it does make this Rio Grande version incompatible with the German La Isla Bohnita expansion, as then you would have the same beans at values 22 and 26--which would be incredibly confusing.

Now, the La Isla Bohnita is no great shakes, so this is probably not something anyone should worry about. Still, though, this seems like a rather dumb thing for Rio Grande to have done, and you might want to consider the original German instead, if you can find it (there is no meaningful difference between the Amigo and Rio Grande versions except for the English rules).

This game has made me a bean lover!
June 04, 2000

This game is GREAT. It's not very difficult to learn and it provided my friends and I with a lot of fun. We even enjoyed giving the beans new names like 'Urine Bean' and 'Vomit Bean.'

I highly recommend this gem.

This game is Great!!!!!
May 11, 2000

So fun, all my friends are really into it. It's one of the best games I have ever played!

What's with all the puns?
April 04, 2000

This game seems to bring a lot of puns along with its fun. I'm not going to review this game or anything, I'm just going to say, This game is an absolute MUST buy for every single gamer in the world. At the price, you can't go wrong and everyone will enjoy it. The replayablity value is innumerable since trading can never be the same.

by David
Best card game I have played
March 30, 2000

Just about a perfect game. When I play this with adults everyone plays with a good amount of strategy but when I play with kids everyone just wants to make deals for the sake of making deals. Both ways everyone has loads of fun. It is listed as a 12+ game but my girlfriend's 10 year old daughter not only always requests it but plays a pretty good game. Very highly recommended.

by Joel
simply GREAT!
March 10, 2000

I play this game more than any other game I have. This is basically a tradinggame (trading with beans is more fun than you think) but since you only get two (later three) fields to grow the beans on you must also try to get rid of cards that would otherwise destroy your current collections of beans. This is a fantastic game that everyone who is interested in games should have!

by Brent
the "Bean Game"
February 29, 2000

Bohnanza. I commonly refer to it as the 'bean game.' What is all the praise for? The game is not that great. It is just an okay game from my view. The best part of this card game is that you get to name the beans. That is where the strengths end. What about the player interaction one may ask? Oh, I get to put 2 beans in my hand so on the next turn, the 2 beans at the front of my hand can plant themselves. In essence that is what they do. To me there are better games that involve player interaction such as Lowenherz of Settlers of Catan. Both games require more than just negotiating with other players. Overall, I think the bean game is highly over-rated. It is not for your die hard gamer and even the casual gamer will get bored with this game soon. It is fun to begin with, but soon loses its luster after the humor of the bean names has worn off.

by James
Great value!! Tons of fun.
February 20, 2000

I was a bit skeptical about a bean trading game being so much fun. However, after having read all the rave reviews, I figured it was worth a shot.

Once play started, we could not put it down. This game is a hoot. Be sure to come up with your own names for the beans. That's a lot of the fun.

This game should be required playing at business school. It teaches the players to look for win-win situations in the trading. Players often offer trades for future considerations so credibility is critical.

The only thing keeping this game from being a 5 star game is the lack of long term planning.

by Tash
not for everyone
November 15, 1999

I have noticed the rave reviews for this game; this IS a fun game but it DOES have a strong trading element; this is something that one needs to be aware of when considering buying the game. Trading is compulsory in most of this game which is mainly what keeps that game going, but it also leaves little for long term strategy; there is very little depth in this game which makes it good as a family game. But as I said; it is entertaining but only for those who like this type of game.

by Ken Mc
November 06, 1999

No wonder this game is so popular. A fast and funny game that brings out the bean farmer in all of us. While the lack of choices keeps this game from being a 5 star classic in my book, its ease of learning combined with everyone being involved on each turn, makes it a must for any gaming group.

Our names for the beans are similar to what has already been posted, except we call the Garden Bean 'Psycho'. Perhaps the best part is when someone can't trade off a bean, the air fills with the cry of 'PLANT IT!!'.

As for Bohnanza, GET IT! as soon as you can.

Bohn me up Scotty
November 02, 1999

Train journeys across the Czech Republic would have been a lot more arduous without Bohnanza. It is everything a good family card game should be - quick, fun and interactive. The trading element means everyone is involved throughout the game ("Anyone give two cowboys or two fire beans for a hippy?"). There doesnt seem to be a great deal of skill however - nearly all games are decided by only one or two gold coins at the end and there isnt the satisfaction gained from winning a hard thought-out boardgame. However, if you want a quick trading game you can pull out between journeys from Karlov Vary to Uusted, this is it.

Worth more than just a hill of beans
September 27, 1999

Rarely have I seen a card game like this that is so much fun to play. At this price, it's a bargain. The expansion set adds more color and variety, but you should enjoy the basic game first. Now should the fans of this game start calling ourselves, 'Beanies' or 'Legumites'?

Bean Farming at its Best!
August 21, 1999

Ok so there are not that many games where you become a bean farmer but this would certainly be the best of the lot. I normally do not enjoy games which are entirely card-based since I find so much variety in a standard playing card deck that I have trouble justifying the cost of specialty card games. Too often you end up with a game that is nothing more than a dressed-up game which is very similar to one of the more popular rummy or trick-taking card games using a standard deck. In the case of Bohnanza, my fears were not realized. This is one terrific game and quite unlike any other card game I have ever played. The object is simple to plant and eventually sell beans for a profit. Only you have a limited number of bean fields and are often forced to sell your current crop too early. A nice element of trading rounds this game out. Plays very well with 3 and I bet it would be even more fun with more. I can honestly say this game seems to appeal to people even if they don't normally play games on a regular basis. Oh and our English-ized names for the beans Dizzy bean, Punchy bean, Cowboy bean, Peace bean, Shy bean, Stinky bean, Fire bean and Jumping bean.

Tres Bohn
July 17, 1999

Growing beans is the odd topic of this card game, which shares aspects of rummy and trading games. While you collect money for large sets of the same kind of bean, often you will have to harvest your beans early to make room for another kind of crop, cutting your profits. Trading away beans you don't want is the key to this game, since if you can't trade them you have to plant them in your own field, which means harvesting something else earlier than you want.

Bohnanza is entertaining and quite simple to learn. There is enough luck in the drawing of cards so that anyone can win, but not so much luck that you don't feel it is responsible for you winning or losing.

I found the available translations of the rules to all be a little ambiguous, so you may need to develop your own house rules.

by James
Fun to Play, Win or Lose
May 27, 1999

This is a really fun game not so much because of the competition, but because of the great design of the cards. The different characters are portrayed so humorously that you can't help but get a chuckle out of them. As one reviewer mentioned, the German names of the beans are quickly replaced by a more reasonable English version - ours were Boxer, Pukey, Mud Boy, Gardener, Tex, Flamer, and Lover Boy! We played once with three players, and couldn't help but play again immediately. Seems like it would be even better with more players due to the importance of negotiation/trade in the game.

You can even play this winner with 2 players!
February 03, 1999

I bought this game on a night when I should have been eating some food! Due to low blood sugar stupor, I bought it thinking that it could be played by two. Well, surprise! With very little tweaking, my wife and I made a variant of this game that works quite well with two players: Each player starts with 3 bean fields, can offer trades at any time, but must play the cards traded immediately. Only the first card in the hand must be played at the beginning of one's turn. The only complaint that we could think of was that the game rules are very oddly interpreted, and therefore, we still don't know for sure if we're playing it right. And to read the interactions at Funagain Gameweb or Game Cabinet, nobody else is too sure either! Apart from this, it's a real winner, and there has definitely begun an American tradition of naming the beans-Pukey, Piggy, Hippie, Psycho, Punchy, Naked, Cowboy and Pyro are what we came up with! Have fun!

The bean game that we can't stop playing!
February 02, 1999

Before I purchased Bohnanza, I did not know much about the game at all. I bought it because I heard many people talked about it on the internet, thus decided to give it a try.

Wow, did I make a right decision! The only regret I had was that I did not get the game sooner.

Our group of four gave Bohnanza a try one evening and we played it again immediately after the first try. Bohnanza's the first game our group played more than once in an evening. All of us wanted to play this bean game again and again.

The drawings on the Bohnanza cards are very well done. They depict various kinds of beans in a very comic way.

In Bohnanza, players trade beans to make money. Whoever makes the most money at the end of the game wins. I think what makes Bohnanza such a fun game is the interaction among players during the tradings of beans. In order to make a trade, we begged and bribed each other. In addition, we even made promises that we did not keep to trick each other into tradings (btw, making promises you don't keep is allowed since it's stated in the rule book). We all had a terrific time during the tradings of beans.

I'll say Bohnanza is probably the best card game I've ever played. I love it and I'll recommend to anyone!

Finally, I'd like to add that you should get the Bohnanza expansion if you can. It really enhances the game when you have more than three players. You could play with up to seven players when you combine Bohnanza with its expansion set.

"Let's play the Bean game!"
December 13, 1998

This is what I hear from my friends whenever we are winding down a night of gaming, and what a game! It's quick (about 30-45 minutes), requires wheeling, dealing, and skill, and it seems that in the end, everything often comes down to the wire.

Although the cards use German names for each bean, we have given them more colorful English names (Drunk Bean, Beat-'em-up Bean, Arson Bean, Judge Roy Bean)--you'll do the same. I suspect we will be playing Bohnanza for years to come. Highly recommended!

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