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Lunar Lockout
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Lunar Lockout

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Product Awards:  
Games Magazine Awards
Best Puzzle, 2001

Ages Players
8+ 1

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Product Description

Place your pieces on the board to match the challenge card. The piece that you want to move is pulled across the board by the second pieces "tractor beam." The piece being moved must move until it collides with the second piece and comes to a stop. Pieces can only move in a straight line and can not move diagonally. You are now ready to make your next move and collide into another piece. Your goal is to get the red piece to stop on the red square in the center. Do this and you win the challenge.

Product Awards

Games Magazine Awards
Best Puzzle, 2001

Product Information

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Average Rating: 4.7 in 7 reviews

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Fun for one!
August 29, 2002

This is a really addictive game to pass the time on long journeys - or in those 'downtime' moments at work. Whenever you solve a puzzle there's the 'just one more challenge' factor that means you'll get your money's worth many times over with this one. Highly recommended for any gamer - especially those who, even occasionally, can't find opponents!

I should also mention that I had fantastic customer service from Funagain when I ordered this. A hold-up relating to the credit card system meant I needed the game in 2 days, before I left the US and went back home to the UK. Not a problem to the good people of Funagain!

by Tim
Binary Arts are geniuses!
July 22, 2002

This is a terrific game. Especially for the price. Just like all the Binary Arts puzzle-games, the puzzles start very easy, then progress to mind-numbingly difficult. I COULD NOT solve the last three puzzles. During the expert puzzles, I'd get a huge rush of accomplishment when I got my man to the air-lock.

If you enjoy this, and would like to share it in a multi-player format (especailly at parties), try Ricochet Robot. It's almost exactly the same, but in competition with others!

The best
December 04, 2001

To me, this is the best of the genre (mostly Binary Arts stuff). It's absolutely addictive, engaging (as pointed out elsewhere, these are wonderful to take on planes), and the challenges work you up gradually, with new wrinkles working their way in.

You really want to solve this: with no other puzzle do I feel as compelled to visualize the whole solution in my head before I touch any of the pieces--my space guy's life is at stake! Partly, this is because in general you cannot (legally) take back a move, as in [page scan/se=0941/sf=category/fi=stockin.asc/ml=20]Rush Hour or Flip It (which are both also fantastic). Whether that was intentional or not, it gives this puzzle something extra. I have to tip my hat to Nob on this one.

An addictive Ricochet Robot for one
April 09, 2001

This is a great little solitaire game. It's quite similar to Ricochet Robot in theme, but there are some important differences.

  1. There are no walls--not even around the edges. You must get your man to the center solely by bouncing him off robots.
  2. The goal-spot is always the red square in the center.
  3. Instead of random board and piece placement, you must solve puzzles as provided on cards.

If you think these differences would make it more simple than Ricochet Robot, then you're in for a big surprise. The puzzles, especially at the top levels, are tear-your-hair-out difficult. Solutions are thankfully provided on the backs of the cards, but that's cheating.

The components are very high quality. The robots all have their own 'look' beyond being different colors. The base of the board slides out nicely, has storage space for the robots and cards, and snaps together snugly.

My only complaint is that I'd like to see an expansion set soon with new puzzles to solve.

by Tash
great for Ricochet Robot fans
November 24, 2000

This game has similar rules to Ricochet Robot except that it is a solitaire game (from what I have been told, Ricochet Robot is for multiple players). The basic principle is that a robot can only move if it hits another robot, and the aim is to send the red robot home (in the centre of the board). The starting position of the robots is shown on cards. There are 40 puzzles (cards) in the game and of course, they increase in difficulty. I'm not a puzzle person, but I had bought it for my stepfather... now we are addicted. It's a great pressie at a low price.

by Cy
Good, but not as fun as other Binary Arts puzzles
January 14, 2003

The puzzles are in general easier than rush hour and stormy seas. Maybe it has to do with the very few pieces and the fact that you know you can't move any piece unless there is another piece at the other end to catch it. That means a more limited palette of moves. Still enjoyable, but I think 'Stormy Seas' is still the best of this type of puzzles from Binary Arts for its clever mechanism. I highly suggest anyone who enjoys 'lunar' or 'rush hour' to go get 'Stormy Seas.'

by Pedro
Amazing but...
December 22, 2002

This game is amazing, I received it as a presento from a friend and when I saw that full coloured robots I looked her thinking that she was joking. But when I opened the box and started playing I turned into an addict. Now Im looking for any kind of new maze games like this one or maybe a new card set harder than this one. Because it took me only a few hours to end the full game. But i know it could be improved to reach such ammount of addicts like myself.

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