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Letter Head
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Letter Head

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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 10+ minutes 1-9

Designer(s): Kristan Lawson, Herbert R Lawson

Manufacturer(s): Atlas Games

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Product Description

Letter Head is a dynamic word-forming card game that's engaging, interactive, challenging, addictive, and above all, fun. Players create words using a special deck of cards that have letters instead of numbers and points instead of suits. Missing a crucial letter? No problem! Canny players can bluff their opponents into thinking they've got every letter they need. Social skills and "emotional intelligence" are just as important as spelling ability.

But Letter Head isn't just one card game, it's an expandable game kit. Rules for fourteen additional games that can be played with the 124-card Letter Head deck are included. Games like:

  • Word Slam: A raucous party game requiring a quick mind and quicker hands. Be the first to recognize a word using the shared cards and slam your word on the table before anyone else.
  • Vultures: Every word you play becomes tasty carrion for the player following you to feast upon. And if you don't like your cards, you can always call for Fresh Meat.
  • Red Handed: Players race desperately to earn cards they can use to catch the opposition red-handed. But beware: The more cards you collect, the more you'll be penalized if an opponent forms a word before you do.
  • Seven-Letter Stud: The classic poker game with a twist: The best-scoring word wins the showdown.
  • Take a Letter: A wicked variation of the old parlor game Concentration. Players must not only remember the locations of dozens of hidden cards, but must also manipulate them mentally to form words -- before their opponents do.
  • Letter Head Solitaire and Crosswords Solitaire: Stranded on a desert island? You can even play Letter Head by yourself!

This word game for the new millennium proves once and for all that word games aren't just for eggheads. Tired of twos, fives, and (yawn) the nine of clubs? Once you try Letter Head, you'll never be satisfied with a deck of standard playing cards again!

Product Information


  • 124 letter cards
  • 6 reference cards
  • rulebook

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 1 review

One of the better word games, and quick too
September 05, 2000

There are no really earthshaking innovations in this interesting word game. But that's part of the glory of it. We all know how to play games where letters of an English-language distribution are used to build words. So right off the bat, you're working with a familiar concept.

In this game, letters (cards) are taken by each player (at least 5 per player) and while others are taking their turns, each player may continually draw more cards up to a max of 10 cards in hand (expediting play). When it comes to be your turn, you must lay a word before you from the letters in your hand. However, you do not have to reveal all (or any) of the letters. Thus, each card may be played face up or face down.

Then, state your word and allow anyone at the table to challenge you. If no one speaks up, you reveal your letters and score whatever each letter's value is. As an example, if you told everyone that your word was T-H-E-R-E and revealed only ?-?-E-R-?, you'd wait to see what they do. Let's say no one challenges. Then you reveal your real word: X-Q-E-R-Z and you'll score a bundle.

What if someone challenges? Well, then you get squat. Further, each person who challenged gets 10 points for realizing that you are a liar.

Finally, each word which actually scores (bluffs or valid words) receives a couple of bonuses. The first bonus is based on how many of your cards you used (ie, using 5 out of 6 cards merits more bonus points than using 7 out of 10; it's all on a handy-dandy chart). The second bonus is an extra 10 points per person who invalidly challenged you, for the insult.

Play a few rounds (5 is standard) and see who wins. As an add-on, rules to other games (like an anagrams game) are included with the purchase.

Summary: word buffs will really like it and any perceived flaws (maybe it's a bit too easy to challenge when the challenger suffers no tangible penalty) can be readily fixed with house rules.

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