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Rat-a-tat Cat Card Cuddler
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Store:  Card Games, Kids Games
Edition:  Rat-a-tat Cat / Biberbande
Theme:  Cat / Kitten
Genre:  Memory
Format:  Card Games

Rat-a-tat Cat Card Cuddler

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Ages Play Time Players
6+ 20 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Monty Stambler, Ann Stambler

Manufacturer(s): Gamewright

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Product Description

Take your favorite Gamewright card games with you wherever you go in an adorable, cushy Card Cuddler carrying case! Slide the cards into the cuddler, zip it up, clip it to your backpack or belt loop, and take it with you for Gamewright fun anywhere, anytime.

Rat-a-tat Cat! Get rid of the rats and go for the cats! Win by having your cards add up to the lowest number (a poker face helps). Exchange a card on each turn, with Peek, Swap, and Draw Two cards adding an extra twist. Cagey thinkers of all ages will crow with delight over this game of strategy, memory, and a little luck.

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Average Rating: 4.6 in 10 reviews

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How could you go wrong?
March 26, 2004

Rat-a-tat Cat is my family's all-time favorite game -- and the youngest among us is sixteen! We've found it's become extremely addictive and wind up playing at least five rounds at a time (the most was twenty). Friends have joined in with us and are equally addicted. It always makes for a great time, lots of laughs, and some good-old competition.

At the same time, we were introduced this by a seven year old in our family, who is way better than any of us could be. It's great to play with all ages, as children can easily succeed. I would recommend this game to anyone -- whatever age -- it's great for family play.

Kids love it and defeat adults too!
August 18, 2003

I bought this game for a family we know with five kids 2-12. They all love it. Even the two-year-old 'plays' with help. They are also good at it, we babysat for them and the five-year-old regularly beat my wife and I. Really don't see how you can go wrong with this one especially for the price.

by Dan
Both big cats and little cats will love it!
February 02, 2003

The kids went to bed, and the adults just kept on playing. It's fun! The mix of chance and strategy allows for legitimate 5 year old winners but keeps it interesting for adults. After a few games it gets progressively more difficult to remember which cards you have face down in front of you. But don't peek!

This is our all time favorite game!
December 08, 2002

Easy to play - not so easy to win - even for adults - and great for most ages! It is a quick game and can be played almost anywhere - anytime.

Fun - Fun - Fun for everyone! A game parents and children can enjoy together...(and parents you won't always win.)

The Cat's Pajamas!
November 24, 2002

Our family loves this game. There's a good mix of luck and strategy so our 5yo can win her fair share and her parents actually enjoy playing, too. Since we've been playing this game her addition skills have improved markedly. I've also learned just how devious the little one can be -- when she's dealt a high card, she will keep it till the end in hopes of swapping it with someone else's low card, and she often does just that. Meowch!

Great even for the very young
October 21, 2001

This one's a winner. My son's been playing this since he was 3 and regularly thrashes the rest of us. Another set of Swap, Peek, and Draw 2 could have made it even better, but it's still a great game, with lots of agonizing as to whether to stick that 2 under a three you know about, or take a chance on a card you haven't seen yet... (Oh, no... a Zero--merry Christmas!).

Awesome family entertainment
October 05, 1999

Easy to learn, even for young kids; quick to play, many rounds can be played within a half and hour; and simply entertaining. This is one of our family favorites. Our youngsters (7 and 10) beat us regularly using the regular set of rules. Patience and timing go hand-in-hand with the luck of the draw and a decent memory. But a good poker face helps in retaining the secrecy of your best cards' locations. Don't give their locations away, or another player can steal them if he draws the 'swap' card.

All in all, it's a great equalizer for kids and adults.

by Sean
Kids versus Adults: It's a Toss-up!
April 05, 2003

Rat-a-tat Cat is a simple, quick game that everybody in your family over the age of 5 can play well. With only the cards and a piece of paper to jot scores onto, Rat-a-tat Cat is an easy set-up. With 4 or 5 players, the game lasts under 1/2 hour so it is not a big time commitment for younger players.

While I may have beaten my children (ages 6 and 7) consistantly for a few weeks, we now play at an even level. It is refeshing to not have to make a decision whether to let my son win or not--he is just as likely to win on his own.

With a good memory and basic math skills, any young person or adult will enjoy this simple game. There is not too much depth to the decision making but enough to please older players. A sure-fire family success.

A fast paced memory game where low score wins
February 02, 1999

Rat-a-Tat Cat is a fun game for ages 5 and up. I've played with mixed groups (adults and children) and everyone has had an enjoyable time. The object of the game is to end up with the lowest combined score on the four cards in front of you. Unfortunately, the cards are face down (depriving you of the sight of the wonderful illustrations of cats and rats), so you have to trust your memory and a little bit of luck when collecting cards and deciding which ones to keep and which to dispose of. Luckily, there are 'peek' and other special cards to help you along. Special rules are included for playing with younger children, but they in no way diminish the game for adults playing with them.

Not quite purr-fect
October 28, 2003

Sometimes when reviewing a game, one risks sounding a bit snobby. When you've played quite a few so-called German games, you come to expect a bit more to a game. Sadly, Rat-a-Tat Cat lacks anything to make it anything but average. Don't get me wrong though, this game does have it's place in a collection. Read on...

This is a card game, and a very simple one at that. Players have four cards in front of them, two face up at either end, and two face down in the middle. On a player's turn, he may draw a card from the stack (or the top card of the discard pile) and substitute it for one of his cards. That catch is that he doesn't know what his two middle cards are until he replaces them! The object is to get a low sum of all your cards. When a player is reasonably confident that they have the lowest sum, they knock on the table 'rat-a-tat' and ends the round. Players then compare scores to see who actually wins.

There are some special action cards to spice up the game, but the problem is that you may not get them and your opponents might, leaving you at a disadvantage. Also, since you don't know what your middle cards are, or any of your opponents, it seems that knocking immediately on the table gives you only slightly less odds of winning than actually playing the round out! Ouch!

But remember who this game is aimed at: young children. And, for that it succeeds reasonably well, but even at that level there are better game out there. Rat-a-tat Cat has a very high novelty value that fades very quickly. For kids to play with kids, it works fine, but as a family game the novelty wears off quickly, and as an adults game, the novelty will be gone in a couple playings. I don't mean to be a jerk when I play, but I've found that (especially in a 2 or 3 player game) that knocking right away is actually a pretty good idea if your two end cards are reasonably low. It's no less random than trying to win by swapping your blind (potentially good) cards out for a mediocre card.

For games of this weight, I would take Galloping Pigs and Pick Picknic over this one any day. They have a few more decisions and a little more control, important qualities even in a children's game.

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