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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 30-40 minutes 2-5

Designer(s): Bill Sabram

Manufacturer(s): Milton Bradley, Hasbro

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Product Description

It's up to you to help Buffy and her friends stop the spread of Evil in Sunnydale! Which villain and his minions will plague the town? The Master? The Judge? The Mayor? Or Adam? Each game recreates one of Buffy's four most exciting challenges... use your own strength and skill to outwit them all!

Patrol the board. Collect cards and gain power. Roll dice to fight and cast spells. Finally, rid Sunnydale of Evil to win! But don't slack... or Evil will slay you first!

Funagain staff: This is a great looking game, and a shock coming from Hasbro. Whether you like the theme or not, there's no denying that the components are a cut above (Buffy is a pewter icon!) and the game mechanism is great fun. We think somebody slipped this product by when no one was looking and it got produced because it's a popular TV tie-in. Give this one a try--it's definitely a real game.

Product Information


  • Gameboard
  • Pewter Buffy icon
  • Phases Chart centerpiece with 4 plastic clips
  • 5 Good Player (Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz, and Angel) & 13 Evil Player pawns and stands
  • 84 Evil, Weapon, Research, Help & Artifact cards
  • 4 Villain tiles, 4 Good Player cardholders & 1 Evil card stand with 2 plastic clips
  • 10 dice and label sheets
  • 10 life counters

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 17 reviews

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by Gene
Blood-Suckingly Cool
February 25, 2004

This game kicks ass! Finally a game you can really 'sink your teeth' into! I love this game and me and my friends have spent hours creating and searching for new scenarios for the other seasons! Some are Brilliant, some insane but some are not so good! Mail me, I'll give you them and you too can join in the carnage!

by Ellen
the best board game ever
February 22, 2003

My friends and I love this game because of the strategy, the logic and the intution needed to really challenge your opponet. We are ready for the rest of the season finales to be offered up into a continued version of this excellent masterpiece.

One my favorite games
October 12, 2002

I enjoy playing this game whenever I can. The different scenarios offer many options to the play, and the tactics employed by both evil and good players vary from game to game. The look of the game is good (although Buffy is Not a pewter icon as described by the staff of this site) and it is a must own for all fans of the series.

Didn't expect to love it
September 19, 2002

I bought this game on clearance and didn't really expect to like it. I love the show, though, so I thought it might be interesting to play with other fans.

I opened it when a friend visited from NYC and had jet lag. We were too tired to see the sights.

We LOVED IT!!!! The game takes a little while to learn, but the strategies are really interesting. Each season requires a different set of strategies. Good and Evil need different strategies (Good can't sacrifice players and summon new ones). Often there are two ways to win for Good, which makes it even more fun.

I have only played with two people. I don't know how it plays for more than two. I think the game is biased toward Evil, but that may be because I still don't use the help cards to their maximum benefit when I'm Good.

My friend and I designed a season five and six game. E-mail me if you're interested. It does require a couple of new artifact cards and new Evil characters. We also changed the good characters for seasons three and four to fit the show better.

Great Game!
June 20, 2002

Little tough to figure out at first or teach to others but the game play is awesome even if you dont watch the show! Very addictive and realistic to the script! Any buffy fan will fell like a charactor and spends hours of time wasted lost in Buffy world! Also a great gift for any collector if Slayer stuff!

I did not want to play, but I'm really glad I did!
April 10, 2002

This game was offered up to our gamming group and most of us acted like a vampire to the cross, I was one of them. Then we played the game once, another game immediately after and low and behold another one after that. This is a real game, not a cheesey TV show game. I have only seen the show maybe 2 times in my life, so I guess you couldnt call me a fan of the show, but I am a fan of this game. Dont be afraid of breaking out with game in a gamming group, you may get a few 'what the *#&$% is that game' But once tried a true gamer should appreciate the strategy and fun this game offers, and if they are fans of the show the enjoyment will increase exponentially

Buffy - complete through Season 4
March 03, 2002

I love the balance of the game between the two sides and the inclusion of the other characters through Help cards. Another really cool part of the game is all the different types of dice (fighting, moving, majic, etc.). The makers of the game really thought of everything as far as how all the parts of the game work together - A+!) I also love that the game is 4-in-1 (the 4 seasons). I can't wait for an expansion!

great fun and interaction/cooperation between players
January 25, 2002

Guess enough people have posted good comments about this one, so just to add my 2 cents : this is a really fun game to play - and a great game if you're a fan of the show (believe it or not, Xander will always miss his roll dice ;) )

Game atmosphere is really cool, and the game mechanisms are interesting enough to usual gamers, yet simple enough to appeal to people otherwise reluctant to more complex boardgames.

This makes for a great game to share with your friends, with a strong 'replay' value.

Notice that there are 2 other Buffy's boardgame (a french and an english one) who anyways got pretty bad reviews on Internet.

by Tom
Not what you expect at all
December 06, 2001

My wife is a huge fan of the show and I admit I like it quite a bit, myself. My wife found it cheap and originally bought it for my daughter, but when we found out how intricate it was, we decided it was much better for adults. It basically uses more strategy than something like Monopoly, but is not as hard to learn as something like [page scan/se=0534/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Magic.

We did have to make up a few more rules to make the game a little more even for the Evil side, but all in all we love playing the game. We even got our friend who swore she wouldn't play the game to try it and she really enjoys it.

by Ron Jr
Slick, nice to look at, and great storylines
July 22, 2001

This is the only game I will probably ever own based on a TV show. I love the show and the game captures the flavor of it nicely. So far, I've only played the Master's story, but that's enough when he's killing Buffy with relative ease. The guy playing evil was sacrificing his pawns (Darla and Dru especially) simply to buy time. Somehow, he always managed to get to Buffy when we least expected it.

I plan to try this with a role-playing group and see if it's as much fun getting into the characters and trying to impersonate them as we play. 'Willow, you need a life in the worst way.'

This is the best game in the world!
July 21, 2001

If you haven't played this game, that's a real shame. I got this game because I'm obsessed with the TV show (which is, by the way, the best TV show in the world!). Maybe I am rating it a little high since I'm a big fan, but it really is a great game. I could play it over and over and over again. You can play evil or good and there are 4 different scenarios for the first four seasons. Buy and play this game!

Very good two-player game
November 30, 2003

This game is beautiful and the characters and help cards are are generally quite true to the show. It is not a great multiplayer game, since, as has been mentioned above, sometimes the Scooby Gang characters (Buffy's companions) are knocked out of action relatively quickly. However, this is a very good two-player game -- both sides can sacrifice characters to achieve their primary goals. Among the various scenarios, I recommend 'Adam' as a nicely-balanced one to start with (although that was NOT my favorite season of Buffy).

This game is a nice mix of strategy and luck, is not very long (rarely longer than 1 1/2 hours, often much shorter) and makes a good couples game. BTVS has pretty good balance:

--Evil has several viable strategies (knock off Scooby Gang members one by one, gang up on the Buffster, hunt for minion-replacement cards and do the minion swarm while the boss hangs back, go artifact hunting) and can control the order in which pieces move, but cannot predict precisely which pieces will move each turn.

--Most strategies for Good will center around loading up on the various cards that each character favors (Xander can be very powerful!), trading cards between characters, and dancing Oz in and out as the phases of the moon change. Good's cards are generally more powerful than Evil's. However, Good's pieces must always move in a particular order, which means that plans can take several turns to set up.

Another reviewer has noted that Good can heal while Evil cannot. However, there are only two healing cards for Good, and Evil can replace up to four minions under certain circumstances. (Usually at most one or two new minions will appear in a game.)

One clarifying rule I suggest is that summoning a new Evil minion can be done by either the main villain or one of his flunkies -- after all, one scenario begins with the main villain not present on the board.

Not a game I'd normally buy, but...
February 07, 2001

No matter how great the reviews got for this game, I would never have bought this game for two reasons: First, I hate admitting I watch this show (and enjoy it!). Second, and more importantly, if some of my friends saw I had a Buffy game, I would be tormented mercilessly for the rest of my life.

So, why do I now own a copy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer game? I found it at Goodwill still in shrinkwrap and it only cost me a few dollars--I just couldn't pass it up.

I guess someone didn't (or wasn't allowed) to even give it a chance. That really is unfortunate for them because it really is a great game. To repeat what the Funagain staff says about this game, "it's definately a real game." No doubt about it. Although it has four scenarios you can play, it would be an easy thing for a fan of the show to come up with new villains, new creatures, new scenarios to keep the game from getting old.

Why only four stars? Half a star off for being Buffy--I can still only play this with my wife. I still can't bring myself to play it with friends--although I know they would like it if they approach it with an open mind. The other half a star comes off for a few little nitpicky things. The wording on one or two of the research cards is a bit confusing and there is no explaination of the cards at all in the rules, and the Buffy character isn't really a pewter icon at all. If you look at the above picture, in the upper right part of the circle in the middle of the board is a little shield-like thing. That is the pewter piece. It is used to keep track of the phases of the moon (wonderful idea--evil can thrive on new moons, werewolves change on the full moons, and vampires burn on the daylight space).

Was it worth the few bucks I paid for it? Without a doubt. Is it worth paying full price? For Buffy fans, yes. For others... it's a fun game if you give it a chance.

One last note: if you watch the show, the quotes in the manual and on the cards are worth a chuckle or two.

by Joe
It's Good
January 26, 2001

I was kind of skeptical about this one myself, but it's a lot of fun.

It plays up to five. Up to four play on the side of good and one person gets to be the evil side. (A lot of fun, especially if you let out random demonic laughs!) The bad characters tend to be stronger in power but the good characters can pick up cards that let them do special actions. This balances the game out.

Good characters can be turned into vampires. Other characters can turn into werewolfs and become more powerful based on the phase of the moon (described by the reviewer below). The game can change dramatically in just a few turns. It's unpredictability, I think, is what makes it so fun to play.

There is a heavy luck factor, so those who don't like that element to a game should be aware.

If you watch the show (I have to admit, it's in the 'guilty pleasure' category with me) you'll enjoy it even more.

Buffy Who?
December 03, 2000

Yes, the front of the box makes this game look like another typical TV Tie-In game, but suprisingly Buffy offers up a lot of depth--even for those who don't watch the show.

The object of the game is for four players to gang up and destroy evil who is controlled by a fifth player.

There are four scenarios to choose from. But the basic premise remains the same. Move around the board, collect weapons and spells. Sometimes you are trying to collect artifacts in order to keep them out of Evil's hands.

Your roll of the dice can cause the Moon Phase chart to move forward one. If the sun comes out and any vampires are not indoors, they lose life points. If the full-moon comes out, Oz turns into a werewolf thus sacrificing any weapons, but increasing in speed and strength.

The players work together by meeting on the board and swapping cards which may be beneficial.

You can only hold a certain amount of cards, depending on what your character is. For instance, Willow is the brains behind your team, so she naturally gets to hold more than one research card at at time.

And of course certain weapons and spells are sometimes more useful in other characters' hands. This sense of cooperation against a common foe with exciting dice rolls leads to some very suspenseful moments.

We played this game following Lord of the Rings in a group of five people who never watch the show. Yet, we had a blast and can't wait until we can try it again.

Highly recommended and demonstrates why we should never judge a game by its cover!

Vampire Slaying 201
October 10, 2001

My gaming group found this a fun game for a few plays. None of us are Buffy fanatics, but I watch the show once in a while. The components are first rate. The game play is pretty straightforward, though there is some softness in a few rules that require a house rule or two. But overall, it has a nice flow to it and sticks well to its theme.

One of the few bad things about the game is that a player who is playing one of the 'good' characters can be killed off prior to the end of the game and have to hang around until it concludes. Some people prefer to play the game with just 2 players to avoid someone sitting around doing nothing.

My rating is one done by a gamer. A die-hard fan of the show would definitely rate it higher.

HeroQuest for the '00 Decade
July 25, 2001

Like many others, I was surprised that Buffy turned out to be an actual game, since so many games that are tied in to TV shows and movies are very weak. I never would have tried the game if it weren't for the positive reviews here and on the Internet. The fact that Target had the game on clearance a few months back for a very low price got me to buy it. I'm glad I did.

Buffy reminds me a lot of Milton Bradley's [page scan/se=0499/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]HeroQuest (HQ) game:

  • A group of players (the 'good' guys) competes against a single player who controls the 'evil' guys.
  • Game centers on combat between the good and evil forces and determines combat results by dice rolls.
  • Good runs around trying to gather things to help themselves; Evil simply runs around trying to kill Good.

Very similar games. The real differences between Buffy and HQ is that Buffy does not have any character development, little exploration (in HQ, the rooms are hidden until the players find them) and the scenarios are more balanced between good and evil than in HQ (in HQ, the heroes are supposed to win the majority of the time--at least until the final scenario of the quest). I think the game mechanism slightly favors the good side--which it probably should, given the theme of the game. Most things balance out between Good and Evil (e.g., evil minions are stronger, but good characters can find weapons and helpers that make them even stronger in combat), but Evil has two major weaknesses:

  1. Evil minions can not heal. Once they are damaged, they stay that way until destroyed. Makes it much easier for Good to take them out through attrition. The evil player can summon in new minions to replace the destroyed ones, but in every scenario Good's victory condition is to destroy the main evil character, and he can be whittled down over time since he can not heal back up (with one minor exception in the first scenario).

  2. Not all of the evil minions are active at one time. Evil must roll a die to see how many of his minions he can move: sometimes 2, sometimes 3, and sometimes the main evil character is not activated. This makes using the main evil character in combat dicey (pun intended). If the evil player does not roll a big flame on the black die, the main evil character does not get to move and is thus a sitting duck for the good characters.

Anyway, it is a fun game of rolling lots of dice and trying to pin down each other's characters so that they can be more easily destroyed. Heavy luck / random element, but that works well in a game of this type. I don't watch the show, but still enjoy the game. I imagine the game is even more fun for fans of the show.

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