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Dragon's Gold
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Store:  Card Games, Strategy Games
Edition:  Dragon's Gold
Series:  Blue Games
Theme:  Fantasy
Genre:  Negotiation & Diplomacy, Set Collection
Format:  Card Games

Dragon's Gold

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 30 minutes 3-6

Designer(s): Bruno Faidutti

Manufacturer(s): Eurogames Descartes USA

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Product Description

Enter the dragon's lair, where fame and fortune await you and your team of brave dragon slayers! A few magic weapons, some bravery and a bit of luck is all you need to slay the dragons and take your treasure home... if your opponents will let you! Killing a dragon is the easy part. Now you have to divide the loot! Will your "friends" give you your fair share (or maybe a bit extra)? You have only 60 seconds to find out! Dragon's Gold--Sometimes, your toughest adversaries aren't the dragons!

Goal of the Game
Each player controls a team of dragon slayers (two knights, a thief, and a wizard). Like all dragon slayers, they have only one goal: Cool magic items and lots of treasure! Actually killing a dragon is a piece of cake. The most difficult task comes after the smoke clears and the dragon is dead: Agreeing how to divide the loot. You and your opponents have 1 minute to agree upon how to divide up the treasure. If you can't decide, nobody gets it! The person with the most valuable treasure hoard after all of the dragons are dead wins!

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Bruno Faidutti

  • Manufacturer(s): Eurogames Descartes USA

  • Year: 2001

  • Players: 3 - 6

  • Time: 30 minutes

  • Ages: 12 and up

  • Weight: 288 grams

  • Language Requirements: This is an international edition or domestic edition of an imported item. Game components are printed in English. Manufacturer's rules are printed in English.


  • 65 Dragon's Gold Cards
  • 126 Wooden Treasure Tokens
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • 6 Treasure Screens
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 1 Rule Book

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 10 reviews

Gimme the gold or I'll sink the deal!
November 29, 2002

For those who like negotiating deals, striking bargains, having flexible strategy, bluffing, and being generally sneaky, how would you like a game that does all that in 30 minutes for a mere $15 bucks or so?

Enter Dragon's Gold, a game frought with all kinds of quick sneakiness. The game is fairly simple as descibed in the reviews here, and the fun is in trying to always make sure you get the gems you need to score points at the end. Sometimes you won't be offered what you want, but you also can't afford to sink the deal, because you can't afford not to get some gems, so you'll agree to less just to get something. Or maybe you'll bluff and pretend to sink the deal, hoping the other guy is desperate enough to compromise. Or maybe you'll just start stealing treasure off the dragon cards with the Velvet Glove card.

The basic game consists of playing strength cards on dragons, getting majorities in colors, and stealing gems from each other. The advanced game not only tweaks the rules allowing sets of 5 different colored gems, but it also introduces action cards that can be earned, IF the other players let you earn them. If you do manage to action carts, you'll be able to manipulate the cards or gems in a way that will benefit you more.

Great with the basic rules, and a blast with advanced rules. One of the best 30-minute games to come out in quite a while -- if you like negotiating. My family and friends have really taken to this game, just don't take it personally. =)

Our Group's Favorite Filler Game
July 09, 2002

Dragon's Gold has become so popular with my group as a filler game that it has basically elevated itself to a level where a few of the players may choose it as the 'base' game of a night. In fact, this has happened twice in the past two weeks. Please ignore the lone negative review on this game. Apparently he has been playing the basic game or playing the advanced game incorrectly. All having a Wizard and a thief on a dragon will guarantee you is a place in the negotiation (Wizards in the advance game don't get the red treasure automatically and thieves must steal blindly so they rarely steal a piece that fits their strategy and more often than not end up with the most common silver and red pieces which are worth only one point). And that negotiation is the meat of the game. It is amazing how many games will turn on the results of one simple round of hectic, timed negotiation. The paths to victory are varied enough that if you move blindly toward your own goals you could allow an opponent to squash you even after meeting your goals. Great filler. Great fun.

A note: We advise playing the game with the typo on the score sheet that says each complete set of gems is worth five points (instead of the intended wording that having at least one set gets you five bonus points). This allows an alternative victory path and is apparently going to be included as an optional rule in the upcoming editions.

by Ema
Find a treasure... lose a friend....
June 04, 2002

The game is wonderful!

You have to try! If you like games where the trading action is the main part of the match this is a MUST!

Are you able to take your part of sharing the best one for you? Are you so sure you want to share the treasure more than destroy it?

Do not forget to prepare your best strategy using both the magician and the stealer...

Try it and play it in more player you can.


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