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Store:  Family Games
Series:  Drakon
Theme:  Fantasy
Format:  Placement / Tile-Laying Games


first edition

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Drakon

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 20-60 minutes 2-6

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Product Description

Drakon is a fast-paced, cutthroat game for 2 to 6 players. Heaven help the player who gets too far ahead of the others, since he will be a tempting target for everyone! Each character starts out in Drakon's Den. Drakon has found the group of adventurers pilfering his hoarded gold, and being a sporting sort of Dragon, has offered this little game; the first player to find 5 gold gets out of his den, the rest get eaten!

All characters start the game on a single 2 x 2" tile. Players have the option to either play a tile, or move onto a tile that's already been played. The tiles are all marked with one-way exits, so you can't go back the way you came in (unless you use the Magical Vortex, or a Master Key, or you happen to be the Wizard). Rooms get rotated, destroyed, and swapped out. Gold coins get stolen, lost, found, or dropped on the Drakon's den, and Characters can be forced to move in a number of undesireable ways. Each game is quite different, as the playing board builds up as the game progresses, comprised of tiles that each player plays from their "card hand" (4 tiles). In the advanced game, each character has a special ability that they can use once during the game.

Product Information


  • 64 game board tiles
  • 6 cardboard characters with stands
  • cardboard gold-pieces
  • rules

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 10 reviews

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by Justin Kendzior
Good Game
November 03, 2006

This game may not appeal to serious gamers at first. But it is a game I have come to enjoy. Game starts out easy enough but quickly turns grim as your friends start to screw you over.

First you all start in one room with no where to go why? Because you must create the dungeon each turn you must place a tile or move and if you go first you will place a tile because you have nowhere to move. As the game progresses you will play and land on tiles both beneficial to you and ones that can hurt you. and you will also place tile to hurt your opponents and you must watch out for drakon the dragon as you and your opponents can move her. The first to collect 10 gold wind the rest become dragon food. This is a good game and is fast paced highly recommended.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Decent but not great
March 26, 2003

This game is kind of fun, but not great. You get a random assortment of tiles with which to work, and the most you can really do is affect other people's positions. The end game comes down to a couple players about to win and a third player determining which of those two win. In fact, this has happened every single time I have played, which is why it gets 2 stars. If you can not win of your own devices, the game has a critical weakness.

The permutations of tiles affecting each other is low and drawn out. You must chose to either place a tile, or move. Thus, you can always see what every other player is about to do, and the only way to have immediate effects is to place a tile for the next player in line to utilize. If you are far from the edge of the board, forget about having any interesting decisions to make for a good 3 or 4 turns.

The game would have been better were you to both place and move, and if the tiles interacted with each other in more interesting cascading ways. This had the potential to be a great game but fell short.

You will have more fun playing Jolly's earlier version Wiz War or else trying out Dungoneer.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Enjoyable for the family. Quick to learn and play
January 20, 2003

Just finished my 4th game of Drakon. It was quick and easy to learn. I played with my wife and 2 kids and we had a ball. In todays hectic pace of life its hard to find time just to read the rules of a game. It took about 10 minutes to get a game going. If your a fan of Fantasy games at all this is a must buy.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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