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Store:  Card Games, Kids Games
Edition:  Dummy / Yummy
Genre:  Set Collection
Format:  Card Games


Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Dummy

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Ages Play Time Players
6+ 15-30 minutes 3-5

Designer(s): Leo Colovini, Dario de Toffoli

Manufacturer(s): Ravensburger USA

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Product Description

Collect as many cards as you can from the sets but race to get rid of the cards in your hand!

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Average Rating: 1 in 1 review

Boring, unless you're stupid.
December 28, 2003

I knew absolutely nothing about Yummy (Ravensburger, 1998 Leo Colovini & Dario de Toffoli) when I first saw it at a puzzle and games store in a mall. But, since it was a game at a discounted price, I felt obliged to pick it up, and see just what sort of card game it was. I thought that the card game had two things going for it: the name of Colovini, who has produced some rather excellent games, and the name of the game since anything that has to do with food usually makes me happy.

Unfortunately, the end result did not meet my expectations. Yummy didnt have anything to do with food, and was an unimaginative, simplistic game with only one viable strategy. I have found one good use for the game - teaching my three-year-old basic card game skills. For this reason, I do play the game often with her but would never bring it out any other time, because its honestly not a good game. Not only would gamers seeking strategy be turned off from Yummy, but casual gamers will also find themselves disappointed.

A deck of cards is shuffled, and dealt out to the players, as evenly as possible. Each player forms their own specific draw pile, and draws the top three cards from it. The cards have the numbers three to seven on them, along with a number of smiley faces that equal that number. There are 21 3s, 20 4s, 20 5s, 24 6s, and 21 7s for a total of 106 cards. One player is chosen to go first, and then play proceeds clockwise around the table.

On a turn, a player may place any or all of their cards face down on the table. Cards are to be played face up, and if a card of the same value is already on the table, all cards of that same value must always be placed there. If a set is created (number of cards in the stack equals the number on the card), the player receives all the cards that are in that set, placing them in their scoring pile. After playing cards, the person then draws their hand back up to three cards, and play proceeds to the next player.

When one players draw pile is depleted, the game ends, and the player who has the most cards in their score pile is the winner!

Some comments on the game

1.) Components: There isnt much here other than the 106 cards. Each card has number in all four corners, allowing the cards to be held in any position, with smiley faces of a certain color. The backs of the cards have a nice pattern of these smiley faces, and all the cards are of good quality. The cards (regular playing card size) are held in a plastic insert in a nice box something ALL card games should come in. There may not be much here, but the components that are here are of the utmost quality.

2.) Rules: The rules are on a single card. They are very simple and short, and even though I normally dont like rules on cards I prefer them on paper, if they are short enough to fit on a single card, then I dont mind so much. The rules are extremely simple, so simple that my three year old can play the game easily.

3.) Strategy and Fun Factor: The strategy is really too simplistic to have fun. Since you only have three cards in your hand, there arent a lot of choices to make each turn. And luck plays a great deal with the cards that you do receive into your hand. Basically, you try not to play cards that help other people complete sets, and you do your best to complete your own sets. Thats not really that fun, although my three-year-old enjoys it.

Yummy is a simple game, and I dont have much to say about it. Its probably the least fun card game Ive ever played, because its so simple. The strategies are almost nonexistent, and really only delight those who dont like to make any decisions. If youre on a three-year-old level when it comes to picking games, and Candy Land is a current favorite of yours, then I recommend this game for you. If youre a normal adult, however, dont touch it.

Tom Vasel

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