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Villa Paletti
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Villa Paletti

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Villa Paletti

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
6+ 20-30 minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Bill Payne

Manufacturer(s): University Games, Zoch

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Product Description

In the land where the Lemons bloom, there once lived a wise old sage, whose friends called him "Paletti". He only had one goal in life, to finish the wonderful castle in the sky that his grandfather had begun to build many years before, but which had been left unfinished when the ducats ran out. Paletti too had little money, but instead he had a marvelous plan. Why buy new columns when he could re-use the old ones that his Grandfather had built? All he needed to do was remove some of those holding up the first floor, of which there were far too many in any case, and rebuild them further up, so that they could support new floors, reaching up towards the skies!

"Excellent, Paletti!" shouted his friends, and they quickly started to work. Soon they had a marvelous building in front of them, the "Villa Paletti". Nowadays, no one knows what caused the collapse of the Villa Paletti -- perhaps a puff of wind, or a slight earth tremor -- but all the experts are united on one point, that Paletti, far ahead of his time, was the first to discover something whose full importance is only now starting to become clear to us, the Euro pallet!

The game also comes in an even grander edition, Palazzo Paletti, with larger pieces!

Product Awards

Games Magazine Awards
Best Manual Dexterity Game, 2003
Spiel des Jahres
Game of the Year, 2002
Deutscher Spiele Preis
4th place, 2002

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Bill Payne

  • Manufacturer(s): University Games, Zoch

  • Artist(s): Victor Boden

  • Year: 2005

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Time: 20 - 30 minutes

  • Ages: 6 and up

  • Est. time to learn: 5-10 minutes

  • Weight: 1,066 grams

  • Customer Favorites Rank: #3


  • 1 Base Plate
  • 5 Wooden floors in 5 different colors
  • 20 Columns of 3 types and 4 colors
  • 1 Master-builder seal
  • 1 Hook
  • instructions
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.3 in 11 reviews

by Ed
It really doesn't matter who wins!
January 01, 2004

I must say that this is one rare game where it really doesnt matter who wins!

Its so much fun and tension with every turn, as everyone is watching someone else do the impossible twice over - 1st: remove a pillar and not topple the building. 2nd: place the pillar on a higher floor and not topple the building.

Easy to learn, plays different every time, and best of all, marvel in awe at your/your opponents' gravity defying stunts!

No matter who will win
August 06, 2003

This is not only a game but a fun toy. I don't care who will win at last. The most exciting moment is that someone losing the balance and making the collaption. The loser is the one we memorize and we tend to forget who the winner is. This is my favorite dexeterity game, and much better than Jenga. It is interesting to see every player standing up in a circle around the board looking for the best point to pull and put a wood pieace, even using a hook. Makes you laugh.

For whole family
August 04, 2003

If you have kids and look for a game for a whole family including adults, try it. If you like a little party and search for one played with drinking, buy it. This is the game of the year 2002 in German, superior to Puerto Rico which is customers' favorite at Funagain. Only defect is that the game is for 2-4 people. So, if your family has more than 4 member, better think of it before you decide.

by Edis
One of the best games IMHO
April 06, 2003

Yeah, it is further the funnier game - you take risks and make yourself hero, or just ruin it ;-) My 4.5 son does it surprisingly well, even though 8+ is stated. So, there is, actually, less limits for children to join. These guys at Zoch do know about joy of good game very well - it is second of their games that surprises with maturity of concept. And looking at their catalog, it is easy to turn into permanent fan (fun? :-) of theirs.

There's a reason it's the SdJ winner
April 03, 2003

This game gets bashed by a lot of hardcore gamers but it is a game that you can pull out and start playing at a moments notice and people will instantly get into playing. It will draw a crowd and everyone will have an idea of the best way to get the tower higher. You'd think everyone is an engineer.

When the end comes crashing down it is always a jolt to your system even if you were expecting it. The beauty is it can be restarted in less than 20 seconds and the fun begins anew.

I brought a copy to my local gamestore and it has become the hit of the store for the past several months. Every time I go there the game is instantly taken and play begins and it doesn't stop until I pry it from the peoples fingers when I have to leave.

It's not the deepest most thought provoking game out there but it is a great game and above all else ... it's fun.

Not worthy of Game of the Year!
July 31, 2002

Although this game is somewhat entertaining and fun, it is definately not worthy of the Game of the Year Award. I even won the times that I played it (4 players), so it isn't a matter of a loser's sour grapes. The game leaves a LOT of room for people to really mess up other players when a player gets to place a new level. Just place it over top of as many other player's pieces, and as few of yours and you have a big advantage. That can eliminate even the most skilled players.

by Doug
Fun... But not really for two people.
July 20, 2002

This is a really interesting concept. My wife and I love to play games. The game is really mis advertised as a two person game. You can play with two people but the points don't really matter. Not enough there just for two. So I rate it 2 because of this disappointment. WE love Lost Cities and Battle Line. Two great two person games. I would love some suggestions..

by Betsy
This game has it all!
June 16, 2002

Anyone who plays this game will find themselves completely absorbed in their attempt to combine skill and strategy to outwit their opponents. It is very easy to lose oneself entirely to this unique game. We found ourselves either laughing with glee at our skill or on the edge of our seats as we watched our opponents defy the laws of gravity. This is a game that you can easily play again and again with people of all ages. Well done!

by Tom
Fantastic game. Completely engaging.
June 14, 2002

I absolutely loved this game. Usually, its complexities sneak up on the player during the game like a fog. Occasionally, the complexities hit the player like a golf ball as the balance switches. Fog or golf ball, each player will have their own style. All players will find it hard to stop playing this wonderful pure game.

A great game of strategy and dexterity
March 05, 2002

Villa Paletti is tons of fun. It's a very addictive game that combines fun, art, strategy, and nerves of steel. The first time you play it you think that was fun, but I just learned something. So you play it again, and when that game is done, you now say, I know how to play it now. The game has lots of strategy you don't realize the first few times you play it. I agree with the players from other game sites that it is a better Jenga! It's also great for players as young as two. They won't play the game but the will love to build.

Love it's a no batteries or movie spin off game!
November 27, 2001

Although it says for ages 8+, kids as young as 2 and 3 love to build it and watch it come tumbling down! Fun for the whole family! It's great that it's a 'back to basics' game requiring no batteries or electronics. Nor is it a product placement for a movie or tv show! It brings people together to what at first appears to be a simple building game which actually requires skill, patience, finesse, and a sense of fun when it all comes down.

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