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Napoleon in Europe
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Store:  War Games
Theme:  Napoleonic Wars
Genre:  War & Combat
Format:  Board Games

Napoleon in Europe

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 60-1200 minutes 2-7

Designer(s): Glenn Drover

Manufacturer(s): Eagle Games

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Product Description

Napoleon in Europe is an epic game of grand strategy and tactical battles during the age of Napoleon (1796 - 1815). The players are leaders of the great powers of the era: France, Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Spain, and the Ottoman Empire. Using diplomacy and warfare, they attempt to dominate Europe with armies of Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery. Strategy and tactics used in the game are based on those of the era while remaining fast and playable.

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Average Rating: 4.9 in 7 reviews

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by David
December 14, 2006

I am 16 and have played this game now for 3 years. Now when you've played this game that long or any game for that matter you get to know the game inside and out. Now this game as i have played it has perfect balance between the countries (beside Spain and the Ottoman Empire) in which the game can be won.

Even after I have played the game for this long I even still have new strategies to play out. And I think that there are still a lot of possibilities as well as new strategies that we haven't tried as of yet. All and all this is a good game for beginner as it was for me. The rules are simple to start with and your strategies unfold to earn you a victory with just enough luck. But as a set of advice now matter how good you are with strategy if your friend can't roll lower than a 10 your not going to win.

Good for beginners, but I prefer to start...
May 18, 2003

... with the advance ruleset, the other I feel are untested, and seta the game to be a little prearrenged, that why i started with the advanced set, its a little dificult but much more rewarding than the other sets, This is only the 5th game i got so i dont think my opinion would worth to much to the hardcore gamers, but its mine...

by Pomah
Great game for history buffs
February 22, 2003

This game is a amazing -- probably the best all-around game I've played. This is one of those games that you can't just play once.


-Tactical battles are actually that -- tactical. To win combat requires a healthy mixture of strategy, superiority, and luck. This is not the random dice toss of 'Risk'.

-Diplomacy actually means something, and alliances are actually useful. The Political Action Points of the game mean that alliances don't break down as easily as with 'Diplomacy'.

-The map is excellent. Historical accuracy meets playability in one happy marriage that I haven't seen since 'Diplomacy'.

-This game is amazingly fun. Everything just comes together to make it a great time. People may be scared off by the fact that the standard game will take several hours, but you will be so wrapped up in the gameplay that you won't even notice the time go by.

Though it pains me to admit this, there are some points I think don't work out too well.


-History is king in this game, at the expense of manueverability in gameplay. The scenarios are set up to duplicate what actually happened, but that means that your options are limited for what you can actually do.

-Spain, Prussia, Britain, and the Ottomans are too weak, and France and Russia are too powerful. I understand that this is how these nations actually were at the time, but this means that the game always ends up in either a French or a Russian win. The only hope the other nations have is to ally with the two superpowers and hope they can be ignored, which doesn't make the game too fun for them.

-Finally, the advanced rules are impossibly complicated. If you play with them, the battles end up being half-hour long ordeals as everyone scrambles through the rulebook to find out what to do.

Despite the cons, this game is one of the best put together 'empire' games I have ever seen. You will love this game. You will want to play itall the time. You will find it worth every penny you spend getting it.

Grand Strategy at its best
July 13, 2002

Big picture look at the Napoleonic Wars. Scenarios range from 1796 to 1820. 2-7 players. Moves fairly fast with two players, much slower with 5+ players. Historical or A-Historical modes of play. The game victory conditions are open ended so that you can call the game at any time and determine a winner. If you really want to enjoy the depth and scope of the game, leave set up for several sessions and play the 1802 A-Historical game with 5 players.

The strategic play is executed on a truly beautiful and huge map of Europe and N. Africa. When a battle is fought the pieces are moved to a battle board and a mini napoleonic miniatures game is fought out using basic era tactics. Small battles are fought as skirmishes and are less important. Major battles (6+ pieces on each side) have far reaching consequences and can take 15+ minutes or so to resolve.

Numerous unit types including Fleets, Elite, Line, Militia and Light Infantry, Heavy, Light and Irregular Cavalry, Horse and foot artillery. This are represented by 1/72 (really almost 25mm in size, fleets are cardboard round counters) miniatures which are of top quality but are way too big for the game, The board gets really crowded fast. I recommend using cannabilized RISK miniatures, painted to the uniforms of the day but most people seem to like the big 1/72nd scale pieces and they are very nicely done.

This game has much more meat to it than Axis and Allies, Battle Cry or other big box games. It has much more depth and detail than these games. Sort of a cross between those and AH Diplomacy and say AH Hitler's War. The rules are streamlined and filled with examples and historical commentary and are pretty to look at. The rules do have a few holes, especially in the Alliance aspect and I would recommend checking out Eagle Games' Forum wich discusses the rules for all their games.

Being an old wargamer of 25+ years, I have been totally impressed with Eagle Games proffesionalism and willingness to go the extra mile in supporting their games with superior customer service and online rules support.

If you want a big picture Napoleonic game rich in period flavor, Multiplayer Diplomacy and just plain fun to play then buy this game.

Great Srategic AND Tactical 2-hour Napoleonic
July 08, 2002

In addition to a good Axis and Allies style presentation of the Napoleonic Wars military action, Napoleon in Europe has an elegantly frustrating diplomatic system that nicely reflects the less decisive wars of the 18th century.

Campaigns are waged with plastic minaitures over a beatiful map of Europe. Battles are settled on a battle board with right, center, and left, and front, line and reserve areas for the miniature soldiers and cannons. The battle system models the reality of Napoleonic combat; don't squander your cavalry in charges or you will have none to cover your retreat if you lose, and you'll suffer cruelly from the victor's pursuit. Naval war, revolts and invasions are modeled more simply.

It has scenarios for each period in the wars, and for 2-7 players. Scenarios are often shorter than you would think, since one decisive battle often forces the loser to sue for peace.

This game is huge fun, and brings home the reality of the Napoleonic struggle to the players.

Interpetations of rules, house rules, etc. are available at Eagle Games website (.net, not .com!)

This is the most fun I have had with a game in years!

great game
July 08, 2002

just got the game. i wish there were more 'axis & allies' games. great political and historical flavor besides just great tactical battles. the only problem i see is that the board is too big, but it is beautiful!! plastic soldiers are nicely done, but the cannons are too big for the spaces on the board (despite the board being huge). highly recommend it!

by Ryan B
Napoleonic History, Diplomacy and Battle
January 24, 2004

This is an excellent game with the potential for adaptable rules. It actually has three graduating tiers of rules for whatever type of game you would like to play...from a slightly more complicated 'RISK' type of game to a completely different full-blown, diplomacy laden version.

It is somewhat complicated to learn and the rules sometimes need some clarification...but the resources are abundant to find that clarification. Overall, the rules rate about a 'B' and have a good flow.

The game pieces rate an 'A+' and it is easy to expand your setup by ordering more pieces. But this is certainly not necessary. The separate 'battle board' may have some size limitations, but this is a matter of opinion. The main board is HUGE.

Overall, a well done effort. This is NOT the type of game you would have a group of friends over recreationally for some relaxing fun. It's a serious 'big box' game. Taking that into context, however, let's just say it can be some serious fun.

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