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Store:  Party Games, Strategy Games
Edition:  Taboo
Series:  Taboo


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Product Awards:  

Ages Players
12+ 4 or more

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Milton Bradley

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Product Description

Time is against you. You know what you'd like to say if you could only find the words. But some things in life are strictly... TABOO.

Example: How do you get your team to say the word BIRTHDAY... if you can't say the words HAPPY, ANNIVERSARY, CANDLES, PRESENTS or CAKE?

You might say: "Friends and family sing to you once each year," or "You celebrate this event by blowing out a fire on top of a frosted dessert." Or you might hum the well-known tune until your team shouts, "Birthday!"

Each time your teams shouts out the secret word, you get a point. But be careful! Your opponents will be looking over your shoulder, making sure you don't say any of the TABOO words. Because if you do and they catch you, they sound the buzzer and score a point!

TABOO... it's unspeakable fun. Take our word for it!

Product Awards

Spiel des Jahres
Nominee, 1992
Mensa Best Mind Game Award
Best Mind Game, 1990

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Milton Bradley

  • Year: 2000

  • Players: 4 or more

  • Ages: 12 and up

  • Weight: 453 grams

  • In order to play Taboo, you will have to provide 2 'AA' batteries

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.7 in 7 reviews

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Taboo platinum edition - Electronic
January 01, 2007

I own multiple copies of taboo. After purchasing the electronic platinum edition, we never play the original game with the cards. It is so much more fun to not have to pass around the card deck and the card holder, when you have a large group of people, spread out over a large room. You don't have to worry about losing the cards. It is a compact unit that can easily be passed from player to player. I don't think we could ever go back to playing the original game. It isn't a tenth as much fun as with the platinum electronic edition. I was looking for another platinum edition to give as a gift and was terribly disappointed to find that Hasbro is no longer producing this electronic version. Hasbro/Milton Bradley, you need to wake up and bring the platinum (electronic) edition back to the marketplace. You are losing a lot of potential sales. Everyone who plays with us wants to know where they can get the electronic game.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Great party game
December 20, 2004

I have played this game many times at family reunions and with friends. It always makes for a good time and several laughs. This is one of the best communication games out there (along with Charades and Pictionary). As usual with communication games, the women are usually a bit better than the guys with this game. Sometimes that can get a little frustrating for some of the guys that I hang out with, but the fact that girls love playing it makes up for it.

The basic idea of the game is that you need to communicate as many words to your team members as you can in a few minutes. The trick is that you are also given several words that you cannot use while trying to get your teammates to say the original word. If you say one of these “Taboo” words, you have to pass and go on to the next card. The game is frantic and fun. It’s the simple games that are best for mixed parties!

This is a great game!
April 15, 2004

My sister bought this electronic taboo some time ago and it's so much fun! She lives out of town and we play it every time we go visit her. She also brings it with her whenever she comes to visit us. I've been looking for it everywhere and can't find it! Why?!! They need to make more of these.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
by Lynn
Where is this game now?
January 04, 2004

I can't believe its not available anymore. I've been searching ebay and anywhere else I can to find it. Can anyone Help me? I have taboo tournments! We have the best time playing this game. I've had the regular game for over 6 years, and my friend bought the electronic and we never tire of it. So much fun!!! Hope they bring the electronic taboo back in circulation!

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
November 09, 2001

I played this game when I went to Canada with my family on holiday. When I got back to England, I started looking everywhere for this game. Someone told me that they have this game, but they got it so long ago that they can't remember where. I still haven't been able to buy it, and on the net in most places it says that it can only be sold in the USA.

Anyway I think that this game is one of the best there is. I love it and so did my whole family. I am 14 and thought it was great, but so did my bro (9) and sis (15), so I think that it is great for a whole range of ages and that everyone can play this game and have great fun.

This game is hardest played with people that you don't know very well, since you can't use things that you both would know about a person and then lead to the answer. But I played it with my sister and we won because we know each other so well. So if you want to win, then--sure--go for a friend/family member.

A great game and a must have.

by Jimmy V
Electronic taboo platinum edition
April 12, 2007

I also have electronic taboo it's soo much fun but it has broke on me. The screen has faded on the words I'm looking to buy another one. Can't find it anywhere. Then I realized they do need to bring this game back! So do us all a favor bring this game back to stores.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Frustration has never been more fun.
January 24, 2005

I play a lot of different kinds of games. Hardcore strategy, fast paced card and yes party games. It just depends on the demographic of the group I've got around the table, but I try to keep the game selection diverse so everyone can have a good night of game. Taboo is one of the ones you drag out when you've got a large group together and want all to participate in the same game. This one truly embodies the idea of "The more the merrier."

Basically it's a charades type of game in which you are trying to get your team members to guess your secret word. The on hitch (or more to the point the 5 hitches) you run into are the Taboo words that you CAN NOT use in your description. Obviously these are the 5 words that would make describing your secret word the easiest so you've got to be creative and be able to think fast as the timer is running. Slip up and spout out any of the 5 taboo words and your turn ends.

Doesn't generate as much craziness and silliness as say Cranium or Squint but the fun comes in the frustration you feel not being able to get your team to same some very easy common word. Definitely a great team/party game.

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